Sage – The plant that is able to treat almost every disease

I was introduced to sage by my grandmother. And it was her who always told me that plants have more to tell us than what we know of them.

She got me interested in plants, and especially in their healing powers. But what she always told is that sage is a plant that can treat almost every single disease.

I do not think that the statement about treating almost every disease is true, but I can tell you it is nearly true. Let me tell you a bit more by explaining what is sage and what you can do with it. I will show you below how to use the plant (this is probably the most important part of this post).


What is sage?

Sage has so many names that it is difficult to remember all of them. In Latin, sage is Salvia officinalis and comes from the word Salvare. This word means to cure or save. Now, you know why this plant is used to treat almost everything.

The plant is also known as common sage,  culinary sage or garden sage.

The plant’s characteristics are: it is an evergreen subshrub and is a perennial plant. It has some woody stems and grayish leaves. In summer, you get some nice blue to purplish flowers.

It belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae and very well known in the Mediterranean region.

Nowadays, the plant is used as an ornament in gardens more than its initial medicinal application.

When you look at the history of the plant, it has been used since the Pharaons and by the ancient Greeks. For instance, ancient Egyptians believed that the plant was really good to increase fertility.

What are the benefits of sage?

You can use sage in many different ways. The easiest method is to make infusions or tea. Doing so helps with fever and in exciting your nervous system. This is really good as the plant active agents fight some brain and nervous diseases.

It is a natural stimulant tonic that helps your stomach and nervous system as long as you take small doses (say once or twice daily). It also helps with fighting weak digestion systems.

Chinese loves it as a natural remedy for typhoid fever. They also like to use the plant against biliousness and liver issues.  kidney troubles,

Similarly, if you have kidney troubles, hemorrhage from the lungs or stomach then you can use sage.

There are many other applications for the plant such as relieving pains in the joints, colds, palsy, sore throat, measles, quinsy, and lethargy.

Just a small and strong infusion cup of this plant can relieve real painful nervous headaches.

What are the sage healing benefits and properties?

Sage has hundreds of healing properties. Below I give you 6 of the main healing benefits of this plant.

1- Sage does improve memory

sage improve your memory

Probably the closest plant to sage is Rosemary. They both have the ability to improve your brain function. They also have the ability to boost your memory.

A number of studies have been performed investigating sage oil. One of these studies caught my attention. The oil was applied to 20 healthy volunteers.

Each showed signed of improvements in word recall and their speed of concentration improved too. Overall, the 20 volunteers all showed memory improvements.

I am sure that you would be highly interested in learning promising results that are now being delivered in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease through the use of sage. This is fantastic news, especially so that Alzheimer’s disease is on the increase.

The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) has indicated that you can use it for inflammations including gingivitis, stomatitis, and pharyngitis. This is also true for hyperhidrosis.

2- Sage will reduce muscle tension

Sage to improve muscle tension

There are times where we have some muscle tension. You can avoid these or reduce them by using sage. The plant acts as an anti-spasmodic. This has the particularity to reduces tension in a smooth muscle.

If you are a victim of asthma, then you can try to reduce your lung tension by inhaling sage.

Similarly, you can use it to remove mucus congestion in your airways. And I know how painful is to mucous congestion.

The only downside is that it may take a couple of inhalation to get to a good result. It is not as quick as medical treatment, that’s for sure, but it does not have any side effects either.

3- Relaxant

Sage is good for relaxing

Inhaling the plant or using tea or even its oil can relax you. It has such an effect on your mental and physical body. As I said above, sage garden is really suitable for enhancing your nervous system.

It is also a good source of excitability for your neurons.

4- Relieves indigestion

Sage is good for digestion

The plant can be used to reduce griping. It is highly welcome in treating several symptoms of indigestion.

The good thing is that it can also be used in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.

I have to say that it has a number of bitter components. Though some may dislike them, these stimulate your upper digestive secretions.

It does further stimulate your intestinal mobility, you get a stronger better bile flow, and your pancreatic function will improve quickly.

5- A very good antiseptic and antibacterial

Sage get rid of bacteria

This plant is very antiseptic and has been used to act when you have intestinal infections. Sage has a high content of tannin and as such is used by many in the treatment of infantile diarrhea.

As it is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic ‘product’, sage has been successfully used to cure dental abscesses, mouth ulcers, infected gums, and throat infections.

It contains phenolic acids, which are highly effective against Staphylococcus aureus.

6- Help you get through menopausal symptoms

Sage is good for menopause heat

This is a true fact made available by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the United Kingdom. The people running the Institute sent out a questionnaire to its member practitioners.

What they asked them is to define if they used sage and how they applied it. 49 practitioners responded to the inquiry.

Among these, 47 responded that they use sage. And 45 defined that they used it in prescriptions to relief some of the difficult signs of menopause.

The aim of these practitioners was to reduce the effect of menopause through the application of sage garden. The objectives were to treat night sweats, estrogenic effect and hot flashes (which are quite common during the menopause period).

How to use sage garden plant?

There are many different ways to use the plant. The most common method is to use infusions. In fact, most of the prescriptions given by doctors are given as tea (aqueous infusion). There is a number of alcoholic tinctures prescribed and some use fresh juice.

An interesting one used fresh leaf and inserted these in the nose for direct inhalation. I am unsure if this one last remedy worked, but it was described in the literature.

Where to find sage garden plant?

I have to say that I got mine from my mother. However, it can be problematic to find the plant itself. You can buy tea instead. Please see the below picture and click on it. If you prefer to plant it, then you can also find seeds on the same site.

Organic Sage Leaf Tea - Kosher, Caffeine-Free, GMO-Free - 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags

If you find someone that has a sage plant, then please watch the below video. You’ll learn how to plant it.


My grandmother, my mom and now me, we have all used the healing powers of sage. I used it in tea. And I use plenty of different teas. I drink it twice a week, as I like to interchange the tea to help my body not get used to a single one of them.

All of the teas I used have different properties. This one is really good for my nervous system and brain as a whole. It is also good to fight bacteria and help my pancreas, intestines, etc.

All in all, it is definitely a complete plant that can heal plenty of diseases. We just need more scientists to investigate.

Menopause victims, please do not wait and get some sage tea. It’ll do you wonders. You can also get oil and other sage products. Keep trying, you’ll find a natural solution to your stomach cramps, sweating, etc.

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