Jaljeera – 7 Benefits to your body you never knew about plus a bonus recipe

Jaljeera juice is one of those very nice drinks that we must all sip to improve our overall health.

Here I’ll tell you 7 healthy reasons why you should drink this wonderful drink.

And I will also give you the Jaljeera recipe so that you can make it home.

What is Jaljeera?

Jaljeera drink

Jaljeera is a drink that is very popular in India. It is written as Jal-jeera or jaljira too.  The drink is fully packed with great flavors and body nutrition.

The name Jaljeera comes from two different words. These words are in Hindi. Jal means water. Jeera means cumin, the spice that is used to make the drink. (1)

Most people buy the spice ready-made and called jal-jeera powder.

Indian loves the beverage. Especially in the summer and served as an appetizer. Most of the time, it is a mixture of lemonade and the powder.

However, Jaljira powder does not consist of only cumin. There are a number of other spices in this mix. What you’d find when you buy Jaljira is a number of ingredients such as:

As you can see, a Jaljeera drink consumed at a local restaurant can be different from a Jaljira juice consumed at another location. It all depends on what the local beverage provider decides to put in as a spice in the drink.

Note: the most important point to remember is that the main spice of the drink is cumin.

All other spices are additions, which are good for your health too.

1- Jaljeera for weight loss

Jaljeera for weight loss

This drink is really a fantastic weight loss ingredient that you should add to your weekly diet. If you consume it just before your meals, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to eat much.

Why? Simply because the cumin in the drink suppresses your appetite. Research has demonstrated that cumin has a positive effect on overweight individuals. (2, 3)

And I can tell you that the optimum way to use Jaljeera is to drink it about 30 minutes before a meal. Now you know why Indian’s use it as an appetizer. It just makes sense as if you feel full, you won’t be eating much and hence lose weight.

2- Jaljeera against acidity

Jaljeera against acidity

There are times where we eat quite a lot. This leads to some acid reflux and they are really quite unpleasant. So next time you have a big meal, try to sip some of this drink.

It will dramatically reduce the potential for stomach acid reflux to appear. So it will reduce painful cramps etc.

Lately, there has been a lot of research on Cumin and some were directed to prove or disprove some of the claim. If you are a scientist, you can read this article on Cumin.

By the way, you can find ready-made jaljeera at specialized shops.

3- Reduce gas pain quickly

Jaljeera reduce gas pain quickly

Aljira is one of those drinks that can help you when you have a sore stomach. At times, we all have gasses building up in our stomach and intestines.

Unfortunately, these gasses are very painful. In order to get rid of these, or at least attenuate the pain, you just need to sip some of this great cumin based water drink.

Note that you need to sip it slowly so that stomach pain is removed.

You may also need to repeat this a couple of times before you see any further improvement.

4- A real nausea fighter

Jaljeera is a real nausea fighter

I hate nausea, and I am sure you all do. This beverage is great to fight it. It is also really good to consume when you are pregnant.

Think of it, at the beginning of pregnancy, you have quite a number of nausea feelings. This drink is like magic. It gets you through these easily and reduces the occurrence of nausea drastically.

And this is supported by real scientific evidence. Researchers have shown that cumin spice is great for fighting nausea. (4)

5- Against constipation

Jaljeera to fight constipation

Expert (4) have further investigated the health benefits of cumin in Jaljeera against constipation. And they found out that the spice in the drink acts like a painkiller (a slow one though) and reduces the effect of constipation.

Obviously, not being able to go to the toilet brings a lot of pain.

If you are in this situation, then you must take action. At then of the day, constipation can lead to major health issues.

Consuming Jaljeera water juice twice a day will definitely give you the relief you are after. After a few drinks, your constipation should be a thing of the past.

6- Jaljeera is a dehydration fighter

Jaljeera fights dehydration

Both Jaljeera mixed with Cumin will provide a great way to fight body heat. 

So if you consume this drink over the summer, you will be able to fight dehydration while enjoying a nice healthy beverage. Not many drinks can do that to you.

This is how Jaljira works. First, cumin will use some of its properties to reduce your body heat. By doing so, it will reduce your sweating.

And if you reduce your sweating, then you’ll reduce dehydration.

But there is more to this. If you reduce your body sweating, then you’ll also reduce some of the bad smell or unwanted smell.

That is good news as you will not need to use any of these deodorants that are full of chemicals. And these chemicals are not good for you at all.

All of the adverts on TV etc. may tell you to go ahead and use these. And you may well be feeling like using them, but the reality is that they are not good at all.

My advice is to stay away from deodorants and perfumes. I know, easier said than done. But if you do this, then your body will thank you for it.

7- Help with menstrual cramps

Menstrual crap reduced by drinking jaljeera

I think that if you are a woman, then you know what is menstrual cramps. Some of us have more than others, but menstrual cramps are a real nightmare.

If you want to reduce the pain, then sip some of this water and you’ll feel a big change.

You may think that this is a joke. Well, it is not.

Scientists have demonstrated that cumin is really good against stomach cramps (5). In fact, research on cumin has demonstrated that this spice can fight ulcers and many other stomach issues. That’s why so many Indians drink and eat food containing the spice.

The Jaljeera bonus recipe

What I’d like to do is to invite you to make a nice Jaaljeera. It is so simple to make that you have no excuse. I have provided a video below too.

I’ll give you the recipe to make up enough beverage for 4 glasses. Then you can do your own measures.

Note that the jaljira I selected today is the one that is based on Phudina. Phudina is mint leaves, so you’ll be making a jaljira with mint flavor for hot summer days.

Here are the ingredients:

  1. Get some nice mint leaves (phudina) – ¼ Cup
  2. Buy some roasted cumin seeds (jeera) powder – 1 ½ tbsp – See below if you want to buy a ready made pack.
  3. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp that is enough
  4. Find a bit of ginger (adrak) Paste – 1 tbsp
  5. Sugar – 1 tbsp – my preference is brown sugar to reduce chemicals
  6. Black salt (sanchal) – ½ tbsp
  7. Dried mango powder (amchur) – 2 tbsp
  8. Salt as per your preference – the lower the better for your body
  9. 2 tbsp soaked and drained boondi

Preparation of the Jaljeera drinks

There are only three steps to this special drink. Here there are:

  1. Simply combine the ingredients in a mixer. Blend them all to make a smooth paste. Make sure you add 1 tbsp of water to it so that it is paste is smooth but not too watery yet.
  2. Put the paste into a bowl. Now you can add 2 cups of water and mix the lot. Make sure the water is fresh.
  3. You’re done. Just taste it and see if it is to your liking. You may want to add honey or a bit more sugar. Up to you. I like it like it is. Now pour the juice into 4 individual glasses and serve immediately.

Garnish the lost with boondi.

A good tip: Some of you may want to use soda instead of water. Though I am not a fan of this, this is perfectly fine.

Again, remember to serve Chilled. Maybe add some nice ice cubes to it.

Where to find cumin seeds (jeera )?

Click on the below picture to get some cumin. Grind it to make a nice powder and invite me to your first Jaljeera. See you soon.

jeera cuimen seeds

And another bonus here is a lady that will make the Jaljeera for you.


Here it is, if you want to lose weight, reduce stomach cramps, avoid nausea, get rid of gasses, etc, then this drink is for you.

I have been drinking it for years, and I can tell you I do not have nausea ever since.

I do not have much gasses either (why am I telling you this?) – 😉

So go to the shop, get the ingredients and enjoy the drink. And this is all proven scientifically. So you have nothing to lose.

You drink a nice drink and you lose weight. Try the Jaljeera drink and you have no more stomach cramps and nausea. What else do you want?

The drink may be a bit spicy for you at first, but you can adjust the measures to your liking. Slowly but surely.

Enjoy your appetizers with this drink and enjoy its health benefits too.

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