Garlic powder health benefits

Garlic powder health benefits – A lot of people do not like garlic because of their smell. Some do not like the taste.

Unfortunately, garlic is one of those superfoods that you should eat often. I shall provide you with a list of garlic health benefits.

Because of this taste and smell, many are really missing out on the benefits to their bodies.

If you are one of these people who hates the smell, then I invite you to look at the health benefits of garlic powder.

Does garlic powder have health benefits?

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The first point I would like to make is that garlic powder does not suffer from the negative smell perception.

Similarly, many garlic powder providers reduce the strong taste that you may dislike.

And the good news is that this powder contains almost all of the properties of the garlic plant.

That means, when you think of the garlic plant health properties, you can think the same of garlic powder.

But why garlic is so healthy?

And why and what are garlic powder and dried garlic powder health benefits?

Let me first tell you that if this plant and powder were produced by a pharmaceutical company through some chemical process, then it would have a high price tag associated with it.

But luckily, this plant is produced naturally. Obviously, some of us think it is expensive.

But when you look at the benefits, and that these benefits are natural, you’ll come back on this and say this is cheap for what your body will gain.

Garlic plant has been used for centuries as a medicinal healing intake.

And, this pant has been widely credited by scientists to fighting heart disease, lowering blood pressure and helping to fight off colds.

So, even if you do not like it, you should try lear the organic garlic powder health benefits and then get some for you to cook with.

health benefits of garlic powder

Now let us be a little factual. This plant has 3,000 years of history for being used as a medicine. So no matter how much we do not like it, we need to find a way to absorb it.

You can use a garlic supplement or garlic powder. These are two excellent substitutes for the standard garlic plant.

Now, you really need to know this. There are over  1,000 scientific studies about this plant. And all of these say the same thing but from different angles. They say that garlic is simply really good for your health.

I hope I caught your attention now.

Does garlic powder have any health benefits when used in cooking?

Dried garlic powder health benefits

Quite a lot of the recent research on garlic and its derivatives (powder, and supplements) have focused on determining the ability of the plant to: (a) lower cholesterol and (b) reduce blood pressure.

They currently focus on the health benefits of garlic powder by defining how this plant can help against strokes and heart disease.

Below provides an account of some of the health benefits of dry garlic powder. These a just a few and there are many more being investigated.

1. Protect your liver from toxic substances

Our liver is one of the few organs that we cannot easily replace unless we receive a transplant. And it is not easy to find a match. So best to take care of our liver.

One way to do this is to absorb garlic a number of times a week.

Note that garlic helps the cells that operate in your liver to fight toxins. So, in essence, this is where I would tend to use the health benefits from garlic powder. (1)

I am a lover of garlic, but some people around me do not like it. So, I still want them to protect their liver from dangerous toxic substances. To do so, I add the powder in meals, and they not even feel it.

By the way, garlic powder also rejuvenates a liver that is a little tired. And it also promotes its normal functioning. So many reasons for you to use it in cooking.

2. Improvement of blood circulation

There is allicin in the garlic.

When you heat this garlic substance during your daily cooking, another substance is formed. This substance is called “ajoene”.

Ajoene manages to suppress the effect on thrombi and blood cholesterol.

So, if you have cholesterol and thrombi issues, you can eat garlic as it is highly effective in treating atherosclerosis and thrombosis. (2)

3. Garlic regulates stomach functions

organic garlic powder health benefits

Remember the Allicin substance we spoke about above? Well, this substance promotes the secretion of some special gastric juices.

And the juice stimulates the mucous membranes of your stomach.

It also combines with proteins. By combining the juice and the protein, your stomach is able to reduce any excessive activity. So you feel less tired.

But there is more to it. Allicin is a fantastic regulating ingredient. It simply does regulate the functioning of the overall stomach. and it does so by activating your large intestine.

The result is that you cure both constipation and diarrhea.

But garlic supports the production of some gases in your tissues, such as hydrogen sulfide.

Though this gas is dangerous, the quantities being produced in your body are small. And this gas does a lot of good to you. (3) So eat garlic in any form, as long as you absorb some.

4. Promote insulin secretion by absorbing garlic powder

And here we go again, the allicin substance is back.

When it combines with vitamin B1 (thiamine), it activates the function of the pancreas.

As the pancreas is the organ that produces the insulin, and as you activate it, then you’ll promote insulin secretion. (4)

That is why you’ll hear people telling you to eat garlic to prevent developing type 2 diabetes.

The garlic can also help when you have a defective functioning of your pancreas.

5. Better blood circulation

Though garlic is a small smelly plant, it is a herb that acts positively on your brain nerves.

By doing so, it helps control the workings of your heart at a constant level (not too fast, and not too slow).

And as such, it does stabilizes your blood pressure. (5)

But it is also very well known that garlic has the ability to dissolve bad cholesterol and fatty substances inside your blood vessels.

By doing so, it promotes the refreshing of cells and helps better oxygenation of blood inside the body.

A bit more about garlic powder health benefits

Now, it is good to take a deep breath and summarise what garlic can do to your body.

Worldwide scientific journals do summarise all of the evidence surrounding every and any health benefits to garlic powder.

And the summaries you find in these journal publications keep recommending that you can optimize the health benefit of garlic powder if consumed daily.

Long term studies show the following with backed evidence:

  • The powder helps in lowering total cholesterol and promotes the production of good-type HDL cholesterol.
  • Absorbing garlic supports the production of “natural killer” cells in the blood. These are good at tackling infections and cancer tumors.
  • The substances in this herb help lowering blood pressure.
  • Interestingly, the substance reduces the risk of blood clots. And these clots are most likely responsible for most heart attacks and strokes in the world
  • Eating garlic means that you’ll destroy infection-causing viruses and bacteria.

How best to use garlic?

Garlic is one of those weird plants that is classified as both a herb and a vegetable.

You can find this plant in so many products such as ice cream but also in dry rubs

Now here are some good tips for cooking garlic or cooking using dried powder:

You can cook garlic with or without the skin. It is up to you. I prefer to use the skin.

Now, you can choose to remove the exterior skin of the clove. Here are three methods:

  • One of the easiest ways is to strike the bulb with the broad side of a kitchen knife.
  • You can also use a rubber garlic rolling tube.
  • Or finally, it is possible to soak the garlic in lukewarm water. Say for about 30 minutes. You can even dip a garlic clove into boiling water for 30 seconds.

Choose the method you like and remove the skin.

Health benefits of garlic powder cooking

Here is a dish that is great when you use garlic powder.

does garlic powder have any health benefits

You really need to select the cooking you prefer. There are no real guidelines for this in terms of health. The only thing I want to say is that you do not want to burn the garlic (see next section).

For instance, for the garlic powder, it does not really matter what cooking method you choose.

However, for a garlic clove, you need to choose between roasting it, grilling it, poaching it, etc. You got the point.

The usual flavor you’ll get from a garlic clove is a nutty taste.

When you poach the clove, you’ll get a mild nutty taste in your dish.

However, if you want to bring you all of the savors from the garlic, then you need to over-roast it.

You’ll get a caramelized clove which is really tasty and strong in flavors. Perfect for a roasted chicken.

I sometimes fry the clove with its skin. It creates a crispy exterior, which is really nice.

And finally, I grilled the clove with a barbeque. You’ll get a nice smoky and nutty flavor, and if you chose a particular tree for the fire, then you’ll get that flavor too.

Word of caution about cooking garlic

Unfortunately, any health benefits of garlic powder or garlic clove ay disappear if you do not cook it properly.

Garlic is highly a highly sensitive herb. So when you heat it too much, it may burn quickly.

And this is especially true when you fry it.

So you better expose the garlic to heat just until the oil sizzles (at the limit of the oil boiling).

Leaving it till you see it gets a little bit brown and then removes it. it’s cooked.

Note that if you want to cook garlic with onions, it is preferable to start with the onions first. Usually, they take longer to cook.


Now you know that you should be eating garlic quite often.

If you don’t then you’ll not gain its benefits.

For instance, the properties for better insulin production, reduce the risk of cancer, better digestion, etc. These are incredible benefits.

If you do not like the taste, try to absorb garlic supplements or use garlic powder. Both are really good alternatives.

Back to you

Thanks a lot for reading to this point.

I am sure that you’ll agree with this. There is one main difference when comparing fresh garlic vs garlic powder health benefits.

And this difference is in the taste. If you use fresh garlic, you’ll benefit from the taste. If you don’t then you’ll not get the taste, but you’ll get the health properties.

Speak soon in another great Omigy article.


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