Xyngular Review – UPDATED 2020 – Does Xyngular Work For Weight Loss?

Weight Loss industry is growing like never before due to the fact that we eat more and perform less exercise. This is also due to the fact that access to unhealthy food is easier than ever before.

New and new products enter the market every day with new claims and promises.

One such wellness company is Xyngular which offers people a way to improve their health.

They offer simple and complete weight loss kits designed to help people with some of the most common health problems.

Their products are said to come with a number of benefits ranging from detoxification to weight loss.

This is why we, at Omigy decided to provide you with a thorough and genuine review that can empower you with adequate knowledge about the products before actually using them.

In this review, we consider different aspects of Xyngular and its effectiveness to help you decide if it works for you.

Xyngular Review – UPDATED 2020

To put it simply, Xyngular is a wellness company that sells a variety of health and wellness products.

It offers nutritional kits containing products in various forms like liquids, capsules and drink powders.

Xyngular also offers a variety of meal replacement drink-mixes as well as appetite control supplements to help with weight loss.

Each of the products serves important benefits like burning fat, detoxifying the body, dealing with cravings, suppressing appetite, providing essential nutrients to the body, etc.

These weight loss products come individually or in the form of kits like an 8-day plan and 30-day meal plan.

In essence, most of the Xyngular products contain a blend of stimulants and supplements.

These support the body system, cleanse it, provide essential nutrients, improve energy levels, enhance metabolism and suppress appetite and cravings.

Using the Xyngular kits allow to ‘ignite your fat burning system’.  It helps any user achieve weight loss results while improving your overall health and well-being.

Does Xyngular Work For Weight Loss?

Does Xyngular Work

Xyngular offers a promising weight loss plan with what they call the Ignite Kit. The kits provide an 8-day program to start your weight loss journey.

Overall, the kit aims to boost your metabolism and reduce your weight in about eight days.

The objective is to boost your weight loss process because, as we all to well know this, starting a weight loss program is probably the most difficult thing to do in our life.

Usually, dieters who have started the 8-days program move onto a 30-day meal plan. Again this comes as a weight loss kit.

A Xyngular diet weight loss kit comes as five products with a 30-day meal planning guide, online support and exercise ideas.

The company challenges that the 30-day program helps people lose weight significantly. The company also describes that using Xyngular maintain your weight for a long time with better overall health.

Usually, the Xyngular Ignite Kit is the most popular of their products and includes seven products. Here is a brief detail on each of these products to see if they can really work for weight loss.

Xyngular Ignite Kit product:

  • Accelerate – It is a tea-based fat burner which speeds up the weight loss process by burning fat effectively.
  • Cheat+ – A product containing a soluble fiber, Cheat+ traps the food eaten and eliminates it without absorbing the calories.
  • Lean Snack Replacement – A meal-replacement shake, Lean Meal contains the daily serving of fruits, greens, proteins, and probiotics to support the body. It helps people maintain a healthy weight and build lean muscle.
  • Xyng – The product aims to energize the body, support weight loss, suppress appetite and reduce cravings. It contains some of the herbal ingredients known for their weight loss and appetite suppression properties.
  • Flush – It is a detox and cleanse product which helps get the body rid of harmful toxins, improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Click here if you want to buy it.

Xyngular Flush

  • Axion – Xyngular supplement that improves digestion, increases energy, improve metabolism, help brain function and enable the body to benefit from the food consumed. It supports healthier skin. The supplement consists of probiotics, omega fatty acids, and whole foods and is taken in the morning.
  • Global Blend – Xyngular Global Blend drink boosts immune power, enhances energy and improves digestion. It comes in two forms – New and Classic.
  • Xyngular Spryng Lemon-Lime: Click here to buy it. This is a product that has been developed for activity recovery with Refreshing Flavors.

Xyngular Spryng Lemon-Lime

  • XR2 Suppress StressClick here to get it. The mixture that is proposed in the WR2 made of natural ingredients has been purposely created to help you relax and rest. The aim is to reduce your stress levels as stress is the number 1 enemy of weight loss. In fact, stress leads to unhealthy hormonal levels and by using the XR2 you should reduce your anxiety and get better sleep.

XR2 Suppress Stress

The 8–day challenge helps users detox the body. It also helps reduce waist size, improve metabolism and energy.

But what you’ll find interesting is that it reduces calorie intake and as such, you’ll lose some desperate pounds.

On the other hand, moving to the 30-day weight loss plan can help users lose weight with the guidance and support from the diet plans available.

Xyngular Side Effects and advice

Xyngular Side Effects

While Xyngular claims that all its products contain natural ingredients, it does not mean they don’t have side effects.

Some of the ingredients, if taken in high doses for a long time, can cause adverse effects.

Some of the possible side effects associated with the ingredients used in Xyngular products include:

  • Electrolyte imbalance.
  • Fatigue and weakness. In this case, you may be going too fast for your body and you’ll feel tired. You need to eat a little more intake while slowing down in applying the Xyngular diet.
  • Bowel irregularity, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and dehydration. These are usual symptoms for someone who is performing a diet plan. If you are amongst the people having this, seek a doctor’s advice.
  • Anxiety, irregular heartbeat, agitation, and jitters. Again, these are standard symptoms for a dieter as your body is missing the usual fatty or sugary type food. If you feel bad, and you know that you have been on a fatty food diet for a long time, you should still eat some of these fatty foods, but reduce their intake by half and then slowly reduce more as time goes by. There is nothing worse than cutting everything in one go. So take your time and your body will react accordingly.

Other less common Xyngular meal plan side effects

There are a number of meal plan side effects which are less known, but we wanted to ensure you know about these before you make a decision.

  • Upset stomach, mood swings, ringing in the ears, insomnia, seizure, rashes, frequent bathroom use, muscle twitches and more. These symptoms are more annoying than anything else. They are manageable and maybe to the extent of being self-controllable. Our advice is to please take your time in cutting out your intake. For instance, if you feel hungry, eat a banana or an apple. Note that I said one banana or one apple, but not both neither more than that. Eating one of these is to help you stop the feeling of being hungry and reducing some of your mood swings.
  • Though these side effects are rare, it is essential to consider the concerns associated with using the products for a long time.
  • Note that you want to ensure that you do not harm your body by trying to lose fat too fast. You did not put this fat fast, but slowly. The same must be when you try to reduce your weight. So take your time, this is a long hall exercise which you’ll win if you do it properly.
  • Also note that when you aim to reduce your weight, it is like you are aiming at stopping any addiction. So you are bound to have side effects. But you need to keep watching for this and aim to take positive actions if you feel you have one of the side effect symptoms.

Xyngular Ingredients

Xyngular Ingredients

Xyngular claims that all the ingredients contained in their products are natural.

They also claim that they are mainly vitamins, proteins, minerals, and stimulants.

Obviously, which company would not say this? While the product ingredients are tagged to be ‘proprietary blend’, it is not possible to determine whether the proportions are appropriate, without any clinical tests.

As described above, some compounds, when consumed in excess for a long time, can lead to problems like vomiting, headache, anxiety, diarrhea, jitters, and others.

Though there are not many side effects of Xyngular supplements, it is best to consult a doctor before using the products to consider its adverse effects. At Omigy, we managed to get some of the main ingredients used in the Xyngular products as follows.

Xyngular products  ingredients

Konnyaku Powder – Known as glucomannan, this fiber extract suppresses appetite and reduces cholesterol. (1, 2)

Senna Leaf Powder – The herb has a laxative effect and used to clean the bowels. (3, 4, 5)

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Caffeine and chlorogenic acid containing extract to reduce appetite, regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism. (6)

Green Tea Leaf Extract – A common ingredient used to boost metabolism and benefit from its antioxidant properties. (7)

Yohimbe Bark Extract – A stimulant compound extracted from an African evergreen tree. (8)

Soy Isolates – It is a 90% by weight extract with all essential amino acids. (9)


Xyngular offers a range of products to assist customers with the necessary nutrients and benefits like reduced weight and detoxification.

As seen in the review above, the products and ingredients have their own considerations.

Those wishing to lose some weight and start their journey to a healthy lifestyle can consider Xyngular supplements to support themselves.

It has a line of products to choose from and has something for everyone.

Their weight loss kits are well-designed and promise effective results.

Users interested in losing weight through supplements can give it a try.

However, Xyngular products are rather expensive and they are a little new, so I would advise you to wait and hear the different reviews from people who have used it before going ahead with it.

Back to you

Now you have my Xyngular review. You should know everything you need to know about the Xyngular diet plan and weight loss.

I have given you the positives, the negatives and the Xyngular ingredients composition of the ignite kit plan.

You can choose to try it or not. It is in your capable hands.

See you soon in another Omigy review special.

In the meantime, enjoy your day to the full. Speak soon.


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