Eating black carrots lead to better brain function

Scientific research on eating black carrots shows positive signs for better brain function.  

Eating black carrots omigy

Absorbing black carrots juice and concentrate could reduce the risk of Alzheimer claim researchers.

Black carrot is not a vegetable that people eat on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Though it has many health benefits, very few seem to know that by absorbing it, they can reduce the risks of brain diseases.

And you can reduce brain diseases because of the Anthocyanins properties that you find in this carrot. Anthocyanins are what gives the carrot its black color. But this compound is the one that is also responsible for positive antioxidant health properties.

Nowadays, the vast majority of citizens know what antioxidants can do to someone’s body. And researchers keep demonstrating that when one absorb natural antioxidants, these will decrease some of your body internal inflammations.

By reducing your internal inflammation, you also reduce the risk for a number of diseases. This similar to other natural antioxidants such as the ones found in red potatoes.

What is highly interesting is researchers findings from black carrots antioxidants. Clearly, the antioxidant compounds have a positive effect on Alzheimer disease.

Eating Black Carrots – Is it good for other things?

Yes, eating black carrots is good for other things. Scientists are clear that the anthocyanin compound is useful during a cancer treatment.

What they demonstrated is that this compound has the ability to neutralize or counteract the different toxins that damage healthy cells for patients taking chemotherapy.

To provide a better impact for people who want to drink or eat black carrot extracts, researchers investigated different types of black carrots.

They investigated four different carrots: The Purple Haze, the Beta Sweet, the Deep purple, and the Antonina.

The aim was to identify which of these carrots had the highest anthocyanin levels. The Purple Haze is probably the best carrots one should eat. It contains 126 milligrams anthocyanin per 100 grams of black carrot.

Similarly, the Antonia has great potential too. It contains 93.8 milligrams anthocyanin per 100 grams. Having such a high density of anthocyanins illustrates that black carrot can provide a good source of such compound without the need for chemically produced medicines.

What does the industry use black carrots for?

This is something that very few people know, but the extracts from black carrots have been used for centuries. The extract is mainly used as a natural food coloring.

When you produce black carrot extract, you obtain a color that is almost similar to that of a grape skin extract. You obtain either magenta or red-blue.

In the last few years, the vast majority of food producers have turned to black carrot extract instead of chemical colors.

Before they tried this extract, they used grape juice extract and then grape skin concentrate. But food producers had a mix of results with these and decided that they needed an alternative.

As nowadays there is a huge resistance to chemical synthetic type coloring, food producers turned to black carrot extracts.

The reason is simple. It is one of the only natural vegetable alternatives that retains its color while other products tend to change color with time.

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