The human body is a complex system and every possible change indicates a condition that you should pay more attention to. It is in its nature to detect whenever things go wrong.

We have covered the most important “signals” your body sends every time something wrong happens. Make sure you do not ignore any of them.082015_moles_thumb_large

#1: Moles
Moles are usually harmless, but if you notice moles appearing after your skin has been exposed to the sun, make sure you consult your doctor.

#2: Gray Hair (sooner than you turn 40)
If 50 percent of your hair turns gray in younger ages, and there is no similar case in your family history, you may be dealing with diabetes.

#3: Cracked Lips
This is commonly caused by temperature changes and wind. But, if you deal with this condition more often, you may have a fungal infection or vitamin B deficiency.

#4: Swollen Neck
You should most certainly not ignore this. Human neck swells as a result of thyroid malfunction, usually in women aged between 20 and 50.

#5: Eye Whites
They should be always white, as literal as it may sound. Of course, that does not apply in cases of insufficient sleep or cold. Yellow eye whites indicate jaundice or liver/bile related problems. If your eye whites are red, you may have hypertension or any viral disease.

#6: Red Palms
This is a sign of eczema, dermatitis or allergic reaction. Red palms sometimes indicate liver problems.

#7: Eye Brows
If you lose your eyebrows suddenly, you may have problems with your thyroid gland, it could be either hyperthyroid or hypothyroid.

#8: Changes in Nails
Nails tell a lot about your health condition, and certain changes may indicate a wide number of ailments. Thin and cracking nails are oftentimes a matter of genes, but they may also indicate calcium deficiency. Improper thyroid function also causes changes in your nails.





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