These hanging gardens are the most beautiful ways to grow herbs in your home

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, yet they have a tendency to be on the greater side. For those of you who have a green thumb however battle to keep up an extensive patch of earth, this is the ideal mix of cultivating, low-upkeep and space preservation.

Let Your Garden Hang

This concept actually came from something I pinned a million years ago. Growing your favorite herbs in lovely little mason jars is the perfect way to turn your garden into beautiful home decor.

The cool thing, though, about my little concept, is that it cost about $7 total to make (not counting the seedlings – with the seedlings the total was about $25). I bought the glass mugs at the dollar store. You can also look for yours in a thrift store. They will sometimes have good deals.

So my outside-the-box tip for herb gardening is this: Get funky with your containers. Visit your thrift shop and see what totally fresh ideas you can come up with.

(Just make sure you put small rocks at the bottom of your containers, for drainage purposes, especially if you’re growing in small containers like I am.)

DIY Hanging Garden


What You Need:

  • Three old jars, reused (free)
  • Scrap plywood from Lowe’s (Free! They just gave it to me! Check in the section where the wood cutter is and see what you can find)
  • Two small trial-sized paints ($6 total)
  • Two push-in picture hangers ($1)
  • Three hose clamps, found in the plumbing department ($3)
  • Twine (leftover, not sure how much, but let’s say $0.15)
  • Hooks ($2)
  • Seedlings, soil, and rocks (approximately $12)
  • Hammer (Free! From my toolbox.)

Total: $24.15

Not bad for a piece of art that’s actually functional, right?


  1. Paint the majority of the board the lighter color and then let it dry. After it is completely dry, tape off the straight lines for the edges and paint the darker color along the edges and sides. Let that dry completely.
  2. In the meantime, plant herbs in the jars, making sure to use small rocks at the bottom for drainage.
  3. Secure the hose clams to the jars and tie the twine to each side. Measure carefully with your eye to make sure that the jars will hang as level as possible.
  4. Using this measurement, determine where the hooks should go and then secure them to the board.
  5. Take your hammer and hammer in the picture hangers to the back. Hang it on the wall.
  6. Attach the mason jars to the hooks.
  7. Voila! Your very own hanging garden. 


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