You must consider sleeping socks – Here is why?

Sleeping socks must play an important part of our life, but we seem to undermine them. In fact, we seem to undermine the need for sleeping with socks.

And I can tell you from experience that we are all wrong about not using a nice pair of socks fro sleeping.

Below are the reasons behind this and the benefits associated with sleeping with socks.


Why would anyone want to sleep with socks?

There are several benefits why you should consider wearing socks to sleep at night when going to bed. Below I provide just a couple which have been backed by scientific research.

1- Spread you blood vessels by sleeping with socks

Sleep sock blood vessels imporvement

A number of studies shows that sleeping with socks on is really good for you.

In fact, there has been research undertaken at the Chronobiology and Sleep laboratory of Anna Wirz-Justice, Psychiatric University Clinic in Basel, Switzerland. (1)

This research clearly defined that wearing mitten and socks at bed time has a positive effect on your body.

The work performed at this University demonstrated that if you wear sleep socks and mitten, your blood vessels will dilate.

What does wearing socks and mitten means for you?

The scientists behind the investigation identified that the quicker your blood vessels dilate, the quicker your body would go to sleeping mode.

In essence, what they have concluded is that we need to tell our body that it is time for sleeping.

And the best way to do this  is to regulate our temperature all over our body.

That is what socks and mitten do.

They support the idea of redistributing the heat from our body to our extremities, that is our feet and hands.

Redistributing the heat encourages our brain to release sleep-related hormones.

As such, the study define that by encouraging warming your feet and hands, you will encourage your body to fall asleep in a record time.

Therefore, if you have cold feet and hands, you may just need aim to sleep with socks on and wear mitten.

To even improve this method, you can always warm up the socks and mitten near a your chimney.

2- Enhance you sexual activities

Weird enough, sleeping socks are great if you want to improve your sexual life.

Scientists at the Groningen University demonstrated that sleeping with socks increase the likelyhood for experiencing orgasm.

You’d be astonished to find out that as much as 80% of couples who had socks for sleeping also had orgasm, in comparison to when they did not wear these.

The researchers used a brain scan to illustrate their findings instead of relying on the individuals personal feelings.

The two experiments conducted by the scientists, one with socks and one without clearly demonstrated the relationship between sleeping in socks and better sex life.

So if you want to have a better sex life, you know what you need to do.

3- Sleep better with socks on and prevent hot flashes

Cold feet and hot flashes

Many of us have hot flashes.

And there is no much we can do about these.

Unfortunately, hot flashes also lead to bed sleeping patterns.

Being a victim of a hot flash means that you feel unconformable.

And such discomfort leads to your body not going to a sleeping mode.

Well, there could be an easy solution to this issue.

Try wearing a sleep sock. Or shall I say try to wear socks to sleep quicker and better.

As discussed above, wearing socks does help distribute your body heat temperature

As such, while you may feel discomfort with your hot flash, your body will take that heat and send it to your hands and feet.

By doing so, you should have a better body heat distribution and end up with you body generating sleep hormones.

Now you should be asleep after reading this.

4- Decrease the risk of a Raynaud’s attack 

Raynaud’s attack on your feet

Very few people know about this disease.

In fact, many of us may be a victim of the disease but do not know about it.

Raynaud’s disease (2) is associated with the loss of blood circulation.

It is not easy to detect and you need to know how to do so.

The most likely areas for you to lose circulation is your toes and fingers (other areas could be affected too).

Usually, these areas will start to throb and swell.

That is why wearing socks during the night can help preventing this disease.

How to identify Raynaud’s disease?

Note that Raynaud’s disease can be identified as follows:

The best way is if you hands or toes become painful when exposed to cold temperatures. The you may have the disease and you need to seek professional advice.

If, for instance, you hold an iced drink or even when you put your hand in the freezer to reach for some food and your fingers turn blue or white, you may be a victim of the disease.

This is not known to the public, but there is about 28 million people in the US alone who have Raynaud’s disease.

You can also detect it if you are somehow allergic to air conditioning.

What I mean is if air conditioning triggers your fingers or toes to hurt, then you may need to seek professional advice.

5- Prevent a heart attack

Wear bed socks prevent heart attack

If you think of it, better sleeping pattern means better health.

And scientist have conducted a very large-scale study with over 160,000 patients used to investigate the connection between sleeping and heart attack.

The outcome is shocking. Bad sleeping patterns lead to an increase in the risk of heart attack.

In fact, there is a clear correlation between bad sleep patterns and debilitating effects of a heart attack (or even a stroke).

So if you think that socks improve your sleeping pattern, I believe that it is a very low investment for reducing your risk of heart attack.

Just get a pair of socks and you should be way better.

6- Improve cracked heels

Night bed socks prevent cracked heels

My mum has this problem.

She always has cracked heals.

What we have done is to get her used to wear warm sleeping socks.

But before she wear these, she moisturize her foot (she has only one heel that is affected).

Then she wears what she calls ‘socks sleep’.

What do you need to watch for?

You need to watch for the cleanliness of your socks.

I think this is the most important factor.

You do not want to wear your day socks at night.

The reason is simple. If you do wear your day socks at night, then you’ll increase the risks of risk of fungal overgrowth on your feet.

I can tell you that if will be difficult to get rid of fungal.

So aim for clean cotton type socks.

What about sleeping in compression socks?

Many thinks that sleeping with compression socks is good.

However, this is not advisable unless these are prescribed by your doctor.

Compression socks are know to improve blood circulation, but they have not been designed for us to go to bed.

Usually, compression socks change your blood flow.

In fact, it moves your blood away from your feet.

As such, it may block blood flow. This is especially true when you are lying down.

What type of socks to wear

There are so many types of socks that we may get lost in choosing the best one for bed time.

However, there is a really good type of sock which is made of natural and soft fibers.

It is the merino wool or cashmere sock.

These may not be the cheapest pair of socks you would ever buy, but at the end of the day you may only need two pairs a year maximum.

So why not investing in something that will improve your sleeping patterns without any medical needs?

I have to say that they are well worth the extra money.

Important note: Aim for socks that are not tight-fitting. These will constrain blood circulation and as such reduce the effect of socks in properly warming of your feet.

What to do to improve feet blood circulation?

There are three main basic things you can do to improve your feet blood circulation:

  1. The first this is to give your feet a nice well-deserved pre-bedtime massage.
  2. Secondly, you can use some natural circulatory boosters. What about capsaicin cream? Add this to your current massage oil or feet moisturizer. The capsaicin will promote blood flow.
  3. You can warm your socks before wearing them. Sit on them for a little while, use a hair dryer, put them in front of your chimney, etc. Be creative.


Cold feet can prevent you from sleeping.

Wearing sleeping socks will improve your blood circulation around your feet. As such, your brain will release sleeping hormones and tell your body to go into sleeping mode.

By reducing the time it takes you to go to sleep, you will be able to relax more.

At the same time you will improve the quality of your sleep, reduce risk of heart attack, enhance your sex life and reduce your cracked heels.

You need to buy really good socks too. This matters as you want to optimize your sleeping pattern.

Make sure that you do not have Raynaud’s disease and using bed socks can reduce the risk of contracting this disease.

Back to you

I hope you have found the information highly useful.

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