Moringa Powder – All you need to know about this magical powder

You may have heard about Moringa Powder from a number of sources and even from this blog.

In fact, you may have read an article I wrote a little while back on Omigy where I stated that you can lose weight using moringa powder.

However, I never wrote an article like the one you are about to read. Yes, this article is long.

And yes it describes moringa, its powder and all of its benefits in one single post.

So, I truly hope you’ll take the time to read it all, as the post is gold.

It contains highly significant and critical information about your health and well-being.

Moringa benefits to your health


1- Why is Moringa Powder so important and really good for you?

Suffering from an illness or a disease can be a devastating thing.

There are many treatments and remedies (1) out there for these.

However, one of the best things you can do is adapt your entire lifestyle to strengthen your system and longevity.

One of the most popular methods of doing this is introducing a superfood (such as black carrots) into your diet to prevent illnesses.

Now, most would consider healthy fruits and vegetables enough.

But the amount you’d have to consume for it to make a significant difference is astonishingly high.

Woman drinking moringa powder

In addition, the cost of all that food is high too!

That’s why a common practice is to consume forms of powder and syrups, usually made from a natural plant or tree.

There are various ailments out there, but in this article, we’ll be talking about what is considered to be the best superfood ever: Moringa Powder.

2- What is Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder for health

Moringa powder is a substance created from the Moringa Oleifera, otherwise known as the horseradish tree.

It’s an ancient solution to many forms of sickness and disease.

It has been used by various tribes across the world long before modern medicine was introduced.

Today it has become refined, packaged and commercialized.

This means that the types of Moringa Powder you find online are actually better than the stuff made by hand.

The point of Moringa Powder is not to directly cure a single and extreme illness; it’s more of a life booster.

It’s been known to help with almost everything your body might go through.

This is simply because of its ability to boost your immune system and make your body better at what it does.

You might be wondering, though:

3- How is Moringa Powder made?

It all starts off with a seed.

Moringa seeds ready to be planted

These little guys are the source of the wonderful substance many people use across the world.

Their life begins upon being planted, and grow for years until they are tall massive trees and sprout leaves full of life.

These beautiful trees stand throughout various parts of the world.

Moringa tree

The leaves are harvested, dried and crushed into a fine powder. They are then shipped in containers.

After this, they are packaged internationally and purchased by those who know of its power. Done.

4- Why don’t we hear about Moringa?

Nature can be cruel. But it can be kind as well.

Many natural disasters and illnesses brought us suffering.

However, as much as we get suffering from nature, there is always a Ying to a Yang and light after a dark time.

If you’re curious why you’ve never heard of moringa types of cures in the past, it really stems down to this one fact:

It’s much easier to know what will hurt you than what will help you.

Let me take a simple example – Ye, nature can be scary.

This is especially true if we consider the fact there are berries and mushrooms that can kill us within hours.

As such, we’re naturally a bit hesitant to trust nature and it’s variety of potential death veggies.

For this reason, it’s taken longer for us to discover the large abundance of life-aiding substances out there in the world.

This is the same reason that led us to only recently learn about  Moringa Powder.

Now, Moringa is widely accepted as one of the best superfood product available on the market.

5- How did scientists found out about the plant?

moringa scientists

So, we all agree and know Moringa Powder is good.

But what exactly does it do, and how did people shouting about moringa figure it this is good for us?

Let’s look into the benefits and the scientific research behind it.

Prior to its popularity, Moringa Powder was cautiously studied by a variety of scientists across the world.

These scientists had gained knowledge of it through their travels to far-away lands.

Some had noted the way many tribes were less susceptible to certain diseases and sicknesses depending on their environment around them.

But what was strange was that the environment they lived in.

Surely this environment meant that they would be more susceptible to these illnesses, so why were they not affected?

Well, fortunately, some of these scientists (2)were linguists as well and learned some of these tribes basic language.

Upon asking them why they rarely got sick, they led the scientists to a clearing several miles away.

At their secret location, they showed the scientists large trees. These were horseradish trees, of course.

5.1 – What did the tribes show scientists?

They demonstrated how they took the leaves and used them in various ways.

Some would squeeze the juice from them and rub it on their bodies.

Others would dry them and crush them into powder and mulch, and some even ate them!

Needless to say, the scientists were intrigued.

They studied the activities of these tribes for several months while also running tests on the plant and using it themselves.

They slowly made a realization – the plant was some damn good stuff. 😉

The scientists did not know enough yet, but they definitely agreed that the plant was good for us.

Absorbing the plant felt like there was a paracetamol for everything such as headaches, sleepiness, lack of concentration, pain, etc.

I personally like to call it an ‘All-Rounder’.

6- What happened after scientists published their research?

So, these scientists took their findings back home and soon deals were being made to get this stuff shipped internationally.

Manufacturers got their hands on it and began mass distribution.

At the same time, scientists ensured that only the best product was being made and nothing bad was being put in.

Since then many more tests have been performed to determine the scientific properties of Moringa Powder.

The main agreement among the scientific community is that it’s an immune system booster.

It essentially contains the majority of the necessities our bodies need to grow and survive.

7- Why do we need moringa?

Moringa leaf extract good for your health

Thousands of years ago we wouldn’t need Moringa powder.

When we were more active and our bodies were tougher we had no issues getting all the vitamins and nutrients we required each day.

Eating vegetables wasn’t a chore, it was a luxury!

But, today, with the busy rush of life and the easy option of fast and processed food, we’re finding it harder and harder to ensure our bodies are getting what it needs.

And it can be understandably hard adapting to eating only healthy foods.

This is why Moringa Powder is so exciting, it can ultimately aid your overall self and helps you on your way to being a better you. (3)

What you need to know is that moringa is somehow a superfood that will boost your body energy and immune system in no time.

What you also need to know is that it comes in a multitude of different ways, forms, and variations.

So no matter if you do not like it raw, you can still absorb it using a method that is suitable for you

8- Seven (07) benefits of using moringa in your diet

Having looked at moringa powder in many different aspects, I am now going to tell you about 7 benefits of this wonderful plant.

1- Support weight loss

Moringa powder for weight loss before taking it and after

I have already mentioned that moringa is great for weight loss. The reason is that it contains a lot of fibers.

These keep you feel full for longer period of times. Hence, you take less food and you lose weight.

In addition to this, the leaves have a very powerful antioxidant. It is called chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant is a natural fat burner.

It is also a good body natural antioxidant that can balance your blood sugar levels.

Important Note: the leaves are known to reduce your glucose levels. As such if you are among diabetics, then this plant is really good for you.

2- Get a healthy skin and hair

Moringa for healthy skin and hair

Vitamin A is known to positively affect your hair and skin. The good news is that Moringa contains a lot of this vitamin.

You’ll also find that this plant has plenty essential amino acids. These acids support the formation of keratin protein.

And in turn, the protein is what your hair needs to get longer and thicker

Now, looking back at your skin, you’ll be pleased to know that the antioxidants you find in the plant also possesses anti-aging properties.

Nice skin, nice hair and now you look younger. Not bad for a single ingredient 🙂

3- Get rid of toxins

Moringa to get rid of toxins

You need to know that moringa properties are such that they can help you get rid of your body toxins much faster than usual.

It works hand in hand with your liver and helps it flush the bad toxins.

The plant has everything in it to fight free radicals and makes your body much more resistant to external attacks and diseases.

4- Makes your digestion and gut healthier

Moringa for digestion and healthier guts

The fibers that are within the plant helps in regulating your digestive system.

By doing so, it relieves you from constipation.

It is important to note that moringa leaves have a mild laxative effect and at the same time the plant has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

So if you are a victim of stomach ulcers and gut infections, moringa could be the answer.

5-  Full of good nutrients for your body

nutrition-values of moringa powder against standard food

If you thought that bananas were good against cramps, then let me tell you how strong is moringa plant.

This plant is way better than bananas.

Look, it has about seven times more potassium than bananas fruits.

It also contains more than twice the amount of protein you find in milk.

Further to the above, you will find that the plant has plenty of minerals like calcium, iron, and manganese.

You may say that’s enough, well no, it also has vitamin A, E, and K.

6- Help with insomnia syndrome

moringa to fight insomnia and provide better sleep patterns

This is one of my favorite properties of moringa. It contains amino acid tryptophan.

This is the substance that you need to produce the neurotransmitter known as serotonin so that you can sleep.

The plant helps regulates the melatonin hormone that is responsible for the sleeping pattern (good or bad).

Though not directly related to your sleeping pattern, the plant is rich in protein.

When consuming it, it will boost your mood. When you boost your mood, you simply boost your feel-good hormones.

As a consequence, you end up sleeping well.

7- Provides you with instant energy

Moringa to provide instant energy to your body

By now, you know that this natural plant contains a lot of good nutrients, and has plenty of minerals and antioxidants that your body need

You also know that your body takes all of its energy from the food you eat.

So if you eat superfoods, your body will get much more out of it than a large quantity of standard food.

If you follow the logic, the food that you consume helps your body repairing your daily wear and tear of cells.

As moringa powder is a great superfood, absorbing it will provide you energy.

It will also help you repair your internal organs quicker. As such you’ll get a great sense of internal well-being.

9- The different forms for absorbing moringa

As said above, Moringa Powder comes in various forms and there are many ways to take it.

Finding the best Moringa supplement for you is completely subjective and it depends on each person.

Whether you’d prefer to drink it or ingest it in pill form, there are plenty of options for you which we’re going to take a look at right now.

Note that below I provide you with a table where you can choose some of your Moringa intakes. Scroll down to find the table.

9.1 – Moringa Pills

The most common method to take Moringa powder is in capsules.

Just like any form of medicine, it is known to be an efficient and easy way to ingest things and this is no exception.

The majority of products you’ll find are completely organic and natural despite being compressed into a pill.

The benefits of taking them this way is that it’s quick and easy and takes maybe 2 minutes of your day to do.

If you’re already on medication you can easily squeeze some Moringa tablets into your daily schedule.

On the other hand, if you take vitamin pills you can use the moringa table side-by-side or, depending on your reason for taking vitamins, replace them all together!

Now in pill form; there are two versions as follows.

9.1.1 – Moringa powder in capsules

The first is the Moringa powder compressed into capsules and then bottled, as can be seen here:

moringa capsules great for your health

These are mass-produced on a global scale. As they are air-tight and sealed, it means that they last for quite a long time and won’t go bad.  Safe for you to buy a good chunk of them.

As Moringa powder doesn’t have the most fantastic taste (a bit bitter and earthy), these capsules allow you to ingest it without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

9.1.2 – Moringa powder buttons

Moringa powder Tablet

The second version is compressed Moringa powder buttons. You’ve probably seen tablets like these.

They are quite literally just the product compressed together.

In my humble opinion, there is only one major difference between these two.

I agree that the non-capsule version may not have the greatest taste.

However, depending on where you get these, they might be coated with a sugary overlay.

The sugar removes any possibility of a bad taste unless you decide to suck them! (We don’t recommend this).

Now, these are what I consider to be the more boring ways to take Moringa.

The capsules definitely seem more like medicine. But we know that it’s exciting stuff that does wonders for you, and so I believe it should be taken with a bit more style.

So moringa tea is probably what I would go for.

9.2 Moringa tea

What is moringa powder

A delicious and brilliant way to take Moringa, and what I would consider to be the best Moringa supplement there is.

Not because it does more than the tablet, but because it’s just a much more enjoyable way of taking it, for the exact same results.

On the picture above, and on the left you’ll see fresh Moringa powder.

This has not been finely ground like the capsule versions.

Rather it has been ‘mulched’ to be stuffed into a teabag.

On the right, you’ve got the leaves themselves which can either by mulched or can just be put into a teapot by themselves.

Both are great options and it really comes down to a preference.

9.2.1 What does Moringa Powder Tea taste like?

Moringa tea in a cup

An excellent question, it really just tastes like green tea with an earthiness.

I mentioned earlier that the tablets are bitter.

However, this is not the natural taste of Moringa and is simply due to the compressing procedure.

Moringa tea is mild and smooth and my favorite way of taking it.

You generally drink it exactly like green tea.

But, I have heard of some crazy people putting milk with it who report it to be quite enjoyable. 😉

I believe the best way to drink it is with a splash of lemon and honey and with a nice book.

Now, you may not be a tea kind of person, which is understandable.

I have plenty of people who don’t enjoy tea and they don’t really like taking tablets and/or capsules either.

So they asked me how they could enjoy Moringa powder without using those two methods, and what would then be the best Moringa supplement for them?

Well believe it or not there are a few other ways you can enjoy Moringa!

10 – A recipe for moringa-energy

You can make your own Moringa-energy drink by using a special recipe.

  1. Grab a glass and two teaspoons of Moringa powder
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey
  3. Squeeze a little bit of lemon
  4. Mix together and add water
  5. That’s it! Now you’ve got yourself a healthy Moringa honey-lemon juice which you have as cold as you like. It’s a great way to start the morning in my opinion and really comes into play on how to use Moringa.

11- Moringa soup

Moringa soup

Another brilliant way on how to use Moringa is to add it to a soup. Surprising right?

This works brilliantly and if you put the right amount in you’ll get the same amount of health benefits as you would from any other method and you won’t spoil the soup.

You can get creative with this too.

While you can go ahead and just add the powder, concealing the Moringa into the soup, you can be decorative and simply add some leaves to your soup, carefully infusing the flavors together.

12 – Moringa lentils

Moringa lentils soup

One of my favorite dishes is to make lentil stew and add Moringa to it.

The combination of these two amazing superfoods creates a delicious and incredibly healthy meal that everyone can enjoy.

Now, you’ve seen the different ways you can take Moringa powder.

You know the various forms it comes in.

However, it is extremely important to know just how much of it, you can take, and what the recommended doses are.

13- How much moringa powder to use 

It’s very important to remember that, just like any drug and medicine, too much Moringa powder can be a bad thing.

You wouldn’t swallow 10 pills of paracetamol in the hopes of curing a migraine now, would you?

Likewise, don’t think you can have as much Moringa powder as you like in one go.

You have to ensure that you’re only taking the recommended powder dosage and read the guidelines that any packet or bottle may tell you.

Now if you’re looking for an exact figure, the average amount that a healthy person should take per day is between 5 and 10 grams.

You likely should not exceed this amount unless otherwise instructed to do so by a health-care professional.

Depending on the packaging and the form it comes in this amount may vary.

I have heard that some manufacturers will either dilute the amount of pure moringa in a tablet. They will even simply mix it with a nutrient pill.

In almost all cases, however, there will be a guideline in the packaging to instruct you on how much you should consume, how often and whether before or after a meal.

If you’re on the lookout for the best moringa supplement, then this is what it’s worth noting.

A large factor in what makes it the ‘best’ boils down to the concentrated and/or pure, organic levels of moringa are in the product.

This is the biggest factor for what makes one product better than the other, as at the end of the day they all come from the same tree.

14- When not to take moringa?

Finally, I highly recommend that if you decide to take moringa powder and other supplements you consult your doctor before doing so.

This is a must do if you have any heart conditions, are pregnant or any diseases or illness’ at all.

I know this sounds odd as Moringa is meant to cure these issues, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

So next time you’re at your GP, tell them you plan on taking Moringa. Then, ask if there are any issues with that.

Another factor is that if you take medication there is a possibility that it could conflict with the moringa powder and cause a bad effect.

These scenarios are very unlikely, but we want to mention them to ensure everyone is staying healthy and danger-free!

15- But what moringa compares to the other types of superfoods and health supplements?

An excellent question!

By now you are fully aware that moringa powder is great and works fantastically.

But perhaps you’re curious as to what other natural remedies are out there, and whether they are better than moringa.

We’ve researched this extensively.

We’ve looked into a variety of other health remedies and products and at the end of the day we’ve always come to the same conclusion:

Moringa is the best.

Why? Because it’s the best all-rounder.

I’ve said it before, but all this means is that it’s not the best remedy for one specific illness, it’s a benefit to all of them in some way.

It’s less of a ‘cure’ and more of a ‘necessity’.

And don’t get me wrong, there are a TON of amazing health products out there.

But at the end of the day unless you’ve got one very specific problem (which you’d likely go to the doctor for) none of them are going to be nearly as good as moringa powder.

That’s what I like about it so much, it’s like that guy that gets along with everyone.

Sure he may not be their best friend but he’s got enough love to go around. That’s Moringa, and for that reason, no other competitor compares.

16- Graphical benefits of moringa powder

Look at the below picture.

Moringa powder benefits picture

Here you can see the specifics of this ‘miracle tree’ and how it all works.

While I only went into a few ways that you can enjoy it, it’s clear that you can utilize the entirety of what the tree grows, and they all do a bunch of different things.

To this day more scientific research is being done to see what other benefits this glorious tree can bring us.

Finding the right Moringa powder dosage was just the first step.

Now that we’ve got that sorted we’re on our way to figuring out how to utilize it in life more consistently and effectively.

Apart from the points I’ve mentioned, I’d say the biggest thing that makes Moringa the best compared to anything else is its rapid growth in use.

Every year we find a new use for it, a new illness it helps with.

More chefs are using it in their dishes to promote its health benefits. There are discussions of its leaves being popularized to the point you can go to your local supermarket and buy some fresh!

Ultimately there is nothing like it, and so for that reason, I wholeheartedly advise that if you’re looking for that all-rounder, Moringa powder is your best bet, and nothing compares.


Before I conclude, I want to provide you with a list of the best moringa products on the market.

It is a mixture of tea, capsules, seeds, and oil. Please find the list in the below table.

18- Conclusion

So we’ve discussed the origins, the benefits, the uses and the doses of Moringa powder, and most importantly; why it’s the best (3).

It’s truly amazing how far we have come with modern medicine.

It is even more amazing that there have been long existing remedies (like Moringa) around for centuries, waiting for us to notice.

It explains why there are still tribes out there in the world today with secrets that have yet to be shared with modern civilization.

Perhaps we could have uncovered these secrets sooner, had we not been in such a rush to escalate our timeline and modernize ourselves.

But now, thanks to these natural products and Moringa itself, we’re becoming more aware of what nature has to offer us.

We have just begun searching again for more natural cures and remedies.

It’s a journey that is exciting, for what if we do find something even better than Moringa powder?

Until then; it is without a doubt that Moringa powder currently holds the trophy for the best natural remedy (in my eyes, at least).

We will continue to discover more and more uses for it each and every day.

19 – Back to you

I know that this article was really long, but I need to go through most of the aspects of this plant. And I only touch the surface.

Please do not forget to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

See you soon in another Omigy may be talking about moringa powder.


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