Two ways we all defrost chicken and endanger health

Believe it or not, it is difficult to defrost the chicken. Some commonly used methods for defrosting the chicken meat can spoil the taste, but also encourage the development of bacteria.


Therefore, there are good and bad ways to defrost the chicken.

Good ways:

1. In the refrigerator

This is the best way to defrost the chicken because it is the simplest and therefore the most reliable unlike other techniques for defrosting because the meat is exposed to heat, which usually encourages the development of bacteria. If you defrost the chicken in the refrigerator, it will store its taste. One shortcoming of this method is that you have to plan in advance.

For half a kilogram of chicken meat, it will take approximately 5 hours, and it will be good to eat 2-3 days. In the morning before going to work, move the meat from the freezer into the refrigerator when you get home it will be ready for baking.

2. In cold water

If you forget to do the above, then this is the second-best method that you can use. For the meat to stay good for eating you must firmly tie in a tight plastic bag and change the water every half hour (thawing takes 2-3 hours). Thus the water will always be cold and frozen chicken will not be exposed to dangerously hot temperatures.

Health experts warn that chicken should never be thawed in warm or hot water, because it can cause diseases transmitted through food, given the fact that this is an ideal environment for the development of bacteria in meat.

3. Bake it frozen

The third method is best to not defrost chicken, but be sure that you will need 50% more time to prepare than when thawed. But it must be a bad thing, especially if you need more time to prepare the meal (or as goulash soup). The only time you should not use this method is frying because due to excess moisture of the meat it will not create a crunchy crust.

Bad ways:

1. Microwave

Defrosting chicken in the microwave is not a safe way because the meat is exposed to high temperatures – suitable for the development of bacteria. It also destroys the taste and texture, because the meat is not uniform defrosting. While thicker and larger pieces are still defrosting, thin and small pieces already are beginning to boil and become rubber.

2. The kitchen bench

This method of defrosting chicken is used in many households but should be avoided. When the meat stands too long at room temperature, it is likely to enter into a dangerous temperature zone which is inevitably creating bacteria.


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