Warning To Anyone With Teeth Fillings – Your Cell Phone May Be A Big Danger To Your Health

Most of us already know the dangers of mercury fillings, but recent studies are uncovering some concerning new findings regarding these fillings and electronics. What type of electronics? Your constantly used cell phone.

When you are talking on the phone, it is positioned near your jaw. The cell phone emits electromagnetic energy that goes through your cheek and jaw bone, drawn to the mercury fillings in your mouth. That electromagnetic energy then heats up your mercury fillings just enough to spur them to release mercury into your mouth. Because you’re busy breathing and not thinking about the mercury vapors, you then inhale them and the poisonous vapors enter your bloodstream and permeate your body.


A study that first appeared in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences and can be found on the National Institutes of Health website explained that researchers studied 30 patients after being exposed to electromagnetic energy emitted by an MRI. The exposure time in the MRI was for 30 minutes since many people chat on their phones for an average of 30 minutes. In the second phase of the study, 14 female college students who had never used mobile phones before and didn’t have any mercury-based fillings also were studied. They were given mercury-based fillings, but still no cell phone use.

Urinary samples were taken that revealed the amount of mercury released by the female students with fillings who never used cell phones was minuscule compared to the pool of 30 study participants who had used cell phones and were exposed to MRIs. The research results concluded that “it appears that MRI and microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones significantly release mercury from dental amalgam restoration.

“Some people actually suffer from electrohypersensitivity symptoms. Dr. Joseph Mercola said the mercury fillings and even metal implants will “significantly increase” the reception of microcurrents and microwaves by the body that is emitted from cell phones, cell towers, and other similar conductors. Electrohypersensitivity can be detected by confusion, memory loss, poor concentration, fatigue and weakness, headache, itchy skin, rash, tingling and chest pain or heart problems. Dr. Thomas Rau, who is the medical director of the world-renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, said a significant portion of the population suffers from this condition.

Holistic dentist Dr. Lina Garcia shared results from a study conducted by Iranian dentist Dr. Mortazavi that revealed the amount of mercury released from mercury-based fillings is doubled when a person uses a cell phone. He said many symptoms in his patients can be attributed to mercury poisoning from amalgams.

The next time you’re scheduled for a filling, consider porcelain or other options. Speak to your dentist about your options.


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