We all know that ginger has got some great properties. But who would use ginger to fight diabetes? And who would think you can do that using 5 different ways to eat this plant?

Recently, the Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published the results of a study conducted on 70 types 2 diabetes patients which were subjects of a double-blind testing program.

The subjects were given a 1600 mg. supplement or 1600 mg. of placebo for 12 weeks and the results showed that the ones who took the ginger supplement had 8 markers related to diabetes lowered.


Here are the 8 markers that were reduced:

The results of the study clearly show that the markers improved with ginger consumption, which makes the plant a potential natural cure for type 2 diabetes. 1600 mg. of ginger supplement equals ¼ of a teaspoon of ginger and is the recommended daily dosage.

Here’s how you can add ginger into your daily diet:

ginder syrupginger-tea-2gingerbread

1- Ginger tea

A cup of ginger tea with lemon will reinforce your immune system and help you fight infections and seasonal diseases.

2- Ginger syrup

Make some ginger syrup and add it to your bowl of oatmeal, tea, smoothies or fruit salads.

3- Ginger candy

If you’re cravings sweets often, substitute the unhealthy chocolate bars with ginger candy.

4- Ginger ale

Drink some homemade ginger ale to relieve headaches and different body aches.

5- Ginger chicken wraps

If you love chicken, try them in ginger lettuce wraps for a healthier portion of meat.

Where to find ginger?

Ginger is very common in many shops. You can find it in powder or as a plant. My preference is the organic type and as a plant.

If you want to buy it from the comfort of your sofa, then please click on the picture below. It will take you straight to a page where you can get them.

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Conclusion on ginger to fight diabetes

As you can see, if you increase your intake of ginger, you’ll end up with 8 types 2 diabetes markers being improved.

Being a ginger lover, I felt that I needed to provide you with different ways to eat or drink this plant so that you can use ginger to fight diabetes.

I know that some people are not big fans, and it is clear that one needs to chose what is best for his body. So chose one of the methods I provided you and enjoy the ginger, but even better enjoy a reduction in type 2 diabetes.

Back to you

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