The real detox drink – Finally Clean Your Body From Nicotine

This is a solution that many have dreamed of. Nicotine dependence is one of the most difficult issues that any human being can be faced within his/her life. Here we finally provide you with a method to clean your body from nicotine.

Clean Your Body From Nicotine

Why cleanse your body from nicotine?

When you are dependent on something, whether it is a drogue, a drink, a sport, or any other form of dependency, the chances are that you may have ended up being sick.

Similarly, the chances are that you may end up causing harm to your loved ones too. Even if it is sport dependence. Yes, I have seen cases, where the sport was more important to families. The people I speak about were so dependent on sport, they preferred to run marathons than attend their sibling’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that one can remove their dependency. This article is aimed at that for the particular case of nicotine. One of the highest killer and dependency types in the world.

The harmful effect of nicotine

Nicotine is very harmful to your body and its effects have long been documented. Nowadays, pictures are even added to the cigarette packs to drive you away from smoking.

However, these pictures are not enough. Many are so addicted to nicotine, they cannot quit this bad habit.

So if you are in this situation, what I would suggest is to at least clean your body of nicotine.  The method is very simple and uses some nice and fresh ingredients.

Probably the most important ingredient is folic acid. This particular acid type is known to drain our body of nicotine.

The acid can be ingested in many different ways, but the easiest is through food or in pill form.

Having identified that folic acid is really good for draining nicotine, you now need to identify what type of plants provide the highest level of acid.

A good example is broccoli and spinach. These two plants are full of folic acid. But there are others and you can mix these to make a nice drink which should work wonders for your body in all aspects.

How to clean your body from nicotine?

Here I provide you a homemade recipe that will help you with your nicotine dependence. This does not mean you will stop smoking, but it will help you drain nicotine from your body. This is good news and better than this, it is a good start to get to stop your dependency.

Lemon or orange juice

lemon or orange juiceAim at squeezing some lemon or orange to make fresh juice. I usually advise squeezing one orange and half a lemon. Both will help you hydrate your body.

What these two-ingredient will do is to supply your body with some well deserve nutrients. It will also supply your body with a means to purify it from nicotine.

If you feel you cannot take the lemon as it is too acidic, then increase the orange juice levels. Say two orange for half a lemon. And if it is still too difficult to drink, just add some water. Best to have this before breakfast. Your body would have fasted overnight, so it will be receptive to the drink. Stronger positive effect on you.

Kiwi and lemon juice

kiwi and lemonIt is known that smoking deprives the body of vitamins A, C and E. By depriving your body of vitamins C, you are weakening your immune system and your teeth/bones too.

As such you end up with a body that is more prone to infections and bacteria. So to help you gain your immune system back, you need to replace these vitamins.

To do so, you just need a couple of kiwis and a lemon. Squeeze the lemon. Peel the kiwis and use a juicer to make juice. That’s all. Again drink at breakfast for best results.

If you do not have a juicer, just click on this link.

Fresh carrots – You said carrots?

Fresh carrots

We all have been told that carrots are good for our eyes (and I believed this when I was a child – so do you?).

However, no one is telling us that carrots are full of vitamins A, C, K and B. They are indeed a great body cleanser.

If you say body cleanser, you say cleanse your body from nicotine.

So if you think about it, you can use a blender or juicer, and mix them with lemons, kiwis, orange too. I am sure you see where I am coming from.

Click here to see our selection of blender and juicers.

If you have dry skin, it may be because your body is saturated with nicotine. Nicotine destroys your skin. You end up with it being dry. So if you eat/drink carrots, you can restore your skin. After a few weeks, you should have nice and shiny skin. Does this sound familiar? Or have you forgotten how smooth your skin was before you started smoking?

Green tea against nicotine

Green teaI may be repeating myself, but nicotine causes loss of moisture in yours. When you smoke, you usually end up dehydrated.

The worse bit is that people who smoke also drink coffee. Both of these combined together drain your body for the little water resource it has. You end up even more dehydrated.

So green tea can replace coffee type caffeine. It also can provide you with a means to clean your body of nicotine. Furthermore, this will re-hydrate your body. Aim at drinking more water too.

Where to find GREEN TEA?

I know that you can find green tea at your local shop. But just in case you want to buy it from home. Just click on the picture below.

 Green tea


Yes, it is possible to clean your body from nicotine if you know how to do it. In this post, I made sure that I give you a drink that you can do at home, with a juicer or a standard blender.

You just need to take action, make the drink, drink it and that’s it. At the end of the day, we all have carrots, lemon, green tea, orange juice, and kiwi. The 5 ingredients to cleanse your body from nicotine.

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