Benefits of Japanese green tea !

The healthiest Japanese drink actually conceals more than twelve centuries of tradition in everyday life not only in the Land of the Rising Sun but also in many other places around the world.

The most popular varieties are three – “Sencha”, “Matcha” and “Gyokuro”.

And here is what are the main benefits of real Japanese green tea:


1. Useful content

“Sencha” tea daily is Japanese, and “Matcha” is considered the healthiest tea on the planet because it contains 16 different amino acids, 8 times more beta-carotene than spinach and 70 times more antioxidants than orange juice.

2. Improves physical health

Green tea neutralizes free radicals, which are the product of stress – something that exposes modern man.

The beverage of Japan accelerates the metabolism of more than 30 percent and reduces blood sugar, and thus protects against diabetes.

3. Interesting culture

Japanese green tea brings the entire culture of the country. Teas are made with specific accessories, many of which are hand made and painted. The ceremony itself by making depends very much on the type of green tea – whether it’s “Sencha,” “Matcha” or “Gyokuro”.

4. Preparation

Especially interesting facts about the preparation are true Japanese tea. The original product has rules of preparation that must be strictly observed. Some of them are using spring water, proper temperature and infusion quantity of water to green tea.



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