You Will be Surprised When you See What the Eggs Can Do to you

One might think that no wonder the eggs are not the favorite food of the nutritionists. They are all convinced that the eggs contain plenty of cholesterol that might damage the body.

But unfortunately, they are all wrong. The eggs are misinterpreted, just like the avocados and the coconut oil are.

What the Eggs Can Do

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The egg yolk contains plenty of benefits. 90% of the calcium and iron of the egg are located in the yolk, making it healthy. And on the other hand, the egg white offers some natural protein, which is good for the body too.

In addition to this, here are some of the health benefits you might gain by consuming eggs every day.

  1. Boosting the entire organism – by consuming one medium-sized egg you can gain more energy and a whole 6 grams of high-quality protein. The egg does not contain Vitamin C, so it is best to combine it with an orange juice or any food that contains Vitamin C and consume this for breakfast.
  2. Increased levels of iron – when your body lacks iron, you will notice it because you will start feeling sleepy, tired, dizzy and get headaches. The iron carries oxygen to the blood, making it one of the most important minerals. This is why you should definitely consume eggs. They contain a form of iron called heme iron, which is absorbed in the body faster than the ordinary iron, so add an egg to your meal and feel better!
  3. Packed with important nutrients – basically, the eggs contain very significant compounds and plenty of vitamins. They contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12.
  4. Normal cholesterol levels – even though the eggs contain a high level of cholesterol, they actually lower the bad one and increase the good cholesterol, so if you consume them moderately, you can gain this health benefit from them too.
  5. Weight loss qualities – if you decide to start off your days with eggs, then you will most certainly feel fuller for a longer period of time, and this is excellent if you want to lose some weight.
  6. Better brain function – the eggs contain a compound called choline, responsible for improving the function of the brain and memory. A pregnant woman can get 28% of her daily choline intake just by consuming one egg. This compound is very important if you are breastfeeding too, so say yes to the eggs.
  7. Improved eyesight – too reduce the level of having any vision problems, increase the consumption of eggs, broccoli and spinach in your diet. The eggs can even deal with blindness in the elderly. The eggs are filled with nutrients and antioxidants, which take care of the eyesight and decrease the risk of cataracts by 50%.
  8. Protein booster! – the human body uses the protein to repair the old and build new muscle tissue. The amino acids represent the blocks of protein. Nine of them are essential to the body and are all a part of the egg. Between the milk, eggs, meat, and fish (which are all great protein sources), choosing the eggs would be the smartest thing.
  9. Better bone structure too – we can also find Vitamin D in the eggs. This vitamin absorbs the calcium and preserves the bones. The eggs may reduce the osteoporosis symptoms, as well as any other dairy product.
  10. No more brittle nails and hair – finally, when the body lacks minerals and vitamins, it is shown on the outside, meaning that you will probably suffer from bad hair and nails. Well, the eggs have just the right nutrients for fixing that problem.

And of course, try to eat them moderately. Consuming about two eggs a day can definitely improve your lifestyle.




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