Take Some Lemons, Cut Them and Place Them in Your Bedroom Stand. Read Why!

Lemons are the most healthy fruit in the world. It has many health benefits. Not just nutrition but many more! Its aroma and smell associate of fresh and clean things. Lemons are antiseptic and treat anxiety and also depression.

So, this lemon aroma in the home will remove anxiety, depression and cause good feelings and attitudes. Many restaurants even have the lemon trees inside as décor to make guests relaxed and re-freshen the air.

More on lemons…

Experts say that lemons clean the scalp nicely and they are great for skin issues due to this. From dark spots to acne and scars, they are great!

So, cut a lemon in half, use it to rub knees, elbows or callus skin. It will make skin softer, brighter, cleaner and whiten the nails too, make sore feet soothed and as far as the breath…it will be removed any odor!

Benefits of lemon

This fruit is power fruit. It treats illnesses like indigestion, arthritis pain and rheumatism too. Make lemonade, drink it daily and remove kidney stones or toxins. Also, you can treat cholera and malaria with lemon. This is due to the lemon cleaning and purifying benefits.

It also has loads of vitamin C, E, A, copper, magnesium, potassium, chromium, iron and antioxidants for early aging and free radical prevention of damage.

The lemon also removes chemicals and toxins, so use the juice to freshen the air or kill bacteria. Slice lemons, and leave them on the nightstand where you sleep.  This fruit is excellent for the lungs too and eases hard breathing. If you have asthma, allergy or a cold, inhale the lemon smell. When done this at night, and in the morning, the throat will be soothed.

Include lemons in the diet every day too!


Source: healthyfoodhouse.com


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