They Told You That Microwaves Are Harmful, But They Didn’t Tell You This

We all use microwaves. Actually (according to the latest statistics), more than 80% of the world population use microwaves! But, have you ever asked yourself – how do microwave ovens heat our food?

Well, let me start. The alternating currents force atoms to reverse their polarity.

This process creates a fiction and it vibrates the water inside of the food molecules causing the food to heat up. So, the main question is – how are microwave ovens dangerous? Well, we can answer that for you. Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this.


First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that heating your food in the microwave can strip away its original nutrients. What may have started as a nutritious plate of food has now evolved into “dead food” due to the dielectric heating of microwaves. The water molecules rotate rapidly in the microwave and in the food in high frequencies which creates molecular friction and heats up your food.

This causes the molecular structure in your food to change, and as a result, diminishes the nutrient content in the food. In a study, a group of experts decided to examine the effects of microwave heating on the loss of vitamin B-12 in foods like raw beef, pork, and milk.

The results of the study show there was a 30 to 40 percent loss of the vitamin when the foods received microwave exposure. The shift of vitamin B-12 to an inactive form of the vitamin was found in foods during the microwave heating process.

This is also very important for you to know – the powerful bacteria-fighting agents in breast milk are also destroyed by microwave heating. A study examined the common practice of using a microwave to heat frozen human milk for convenience in intensive care nurseries. *

The researchers discovered that breast milk microwaved at high temperatures was found to have greater E coli growth — 18 more times than the control of breast milk. Microwaving at low temperatures also dramatically decreased lysozyme activity and also promoted the growth of harmful bacteria for babies.

And, ladies and gentlemen, you should remember that when you heat foods that are wrapped in plastic in the microwave, you can create carcinogens in the food. The assembling of microwavable foods is found to contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, and xylene says The plastic containers used to heat these microwave meals have been found to release the carcinogens along with other harmful toxins into your food which is then absorbed by your body.

The experts also found that blood changes in individuals who consumed microwaved milk and vegetables. The results of the study showed red blood cells decreased while white cell levels increased, along with cholesterol levels.


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