Want to fight INSOMNIA? Take asparagus juice and have a nice sleeping night

Is asparagus the solution to insomnia?

Let me start by saying that if you have insomnia, then your life is upside down. You cannot sleep at night. And during the day you cannot concentrate because you are so tired.

You are frustrated, you are stressed, and you are annoying to your friends and family. The difficult thing is that you go to bed, and you keep looking at the watch. It is 2 am and still counting.

What you do is count the number of hours you’ll be sleeping if you manage to eventually sleep. This increases your stress level, and finally, you end up not sleeping. A vicious circle.

This is what insomnia feels like.

If you want to know, I have had insomnia (only a few times in my life), but hey, insomnia is definitely exhausting.

So what do you do? You turn to pills and drugs. These are easy to drink and help you beat insomnia.

The downside is they are not healthy. That is why I decided to write this post, as I think I have a solution for you.

And the solution is natural too. So if you are a victim or know someone who is a victim of insomnia, then read on/ You’ll about to find out how to cure your it by just using asparagus juice.


What causes insomnia?

I have asked this question to a number of specialists and doctors. They said that my question was wrong. They said I should aim at answering ‘Why Insomnia Happens?’. If you can answer this question, then you should be able to act upon it. I am unsure if I understood them really, but here is the fact I got from them:

Insomnia due to stress

Any significant change in your life can cause insomnia. The majority of the specialists I met agree that the top factor that leads to this dysfunction is being made redundant, change your job function or company, the loss of a loved one, separation or divorce, moving home and finally a financial burden.

Emotional or physical problems

If you have emotional or physical problems, you are highly likely to face insomnia. Both are difficult issues. One is mental or psychological related while the other is related to your body functionality.

In terms of the physical, the issue is that you cannot resolve the problem. So you cannot sleep.

In terms of the psychological one, you are putting so much pressure on yourselves that you lose sleep. What you can do is just accept that this is part of life. And there is no need to put pressure on yourself. Just go out with really good friends and speak about your issue. It will do wonders. You are not necessarily looking for a solution to your problem, but more of an ear to listen to you. The more you speak, the better. And sometimes it is best to speak to complete strangers. You’ll feel even greater.

Environmental factors

Daylight insomnia is difficult to deal with, but not impossible to solve. Noise is another environmental factor that affects your sleeping behavior. Extreme temperatures such as too hot or too cold will definitely interfere with your sleep. In fact, lack of humidity in your surroundings can also affect your sleep.

Unfortunately, what triggers insomnia is different for each individual. We can group them or categorize the type of insomnia, you will still end up with having your unique way of dealing with it.

Complex causes of insomnia

Nowadays there are more complex causes of insomnia. One good example is insomnia caused by and due to over usage of electronic devices. For instance, we are all heavily addicted to tablet screens. Similarly, we overuse mobile phones, laptops, and TV bright screens.

All of these devices emit a type of light that makes our brain think it is time to stay awake.

But there are more complex issues than this. Think of it, even the food you eat can make you not sleep at night.

For some, it can be a coffee drink. For others, it can simply be a big fatty meal (do not do it 😉 ) just before going to bed. But there are other things, such as eating too much sugar or too much high sugar concentrated drinks. You know the one I mean. In any of these cases, your body is having difficulty to chill out, to settle down and to feel ready to let go so that you can sleep.

Asparagus juice to fight insomnia

This is probably the part you have been waiting for. How can you get rid of insomnia using a healthy natural remedy.

Well, this is exactly what you should have. A healthy asparagus juice that can help you go to bed and finally sleep.

What asparagus does is to provide your body with the vitamins you need to go to sleeping mode.

But that’s not all. You need to add some celery and cucumber to the recipe. Why? Because these two will reduce your mental stress and physical stress too. If you are a victim of anxiety, then this is exactly what you need.

To spice things up, you need to add a little bit of Ginger. What ginger does is to calm your stomach. So if you have insomnia related to your digestive problems, then this will be perfect.

In reality, this asparagus drink helps your body fight different types of insomnia. Not knowing you, it is best that we tackle several sources of insomnia. Then we would be more likely to win against the dysfunction. In addition, the ingredients are all good for you.

Where to find Asparagus?

Before I give you the complete recipe, I want to give you a link where you can get asparagus. As this is the main ingredient, I think you need to order it as soon as you can. Click on the picture to buy asparagus. Note that you can find asparagus in supermarkets, and weekly markets too.


The asparagus juice that will get you to sleep

The recipe is easy and you can make the juice on a daily basis. What’s best? Making a juice or not sleeping? I made my choice 😉

asparagus juice

Necessary ingredients for the juice

  • 9 nice pieces of asparagus
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 cucumber
  • Take 1 lemon
  • Get 1 apple
  • Use 1 piece of ginger root

How to prepare insomnia solution

The steps are pretty basic. Note that the specialists I met recommend drinking this beverage on a daily basis just after lunch. Like this, it will find its way through your body. So prepare it in the morning, let it chill a bit in the fridge and drink in the afternoon.

  1. The first step is to soak asparagus in clean water for about 5 minutes.
  2. Chop the celery, the cucumber, the lemon, and the apple in small pieces. Don’t forget to chop asparagus too.
  3. Put everything in your juicer or blender.
  4. Blend the mix and get a smooth solution.
  5. Put it in a fridge and serve chilled. That’s it.

Enjoy the sleep nights you are going to have.


In this post, I discussed the causes of insomnia. I tell you that you need to let go of things as you have one life and you cannot keep putting pressure on yourselves.

Yes, life is hard, but you are alive. This is the greatest gift on earth. It does not matter what happens around you. You are alive and need to keep going. So stop putting pressure on yourself, stop feeling sorry for you, and get on with it. This is the best advice we can give you.

To help you, even more, I gave you a natural drink to solve your sleeping disorder. It is a great drink that will help you. If you combined the asparagus drink and the let go thing, then you are on the mend!

Back to you

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