They Call It “Breaker Of The Fungi” Because It Eliminates All The Nail Fungi

Magic recipe battles fungi

When we have fungi in our nails this becomes a problem which for many people is very difficult to solve, to avoid the proliferation of fungi it is very important to keep the area dry and neat, since moisture encourages their appearance and their development.

In many cases the fungi are caused by exposure due to humid environments and warm things that infect the nail feet, 3% to about 4% of the population is affected by this fungal infection, men being the most likely.

In medical terms infections of the nails and toes are known as onychomycosis, a condition that can cause discoloration, desquamation, and weakening of the same.

The fungi are more common on the toenails than on the hands, because they always appear in wet or warm places, due to socks or closed shoes which cause their proliferation.

The treatment to remove fungi can be tedious and usually requires some time to become effective.

But this treatment that we will show you below is powerful and can get rid of those pesky fungi in the blink of an eye, that is why is known as the breaker of the fungi.

First, it is very important to recognize the fungi, you will notice their appearance if you notice that your nails become thicker, with some texture and they are taking a yellowish color.

Usually, if you see this is important to begin to treat them immediately, because if you do not the fungi progress and the nail becomes worse to a level that could fall.

Ingredients for the recipe “Breaker of the fungi”:

What should you do…

It is an extremely simple preparation, all you have to do is mix the peroxide and ethyl alcohol at 90% in equal portions in a glass bowl, after that, you will add a little white vinegar, this will prevent the alcohol to evaporate.

How should you use it?

Wash the area affected by fungi thoroughly, after this dry the area very well, then with the help of cotton apply the mixture on the affected nails, do it twice a day and in less than you imagine your nails will be free.

Final recommendations against fungi

Do not walk barefoot in swimming pools, dressing rooms or showers; and if you do it, make sure to wash your feet thoroughly.

IMPORTANT – Do not share your clippers with anyone.

Do not wear tight or plastic shoes, because this prevents the ventilation of the feet.

Use cotton socks because they absorb the moisture from the feet the best.

Use your own utensils for a pedicure and do not share it with anyone, if you go to a public place do it; take it with you and make sure that the bowl where you will place your feet has been disinfected before.

If you are a person whose feet sweat a lot, change your socks every time you feel wet.



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