Apple Mint Juice Apple mint juice – Is this juice finally the means to get rid of your respiratory condition and digestive issues?

I believe so as it has worked for one member of my family.

I have never really got respiratory issues. So what does qualify me to write about it?

Here is my true story with my nephew. This juice has worked wonders and I hope it will for you.

My Nephew story – part 1 (below at the bottom of this post is part two)

Well, let me start by saying that my nephew has had a lot of respiratory issues. His parents used all sorts of medicines with some degree of success.

However, they could not really help much. They could only provide medicines when their son was sick.

No means to prevent the condition. So they were all the time under severe pressure.

When I used to got to my brother, he always was stress.

I spoke to him several times, but he did not want to hear that there could be a natural remedy out there.

Nevertheless, one day he came around the house.

He said that he could not live seeing his son in this condition anymore and would not mind trying one of my ‘magic natural formulae’. These are his exact words – ‘Magic Natural Formula’.

I am not a magician or a sorcerer. But that day,  I have to say that I smiled with a smile of victory. I felt great. More about this story below.

Let me start by telling you why apple juice is great.

Why do you need apple mint juice?

First, it is a wonderful, delicious, colorful juice.

If you like coffee, then I’d say that this juice can easily make you want to replace it.

The apple mint juice I am speaking about is so good and on top of it, it does improve the functioning of your digestive system.

Think of it, good juice, good digestion and good respiratory. What’s more do you want?

Why do you get respiratory issues?

There are hundreds of reasons for you to get these. But one of them is related to what you eat and the gases that your body generates in your stomach.

Some of us have weak esophagus. So when your stomach produces gases, these gases find their way to your lungs via the esophagus.

The esophagus opens up and even the smallest open allows the gases to filter through your lungs.

So if you have gases in your lungs, then you may end up with asthma or respiratory problems.

Why apple is used in this juice?

Apples are considered by many as a wonderful fruit with great medicinal properties.

They contain plenty of amino acids. Apples have minerals like potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and calcium.

Many scientists have demonstrated that they can prevent cancers including lung cancer (Hmmm…. maybe apple has some properties to help our lungs getting rid of respiratory issues).

A number of expert studies have found that apple intake is positively linked with greater pulmonary healthy.

The reason behind this is that apples have a high content of flavonoid and phenolic acid. This helps reduces airway inflammation and improves breathing.

Pectin is also found in apple fruit. It is a soluble fiber that helps slows down digestion. The way it does this is by attracting water and forming a gel which helps keep you fuller longer.

As this was not enough, it also encourages healthy, solid bowel movements.

Why mint is used in the apple mint juice?

Mint is one of the greatest ingredients that can help your stomach. It is one of those little hidden things that has been proven to fight IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

But mint is also really good for your airways. It opens your lungs up, thereby making breathing easier.

So between apple which is really good for your digestive system and mint that opens up your airways, I am sure your respiratory problems are covered.

Type of ingredients to use?

What I want to advise you is to use organic apples in this recipe.

Other apples have a high content of pesticide which will defeat the purpose of the remedy. Yes, I know that organic apples are a little bit more expensive, but you need to choose between your health and the price.

I know what I want. So for me, the extra price is really worth it!

The apple mint juice recipe

Here is the recipe that you have looking for. It is pretty basic and very effective.

Recipe ingredients

– 3 green apples

– 1/4 cup fresh mint

– 3 stalks celery

– 1 cup chopped cucumber

– 1 lime, peeled

Yes, you are right in thinking, but you did not mention the lime, celery, and cucumber. I know, but I need to leave a little bit of surprise effect. Now you know. So don’t forget these ingredients!

If you do not like celery and cucumber, then you can remove them, but these are really good for you. So it is your choice.

Apple mint juice preparation

Peel the celery and the lime.

Cut everything in small pieces.

Put these in your blender or what I call a juicer.

Blend them and done. If you do not have a juicer, please click on the below picture. There is plenty there for you to pick one.

 Juicer for making apple mint juice

Now, you can drink the juice and savor the effects of this marvelous remedy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: it may take some time for your digestive system to adjust to this drink. It is a similar situation to when you are sick.

You need a couple of days before your body recover. This is the same thing with this remedy.

You may need about 10 days for your esophagus to heal if not more (it all depends on your initial condition).

So be patient and keep drinking this great juice. It did work wonders for my nephew.


As I said, I may not be the best-qualified person to speak about respiratory problems. I have not had such issues in my life.

However, my nephew did. And it was hard work to convince my brother that sometimes you better take the natural remedy way than the usual doctor route.

I am not saying that you have to forget about doctors etc. Far from that.

What I am saying is that there is nothing wrong to try something different. So if you are subject to these respiratory problems, then you know it hurts.

Therefore, it does not do you any harm to try the above remedy. You’ll enjoy the drink, reduce the digestive problems and if your problem is related to esophagus gas release, then this could be your remedy.

It can attenuate it, and help you feel better. It did for my nephew.

My nephew story – part 2 (part one is at the beginning of this article)

Note, that for my nephew, when I explained that he just needed to drink apple mint juice to my brother, he was not confident.

After 10 days, my nephew’s overall state improved.

So I decided to go a little further. I was convinced that something either in his diet or in the house was bothering his esophagus.

So I proposed to my brother to do an investigation.

He was not really happy about this, but I told him that he did not believe me about the natural remedy. However, it worked.

He gave up and agreed to support on this matter.

What I asked him to do is to remove 1 ingredient of my nephew’s diet for 10 days. And then see if his condition improved even further.

He did so for 6 months! So it is not a quick and easy fix. You really need to be thorough.

And after 6 months he called me.

He said that he thought he found the culprit.

I went to his house straight away. I could not wait to hear more.

He told me that he removed 1 ingredient every 10 days. And then he reintroduced it in the mix of food his son was taking.

He did this for so many different things including potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.

One day, he just tried milk and all of its derivatives. And BANG.

It was the culprit. It turned out that his son is not able to digest milk as we do. So his esophagus could not cope with it. This created burns etc. and some gases finding their way to the lungs.

Conclusions for my nephew

So by removing milk and adding apple mint juice to the diet, my brother was able to reduce his stress. His son is now playing football and he is like every other son.

I am so happy to have managed to help my nephew and my brother too. Their life is much easier now.

Note that this method can work for you. You need time and effort. The food may not be the culprit. It can be a plant, a smell, a type of wood, a type of house material that you are allergic to.

So if this is the case, the best way to find out is to go to one of your family members and stay there for 10 days or so. If your condition improves, then think about what is different for you?

The weather, the bed, the linen? What has changed and then start to investigate.

Something is bothering your digestive system. Work hard, become a detective, be patient, and you’ll be successful. And do not give up. Take action right now.

Back to you

This article is important for me as it relates to my nephew. Please do not forget to like it and share it with your close ones. Any comment would be great too.

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