Today I really want to provide you key information on a unique fruit – BLACK ELDERBERRY -. I also want to share with you a unique story.

This is an amazing and real-life story about a man, who was saved from deadly cancer. Yes, he got completely cured. Here you’ll find out that this man was saved from this terrible disease, by consuming this very ordinary fruit!

Well, you may not believe it (at first), but you should this is a true story! This man has won the fight against cancer with this amazing plant.

 black elderberry fighting cancer

The story behind black elderberry success

This is how the story goes – back in 2002, this man had a benign brain tumor that was 5.5cm big. So, the doctors performed a surgical procedure in Sofia, Bulgaria, which went really great.

But, unfortunately, it wasn’t over. After two years, the doctors find out that the tumor was back. Unfortunately, with the same size.

So, the experts told him that he should have another surgery, this time a laser one. So, he didn’t have any other choice and accepted this option. And, once again, they got rid of his tumor. Unfortunately, but there were consequences; his left arm and leg were paralyzed.

He said that his life was in the hands of oncology. This man also had radiotherapy treatments, but this did not help either. The tumor was back (again) and he was scheduled for another surgery. After few months he recovered and he went to a rehab process – where he met the man who changed his life.

Yes, he mentioned that this man had kidney cancer and was told that he was left only 3-4 months to live, but he met a woman who told him that he should consume black elderberry. Have you ever heard of black elderberries – well, this bushy plant grows at the end of August and the beginning of September and only the ripe fruits have powerful healing and medicinal properties?

Black elderberry procedure

This is very simple – after you pick the fruits that look like blueberries, you need to wash them and dry them out.

Then you start layering the elderberries with sugar all the way to the top.

Following this, you should put the jar under the sun. This will speed up the fermentation process and after two weeks close them with a lid and put them in your fridge.

You just need about two amounts of this remedy for 1 year.

How to use it the black elderberry remedy

Consume just 1 teaspoon of this powerful remedy. Consume it 10 minutes before breakfast. And that’s it! Sounds easy, right?

What the man behind the remedy said?

“The man who told me that I should use this remedy said that this remedy is really powerful and extremely effective. He said that he was using it after he heard the terrifying diagnose.”

“It is now 5 months and he is still alive! He did a routine check and the results showed no signs of cancer! So, after that, I’ve decided that I should try this remedy as well.”

“But I waited for 2 months until the elderberries were ripe enough. It has been 4 years now and there is no relapse.”

This remarkable man shared his story with many people around the world, and even his doctor said that he had a patient who cured breast cancer the same way – with this remedy.

Note: you should know that you can consume this amazing remedy while you take prescription meds, they won’t cause any side effects. The recipe is unpleasant in taste – that is true.

It may give you an urge to vomit. But after some time you will eat it as it was a normal tasty produce :). This homemade remedy will boost your immune system and make you feel great!

Where to find black elderberry?

I need to admit that it is not easy to find black elderberry. There are however some alternatives such as syrup etc.

Click on the below picture to access this great cancer-fighting fruit. A new page will open where you can choose to buy syrup or organic elderberry. Scroll down the page you’ll find them.

black elderberry recipe remedy to fight cancer


Here I wanted to make sure you receive a great recipe for fighting cancer. It is the simplest remedy to make too and you just need a small teaspoon of it daily before breakfast.

The only downside is its taste. But taste does not matter if you can get rid of cancer.

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