Beet juice against Dementia, Heart Attack and Stroke!!

Beet juice helps people to train longer off the blood pressure and helps to prevent dementia, heart attack and stroke, writes in. “Daily Express”, citing the results of the British and American studies.

Researchers have found that a living dose of juice from raw beets enables people to train up to 16% longer than usual.

Experts have discovered and what is the best time of admission useful liquid.

For this purpose, researchers have given the subjects to drink one, two or four doses of 70 milliliters of beet juice. It turned out that the most beneficial effect has two doses given two and a half hours before training.

“Beet juice lowers the amount of oxygen needed to perform the low-intensity workout.

This helps people to do things they otherwise could not do. The fluid acts and anti-inflammatory, which contributes to faster muscle recovery. The results of the British study are confirmed by American research reveals a number of other benefits from the consumption of beet juice.



The authors of the University of North Carolina have found that the liquid removed blood pressure and improves the condition of the vessels in adults, even those with cardiovascular disease.

The beneficial effect is due to those contained in beetroot nitrates that help the heart muscle to spend less oxygen, whether a person does a physical activity or not. As a result, a larger quantity of oxygen reaches the other muscles.

Beverage and acting, thereby increasing blood flow to the body and brain. In the long term, this beneficial effect was associated with decreased risk of heart attack, stroke, and dementia.


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