Once you try this 2-ingredient butter recipe, you’ll never buy it from the store again!

As you probably know, the butter is made from pasteurized milk, which means that most of the butter available is anything but healthy.

On the other hand, homemade organic butter is very healthy as it contains many of the vitamins and minerals found in raw milk. Butter contains vitamin A, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to the health of our eyes, tissues, membranes, teeth, and skin.

It also has a critical role in gene transcription. In addition to this, butter can protect against cancer, due to the fact that it comprises short and medium-chain fatty acids.


  • How is Butter Made?

Butter is made from churning cream to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. Often, butter is made from cows milk, nevertheless ‘butter can likewise be made from the milk of other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, and yaks,’ inning accordance with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Butter is not limited to animal products, here are terrific recipes for delicious coconut, almond and cashew butter you can make in your home!

  • What Are The Problems With Inorganic Butter?

In this research study, ‘An overall of 138 samples of ordinary butter were gathered throughout 1998 and 1999 from retail outlets (primarily grocery stores) in 24 nations worldwide. A subset of 63 samples representing 23 of the countries was analyzed for PCBs and a number of chlorinated pesticide residues'(Santillo et al.). PCBs are a group of natural substances used to make plastics and are highly poisonous to marine life!

The outcomes revealed traces of PCB’s in butter all over the world- especially high in Europe and America. Kaletnzi et al. said that ‘the outcomes of this worldwide survey show the utility of butter as a representative matrix for usage in the tracking of spatial and perhaps temporal patterns in the circulation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)’.

That many unnatural, toxic chemicals are being discovered in our ordinary grocery shop butter is a good sufficient reason for me to start making my own organic butter in your home! Using organic active ingredients that have not been in contact with such toxins, you will be guaranteed fresh and scrumptious butter in no time.


– 2 cups organic heavy cream
– sea salt, to taste


Process the cream in a food processor for around 10 minutes. You will get a thick whipped cream first, so keep processing until the mixtures become grainy and separate into butter and buttermilk. Next, drain the buttermilk from the butter.

Place the butter in a strainer and remove the buttermilk. Then, rinse the butter with cold water and turn it with a spoon at the same time. Do this until the butter is clear. If you want unsalted butter, you are pretty much done. However, if you want it to be salty, add a quarter teaspoon of salt to it.

Next, squeeze the liquid from the butter smashing it with a wooden spoon. This is the last step, so now place your homemade butter in a container or a jar and keep it in the fridge. It is all organic and can last for a couple of months. It’s easy as that!

This homemade butter can become even better! You can use your creativity and add other ingredients to it for your children.

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