Apple potato carrot juice – A Miraculous drink

Apple potato carrot juice is a very powerful drink that cures many diseases due to the drink being made of three main vegetables known for their health benefits.

Below, I first provide you with a recipe on how to make the juice.

I think go onto summarising the different health benefits of the drink.

Apple potato carrot juice

Apple potato carrot juice recipe

Here is the recipe of this healthy drink.

Please note that you can modify the proportions based on the number of people who’ll be drinking the juice.

Ingredients for our apple carrot potato juice

You just need the following three main ingredients:

  • One potato
  • One carrot
  • An Apple

Directions for the potato carrot-apple juice

Carrot apple sweet potato juice recipe

First, start washing your fruit(s) and vegetables.

When done, cut them into pieces.

Next, place them in a juicer.

Switch on the juicer, pour your fruit(s) and veggies in it and now you’ve got your raw potato carrot and apple juice.

The best thing to do now is to immediately drink the juice so that the antioxidants do not evaporate.

You can add lemon to freshen up the taste.

This carrot potatoes apple juice is best to drink in the morning.

In fact, it is best to drink it on an empty stomach and wait about 10 to 20 minutes before eating anything else.

You can also drink it one hour after breakfast.

If you want quick results, then try to drink this juice twice daily. Again, once in the morning and the other ‘shot’ before 5 pm.

Important information about evaporation of antioxidants

Antioxidants have been shown to quickly evaporate, especially if the weather is warm.

That is why you need to drink the juice right away.

And this has been demonstrated by strong and advance research.

That is why food professionals freeze the food very quickly as soon as it is ready.

Like this, they trap all of the healthy compounds from fruits or vegetables.

So if the big food processing companies are doing this, ensure you do better than them.

Do not freeze your juice, but just drink it right after the preparation.

Potato apple carrot juice benefits

Potato carrot apple juice for cancer

There are many benefits of potato apple and carrot juice. It is so effective that some call it the “miracle juice potato carrot-apple”.

I personally would not call it like that, but more like the healthy drink for all.

Here is a list of the benefits of this drink that fights against many diseases:

The side effect of potato apple and carrot juice

Many say that this drink does not cause side effects.

Well, they are wrong. Everything has a dark side.

In this case, there are two main possible side effects.

The first one is an allergy. If you are allergic to any one of the fruit or veggies, then please do not drink this juice.

Now, the second side effect comes when you like so much the juice, you end up drinking so much of it.

At this time, you’ll end up providing too much sugar and other substances that your body cannot process and you’ll get sick.

So too little is not enough and too much is not good.

As I said, one glass in the morning and one before 5 pm should be plenty.

By the way, the drink will make you feel full for longer period of time as it is highly nutritious.

So by ingesting the beverage, you surely will be losing weight.

In addition, you will notice some change about two after starting drinking this juice and that your immune system has improved.


I like to mix my drinking habits.

I sometimes drink a lemon drink (click here for more information about this healthy drink).

At other times I drink okra water, again another healthy drink (click here for more).

But, I also like to drink using different recipes, such as the sweet potato carrot apple juice. Yes, you do not need to all the time use the same potato.

What I am trying to say is that this juice is very powerful against cancer, for your lungs, and it can strengthen your immune system.

But, you need to mix your juice intake to optimize health rewards.

So, do not be scared to go for different types of apples, a different type of carrots too and of potatoes.

I mean, I also use black carrots for this recipe (see the benefits of this carrot by clicking here).

Back to you

Here we are, you now have a simple recipe with plenty of health benefits of apple carrot and potato juice.

You just need to get the fruit and the veggies and off you go to a great start of the day.

Speak soon in another great Omigy article.


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