Create a positive energy in your home – 14 things you must do

What I am about to tell you about positive energy may seem surreal.

But I can tell you it is not, having experienced this personally.

Using the below simple changes you can make at home, you’ll get real positive energy benefits.

And the best thing is that it does not cost thousands.

A couple of tips to make some positive energy

Before I go into further description of what you can do to make your home more positive energy, I want to share some tips that can be implemented right away.

These are basic, but I cannot believe how many of my friends are not doing them until I tell them to do so. And then I get the usual thanks, I should have done this earlier.

  • Probably the simplest one is to provide yourself a sufficient amount of light. Any darkroom implies creating a negative feeling environment. So get bright lighting systems for the winter months.
  • Add things that you personally like around the house and remove the things that give you bad memories. For instance, place some nice photographs of happy memories that will cause positive feelings. You also need to remove photos that create bad memories and make you cry.
  • Hide or sell or even donate everything that can drag you into depression. This is critical. If you do not do this, you’ll not get away from this syndrome.
  • Rearrange your furniture, plants, photos once or twice a year. You’ll feel that you are having a new beginning and this will bring positive energy in you.
  • Make sure you ventilate your home daily. This will evacuate toxins and you’ll have better air inside your room.

Now that we have made the above changes, we need to look into what else can be done to improve our energy levels.

As I  said above, you may think that the below is surreal and maybe to the limit of being fake.

But it is not.

I have experienced these myself, so I know what I am talking about.

In addition, all my relatives and friends have done so, and their lives are much better.

So you can choose to just ignore the below, or try it.

At the end of the day, it is your health and positive energy that is at stake. Not mine (apologies for being straight and honest here, but this is a sensitive issue).

What is this secret positive energy enhancement?

Simply, the positive energy secret is all about plants for your home.

In essence, we all keep plants in our homes to enrich and decorate our environment and space.

But the important thing that people seem to miss out on is that they can enhance or reduce the flow of energy around us.

Chose the wrong plant and you have bad energy.

But if you chose the right plant, it will have real positive energy on you and your family.

As you have guessed it, there are many plants that can really enhance energy flow around you, purify the air, and create a sense of peace, relaxation, well-being, and happiness.

This is what I am providing you hereby listing 14 plants that can do this for you.

Note that the elimination of negative energy will definitely reduce stress, improve health, and help you experience joyful moments.

The below plants are the 14 most effective plants to promote positive energy in your home and/or office. This sounds surreal, but again it is true.

1- Rosemary house positive energy

Rosemary herb flowering for positive energy and memory boost

Rosemary has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant.

It is only in the last few years that scientists have discovered that rosemary can purify the air in your home.

In fact, this plant filter harmful toxins in the surrounding air and thus promotes physical and mental well-being.

Rosemary produces a fantastic smell.

This smell incenses your home and in turn, produces an immediate positive energy feeling.

It improves your mood, reduces your anxiety, thus reduces your insomnia and fatigue while strongly improving memory. (1)

It also helps you achieve inner calmness. You should grow it in a sunny place, but do not water it too often.

All in all, rosemary will provide you and your family with a sense of well-being never felt before.

And all of this without you even noticing it.

Go and get one of these rosemary plants to improve your life.

2- Use holy basil for a home positive energy

holy basil

This plant purifies the air and attracts positive vibrations.

Moreover, it produces oxygen 20 hours daily and also absorbs dangerous and toxic gasses from the environment.

In essence, if you are worried about carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels in your home, then get a holy basil plant.

It will reduce these gasses levels dramatically.

You really need to know this.

Holy basil contains a powerful antioxidant.

These are really good at preventing cold and bronchitis.

It has powerful antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. (2, 3)

While you can use it to provide a nice atmosphere in your house, you can also use it to make tea.

If you feel this is not enough, you can make some water with the leaves and spray it around your house to purify even more.

I have to say that in order to enjoy its full healing effect, you need to grow holy basil under full sun.

You can place the plant in a north, east or northeast area of the home (better than in a garden), but still at a window location so that it benefits from the sunshine.

Note that basil is part of the Hindu culture for all of its healing and positive energy properties.

And the good news is that it is not expensive at all to grow it in your home. So go and get one.

3- Peace Lily flower plant

Peace Lily

I just love this plant. When I say I love it, I mean I adore it.

I know that the peace lily cannot really be grown at home unless you have access to a pound or have a small basin in within your house.

However, if you manage to grow it in your home, this plant will bring spiritual, mental, and physical prosperity.

It enhances the energy flow by purifying the air and neutralizing indoor gasses. A study by NASA has shown that this plant is one of the only that can filter all toxins available in the air. (4)

It will also provide tranquility and restful sleep.

You should place it in a darker place, like in your office or a corner in the house.

4- Aloe Vera for positive energy


Aloe Vera is probably the plant of the century.

You find it everywhere in the shops and it has so many medicinal properties for your hair, bowels, infection, etc. (5)

This amazing plant brings positive energy and happiness, destroys negative vibes, and has potent proven healing properties.

You should regularly water it, and keep it in indirect sunlight or artificial light, in a pot with proper drainage.

Why do I love Aloe Vera?

Simply because I can make my own healing remedies from it.

I use it for my skin and eat its inside several times a week.

5- Jasmine energy

Jasmine positive energy

This plant has a very pleasant smell.

As it relieves this smell, your accumulated stress will just vanish.

It has been proven that the plant provides positive energy in its surroundings.

It also helps dramatically by building a romantic atmosphere and as such boosts your relationship.

I am again in love with this plant. Here is why:

I have two different types of Jasmines.

One has yellow flowers and the other white ones.

The smell is fabulous.

I planted them right below my windows, meaning that I could smell them as soon as I open my windows.

I take out the flowers by hand and make a quick necklace.

Just use a needle and a small sewing thread to make it.

Go through the middle of the flower with the needle and keep adding them till you are satisfied.

When done, wear the necklace and smell it all day.

Why not producing two necklaces. One for you and one for your partner. That will be a hit.

If you find some Jasmine already planted in a pot, then put it inside your home.

It is best to place it near a south-facing window inside, and in the north, east or northeast area in the garden.

6- Chrysanthemum energy


You need to know that in Buddhism chrysanthemum is seen as the symbol of honesty and purity.

But Buddhists have also been using this flower for centuries as a healing solution.

Like the other plants, it does cleanse the air and eliminates toxins, so you can understand the reasons for Buddhist to love the plant.

I have to say that these are my aunt’s favorites.

She has them everywhere in her home and garden.

I need to be honest too. I do not plant it in my home and garden as I have all of the other plants already.

But I still cherish them when my aunt comes with a bunch of chrysanthemum when visiting.

It is important to note that in both Japanese and Chinese cultures, the chrysanthemum is more than a plant.

In these cultures, if you have a chrysanthemum then they say that you will have a long life and you will boost your mood and energy.

The reasons behind this are clear.

The plant is beautiful from the outside.

So by just looking at it, you’ll be happy.

And when you are happy, your body reacts positively.

And as such it produces positive energy and feelings which lead to better health (both mental and physical).

The flowers come in different colors such as yellow, orange, red, lavender and white.

You should keep the flower in spots where tension is generated so that it can help in creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

7- Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii)

Lucky Bamboo

This plant has been used in Asia for millennia, as it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.

Feng shui believes that the vertical shape of lucky bamboo represents the element wood, which affects our vitality, life energy, and physical activity.

As such bamboo has become a fashionable plant nowadays.

People use them in their homes on a small scale as decoration.

However, very few of the positive energy that bamboo brings to your home.

In Asia, people use these to get rid of negative vibes.

But they also use them to attract calmness, peace, and purity in the home.

As it is a low-maintenance plant, it is easy to get some to get their benefits.

What you need to do is to keep it in a shaded corner, away from direct sunlight, in a glass bowl with about 1 inch of purified, or distilled water.

8- Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Areca Palm does purify your surrounding air.

In fact, it does detoxifies it, leaving a pure and positive environment.

The leaves of this plant soften the energy in the room and somehow make the room brighter.

They look great in your entries and people seem a lot happier when surrounded by them.

I have one in my entry. So why don’t you get one?

9- English Ivy Plants

English Ivy plants

This is one of the most effective air-filtering houseplants ever.

It eliminates the toxins from the air, and create a positive, safe, relaxed, and calm environment.

You can find these growing in small jars.

Enjoy their multicolored leaves.

10- Orchid


Feng shui believes that this houseplant enhances the energy and the lives of the ones in the home.

It has long-lasting flowers that can be in various shapes and sizes, with a sweet, pleasant smell that calms the mind and improves the mood.

It releases oxygen at night, so it is best to keep it in the bedroom as it absorbs carbon dioxide.

So it is the perfect decorating plant with perfect positive energy healing properties.

11- Sage plant positive energy


Its amazing cleansing qualities eliminate negative emotions like fear and anger.

It promotes the flow of positive energy and is also incredibly beneficial due to its numerous medicinal properties.

You should not keep it on dry or low humidity spots.

It is quite easy to take care of sage. So if you are worried, then don’t be.

12- Epipremnum aureum, also known as the Money Plant

Money Plant

This houseplant is also known as golden pothos, silver vine, hunter’s robe, or ivy arum.

According to Feng shui, it supports the flow of positive energy and leads to fortune and good luck.

You can grow it as a climber or a trailer.

In order to reduce stress, negative vibes, and anxiety, you should keep it in your home where there is a corner.

Alternatively, you can always locate it in front of some sharp corner, with the shoot pointed upward, to provide some well-being to you and your family.

13- Cactus plant – a must-have


I chose the number 13 to discuss this plant so that if you are superstitious, then this will be the right number associated with the plant.

What is nice about the plant is that you do not need to take care of it.

Just a little bit of water once a month or every two months should do.

But, our ancestors believe that this plant has some protective unknown properties against others.

For instance, they believed that cactus is a great plant that will protect you from envious individuals.

Similarly, the plant has great attributes when it comes to getting rid of negative electromagnetic energy.

I need to be honest, there is no scientific evidence for this.

However, it seems that there is an underlying truth in this as envious people seem to know about the plant.

As such, when they get to your home and see it, they’ll know you know and will be worried about you discovering their envy.

Therefore, they will be extra careful not to show it to you, thus reducing its effect to minimal.

So if you are still on the fence, I can say that ‘better be safe than sorry’. Get your cactus plant and get rid of envious people.

14- Jade – Another Money plant


This plant is known as the Jade plant, but also as Crassula ovata.

This plant is associated with money because of its name ‘Jade’.

When people see a Jade plant, they think of the ‘Jade stone’.

As such, in China, it is believed that if you have this plant in your home you will automatically attract good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

I do not think that this plant will add to your prosperity though. It will improve your surrounding which is great.

If you decide to get the plant, then it’s advisable to keep it indoors.

This is where you need to see its prosperity factor.

When you put a jade plant indoor, it will absorb synthetic chemicals from your furniture.

The chemicals are known to create allergies and bad feelings.

So now, you can see the real effect of the prosperity plant.

It is best to place it in the corner, because of its nature to grow as a climber or you can choose to grow it as a trailer.

Important note to know: In Feng Shui, the money plant is used to reduces stress, anxiety and eliminates negative vibes around your home.


Here I gave you 14 methods that can help you improve the positive energy around your house.

I have all of the above plants in my home at different strategic locations apart from one, which is the chrysanthemum.

My Aunt has them everywhere and she brings these flowers often. So I do not really need to grow them.

You may ask yourselves, is the above true?

Well, I think you need to ask yourselves another question. Do flowers make me happy?

I am sure the answer is Yes.

And do a nice smell around the house makes me happy?

Again, the answer is Yes.

So with the above two winning positive energy properties, anything else would be a bonus.

As some of the above plants provide more oxygen in your home, while others clean the atmosphere from toxins, you can only improve your surroundings.

In addition, you have the Jade plant that absorbs bad chemicals emitted from your home furniture.

So all in all, by just improving your living environment with more oxygen, nicer looking surrounding with flowers, lower quantities of chemicals in the air, there could only be one thing that will improve, that is the positive energy that you emit around you.

There is only one thing you need to do now.

Take the above list, go to your local shop and buy the plants. You’ll see a real change in your life.

Back to you

I hope you will use the above tips on how to get rid of the bad energy in your home.

These are extremely important and will help you dramatically.

Please do not forget to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

See you soon in another Omigy post.


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