Should you Worry That the Tap Water Contains FluorideBen

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you take for granted something that is actually very good or you? Well, for a long period of time now, maybe decades, people have been raging about why the water we drink is filled with fluoride.

Some people believe that it makes our brain rot and turns us into zombies, and some think that it is nothing to worry about.

Tap Water

But the only thing one must really do is be skeptical about anything they hear or read until solid evidence is presented.

This is why today we are going to settle down the dispute about the fluoride – is it good or is it bad for our health? It is time to get to the bottom of this dispute, and we have presented some controversial facts in order to do so.

First and foremost, the fluoride is the most reactive element in the periodic table, and it derives from fluorine, which is mostly found in the rocks. It is also commonly known that 95% of the fluoride in the water we drink comes from phosphorite rock.

The fluoride is found in our toothpaste, the water we drink, all beverages and foods that are processed with the fluoridated water, some professional dental products, and dietary prescription supplements.

The fluoridation is one of the most effective ways to prevent the decay of the teeth and lead to less and less severe cavities, fewer tooth extractions, fillings, and definitely less suffering and pain, caused by the teeth.

The public water contains plenty of fluorides, and the main reason for its effectiveness is the binding of the fluoride with the tooth enamel. This process makes the teeth stronger and more resistant to bacteria and acid.

Without the process of fluoridation, the teeth will be prone to decay. And when the decay is left untreated, it can lead to severe damage and issues.

This is why the fluoride water has been injected into the American drinking water. Since this was made, the tooth decay in the USA considerably dropped.


Even if we have increased the use of fluoride in our everyday lives, the fluoridation level in the water remains the same. Experts have proven through studies that the fluoridation of the water has led to 60% fewer cavities found in children and 35% less tooth decay in adults.

But even though the fluoride has been proven to do us good, still many questions have arisen.

There is a little controversy talk connected to the fluoride. If you google this term, a bunch of conspiracy theories, led by science professionals will pop up. Some of them are actually true.

The World Health Organization claims that countries that hadn’t infiltrated the fluoride in their drinking water have the same effects on the health of the teeth. This makes more questions pop up.

One argument against the fluoride says that it is a weapon used to mass medicate people.

Instead of testing individuals, scientists have decided that it is okay to medicate the entire population, no matter the person’s proportions. When people drink tap water, most of them don’t even consent to the fluoride part of it.

In 2015, the US Department of Health and Human Services lowered the dosage of fluoride in the water, making it 0.7 per liter, a little lower than the one established in 1962, which was from 0.7 to 1.2 per liter.

When these changes were made, opinions were divided. Some people considered the US government to have made a mistake, so now they slowly try to lower the dosage of fluoride in the water before finally kicking it out completely.

Others claim that because we come in contact with fluoride from many other products, there is no need for that big of an amount of fluoride in the water anymore. So you can see why this has become a great issue nowadays.

And, does the fluoride pose a threat to us? Even though we have already realized that it is great for the health of our teeth, can the fluoride do any damage to our bodies?

There are some groups of people who might be at risk if exposed to fluoride, and among them are the bottle-fed babies, people with bad kidney function, deficiency in iodine, calcium, Vitamins D or C, and people who drink excessive amounts of water.

Don’t ignore all of the facts you read online, some of them might be false, but one is true – the fluoride can do harm to people with weakened immune systems.

There are some diseases that are caused by excessive amounts of fluoride in the water. Some of the conditions may be dental fluorosis, changing the tooth enamel, then lowering the IQ of a person, and finally skeletal fluorosis may occur, which is a crippling bone disease.

Now, according to the WHO, millions of people all over the world are exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride, and most of them are in Africa, Turkey, China, Middle East, southern Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. However, the WHO, AMA, ADA and BDA all assure the people that the level of fluoride in the water is safe for consumption.

So, the bottom line is – do everything moderately. There is such a thing as getting too much out of a good thing too.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but how much other products do you consume every day? Have you ever thought about that too? We all drink the same water.

People who support fluoridation are mostly scientists and researchers. The conspiracy theories will always be present, no matter the subject, so take little consideration when it comes to those.

If you are still skeptical and try to pick a side, follow these next instructions – check your gums and teeth regularly, see what levels of fluoride there are in the water you drink, avoid drinking tap water, avoid using high fluoride toothpaste as well, and ask your doctor if any medications you are taking include fluoride.

For the final note, take just one question into consideration – we all drink the same water, don’t we?



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