How to stop toothache without going to the dentist?

Toothache knows how to bring a lot of hassles to you and few can bear.


Diseased teeth hurt when you laugh or frown when you eat or drink when you shake your head in any direction, and sometimes it hurts when you breathe because cold air enters the mouth and passes through the painful tooth.

The only one who can find out the cause of the pain is your dentist. But sometimes you need urgently to stop the pain, and you do not have the opportunity to visit the dentist.

Here are some tips that can pass the pain in the tooth:

1.Coconut oil

All you need is a teaspoon of powdered cloves and the same amount of coconut oil.

Mix the ingredients together. The mixture can be optionally placed in a small glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

Take a small amount swab ear and place it on the tooth.

After 2 minutes you will feel relief because cloves contain strong analgesic and coconut oil has antibacterial properties.


Boil sage tea, leave for 10 minutes to cool and rinse your mouth with it. Try to keep it as a solution in the mouth.


Take a little propolis and put it on the sore spot.


Pour a small clove of garlic between the gums and inside of the cheek, in addition to the affected tooth. The pain will quickly disappear.

5.Massage hand

Take a cube of ice and massage section between thumb and forefinger, with the hand opposite the side where the tooth hurts. Suffice 5-7 minutes.

6.Massage your ear

Index finger and middle finger massage the end of the ear on the side where the tooth hurts. Massage should take about 7 minutes.
However, all these solutions are only temporary, so as soon as you’re able, see your dentist.


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