What will happen if you accept a 30-day challenge to shower with cold water?

Did you know that feeling when you finish a hard training? When blood circulates through the body quickly, the skin shines and you feel like the whole world is yours? Well, now imagine that feeling every morning, without exercising.


If you think it’s too good to be true, in part you are right, because to experience this kind of endorphin euphoria without exercising, you must be logged in ice-cold shower or bath every day for a few minutes.

Proponents of the “cold treatment” claim EASY showers are a free way to strengthen immunity and increase productivity and energy.

A reporter from Business Insider decided to try out this therapy and to try to succeed the 30-day challenge every day to shower with cold water. And these are his impressions:

1 to 10 days: Definitely the worst

To continue the analogy with an exercise – earlier this routine is the hardest part, except that this is worse from exercise because exercise at least most of the beginnings is not terrible.

In the first exercise, you start with something easier, and the only way to start a cold shower is to count off backward from 5 to 1, to close your eyes and boldly enter the shower. After the first 30 seconds, the body slowly began to quiet down, the brain began to function again like a rational person and no longer wished to get out of the shower at any cost. But still felt ill and shivering from the cold.

11 to 20 days: The situation is definitely improving

After 2 weeks of awakening and freezing in ice water, something strange began to happen – Drew began to enjoy it. But he began noticing some physiological improvements. He was ready to face the daily challenges.

“In the end, all that could let me down  now is that I went through something so awful so early in the morning?” It is one of his thoughts.

21 to 30: When the absurd becomes routine

He started noticing a parallel between what we did in the shower and savings.

Then he began experimenting with showering at different times of the day. He discovered that afternoon cold shower is useful as well as morning. Ice cold shower at 2 pm is the same as a cup of coffee.

Drew also recommends that if you feel sleepy after lunch, try to enter into a cold shower instead of reaching for another cup of coffee. Try logging in cold water and see how concentration and focus will improve.



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