Spirulina is one of the most impressive supernatural eatable algae with endless benefits to your body

I am unsure if you have ever heard of Spirulina. My gut feeling is that very few might have heard of it. Looking at the below picture, the green color does not sound appetizing.

When you look at the below picture, the dark green color juice does not sound appetizing. But if you knew its benefits to your health and body, you would surely have loved to have heard of it earlier.

Give me a bit of your precious time to tell you more. At the end of reading this post, you’ll be kicking yourself why you have never heard of it. spirulina

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is often seen as a herb because of its color.However, it not a herb, but a bacteria. It is dark green in color and sometimes can lead to a dark blue. You can find it in pristine type freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers.  It has amazing health properties.

It has amazing health properties. Experts recognize that is one of the world’s most nutritionally superfoods. You may ask why? Simply because if you consume it, it can benefit practically every single organ of your body.

In essence, the bacteria provide health benefits to your entire system.  

Spirulina stimulate your immune system

It is very easy for your body to digest and absorb spirulina. For that reason, your body can easily access the nutrients that it contains. As such, your body quickly benefit from the bacteria. In fact, spirulina is incredibly good to support your system in processing the over-rich diet that we all have.

By actively supporting the process of very rich food, it enhances and strengthens your immune system.

The alga strength is also found in cell regeneration. It is one of those superfoods that helps wounds heal faster. By doing so it reduces the time needed to recover from illnesses.

If you think a little bit laterally, and if you consume spirulina a number of times a week (say two to three times), then you ‘ll fortify your immune system. Therefore, assuming you are a person that is prone to colds, flu, and other winter illnesses, and you eat/drink this bacteria, you are going to definitely reduce the number of times you contract these.

What are spirulina benefits?

The bacteria has a large number of benefits. I will first describe what it contains and then summarize who it can help in the below.

  • The alga contains 60% proteins. Drinking it will provide you with all eight essential amino acids.
  • Consuming the bacteria will provide you plentiful beta-carotene.
  • It is high in B vitamins.
  • The plant contains bio-iron essential for your body functioning.
  • You will get a lot of Omega 6 essential fatty acid GLA. This particular susbtance is almost non present in Western diet.
  • You will find a lot of phytonutrientslike carotenoids, some enzymes, plenty of chlorophyll, as well as some glycolipids and sulfolipids.
  • The phytonutrients you find in the bacteria are extremely powerful. In fact, they are 31 times more efficient than blueberries. In addition, they are 60 times more efficient than spinach plant. Furthermore, you’ll find that they are 700 times more efficient than apples. Is this not enough to convince you?

What are the three super nutrients present in Spirulina?

  • The first super nutrient is Zeaxanthin. It is a very powerful nutrient. You can use it as an antioxidant protection for your eyes.
  • It contains Superoxide Dismutase, also known as SOP. Experts agree that SOD is the fastest acting and most important antioxidant in your body. It helps prevent oxidative stress.
  • The third super nutrient is Phycocyanin. This is the nutrients that give the blue pigment which makes Spirulina color (blue or green). The phycocyanin provides you with antioxidant protection.  This is especially true for your liver and kidneys as well as your immune system function.

Now you know the three most important nutrients that the alga provides you with. Let’s see who should consume it the most.

Who must consume Spirulina?

I have to say that we all need to consume this plant. Using it in our diet will help all of us, but they are people that must eat it as a matter of urgency. Here I summarize a couple of potential users for this plant:

  • If you have low energy levels, then start consuming the alga.
  • In the case you are subjected to frequent colds or infections, you definitely need to use this.
  • They are times where our bodies get low iron levels – if you are pregnant for instance, then use the plant.
  • Whoever has a poor digestion system, then there is no better choice than this bacteria.
  • This is a sensitive issue here, but if you are overweight, you can use this plant to support your digestive system.
  • As said above, if you are pregnant, use the plant, and even when you are breastfeeding. You’ll direct the superfood properties to your child through the milk.
  • If you have been exposed to toxins or chemicals, spirulina can help in flushing these.
  • Under the case you have a poor liver function, drink this alga often
  • Vegetarian or people following a vegan diet should consume this.

Where to buy organic Spirulina?

It is quite difficult to find this alga in normal shops and supermarkets. As such, I would advise that you get it from the web. Click here to buy organic spirulina on the web.spirulina greens powder

spirulina immunity capsules


I guess you now have got all you need to make a decision on this bacteria. It is good for you, for your immune system, to heal wounds, for vegetarian and non-vegetarian and more.

You can buy spirulina on the web and I provided you with the link above.

The only thing I need to warn you about is the color. The dark green-blue color of the algae may make you feel a little hesitant. However, the wide and high health benefits to your body should provide you enough reasons to jump and drink it.

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