Shape of fingers and health and your personality

Both the shape of fingers and health are interlinked. Similarly, finger shapes and personality are interlinked too.

These two facts seem a little weird at first, but there are really linked to one another.

It is like the storytellers that read in the palm of your hand. And you know what is weirder than the above two facts?

There are some people that can read through your leg fingers shape and tell your personality. I surely cannot and do not want to even try.

Now, it is perfectly right to look at your family finger shapes and personality and then try to see if the below is a 100% a match.

That’s a little spooky though.

Shape of fingers and health and your personality

Now, a number of people can define from your hand shapes finger lengths your personality.

And they even say that by knowing this, they can tell your health. I think this is a little too much.

However, when I have done the test with my family and some friends, it did work. So, I had no other choice but to share this with you.

By the way, then call this science the “personality finger shape”. Not sure what that means, but that is how it is called. Unfortunately, you’ll not find much on the web about it.

What does the shape of your fingers say about your personality?

The meaning of different finger shapes can tell about your personality and it’s 100% true and factual for me.

Try it with yourselves, family, and friends and see if you come up with the same conclusions as I did.

Now, the way this works is simple. Choose your finger shape personality between A (the left shape), B (the middle shape) or C (the right shape). The read one of the corresponding information pack below.


The finger shape personality A

If the shape of your finger is similar to the one on the left of the above picture, then the below is your personality.

  • You are a person that does not show much emotion. However, you still want everyone surrounding you to believe and think that you are strong and cool.
  • Not showing much emotion does not mean you are not emotional. Your personality means that you are an emotional type of person. The only thing is that you wait and want to learn who are the people around you. When you get to know anyone, then you’ll open up, slowly but surely.
  • Your emotional internal character means that you really care about the people that you love. Whether they are friends or family members.  However, though this is your strength, this can also be your enemy because it get really cold towards the people you do not like.
  • You are strong and focus the mind. Basically, you never quit. And that’s no matter what’s the task you are faced with. Your aim is to always finish. And that is true even if you hate doing what you have been asked to complete.
  • People like you like to provide help to people that really need it. So you are definitely a person with a big and massive heart.
  • Lying is not your cup of tea. Honest is what defines you. You really don’t have a clue how to tell a lie. You like to be seen as a fair individual. One point of caution for your health. Try to accept that not everyone is like you. You tend to hate people who lie around you. You’re not going to change them. So focus on the ones who do not lie and are honest. Forget about the other ones. You’ll definitely see a big change in your life.
  • You usually hide your feelings because you like everyone to think that you are strong. But when you are alone, this backfires at you. And you get sad, to the point that you can get depression. And this will affect your health. Best for you to not be sad and avoid depression.

The conical finger shape and personality B

Is there anything like being a conical finger shape? Yes, there is, but here this is not what we are discussing. Personality B is the person with fingers that are shown in the middle of the above figure.

  • You are a person that likes dreaming. And I mean that in a positive way. You are after true love and you’ll not compromise on that.  Your dream is to find someone who will really understand you. And you’ll expect no less than them loving you just the way you are.
  • As you are a real dreamer, you very loyal. If you are in love with someone, then you’ll think about them first and foremost. And you’ll think about them before your needs.
  • Focus, deliver and finalize is what makes your character. If you decided to do something, then no one will convince you otherwise.
  • You are a very sensitive person. You may appear to be a strong individual on the outset, but you are sensitive in private. But you a very independent person.
  • Calm is what defines you best. Some of the tasks you face may seem impossible to complete, but that does not bother you. You’ll remain calm and deliver.
  • One of the points of caution for your health. You take things too personally. And as such, you may be afraid of being hurt. Especially from the people you love.

The shape of fingers and health personality C

The personality finger C is a highly interesting one. Have a look for yourselves.

  •  Finger shape C will never stick to a person that makes him or her angry. This is the same for anything that leads to anger. For instance, if you do not like mechanics, then you’ll get angry when your car breaks down. So you’ll try to get rid of your car at the first opportunity.
  • Unfortunately, this means you do not like to try new things. You also hate challenges because they can make you angry.
  • You are a person that doesn’t open very much to other people. Obviously, you prefer to keep your problems and feelings to yourself. You believe that you can solve everything on your own. But that is not true. The quicker you understand this, the better you’ll feel in the future.
  • What you like the most is to have someone puts their trust in you. If you have that, then you’ll feel like being the king of the world. You really like the idea that you need to take care of someone and that drives you to perform better on a daily basis.
  • Something that can be your real strength is that you know what you like. But this also means that you know what you don’t like. And if you do not like something, you’re not going to pretend you like it. With you, everyone knows where to stand.
  • Your very high ego is your downfall and strength. When you are right, you ensure everyone knows. However, when you are wrong, and everyone knows this, and you still insist you are right, you hardly accept that. However, after some convincing, you will apologize to the people around you after that.
  • You forgive to people and expect nothing less than the same for you.
  • A word of caution, you can get hurt easily. So be careful not to be too much upfront.


It is amazing that you can tell someone’s personality, health, and character through their fingers. There is even science that looks at Vibram five fingers foot shape and personality. I think this is a little too much as Vibram is a brand for outsoles (1).

Now, the above is fun to perform with families and friends.

But, what if I tell you that there are people who employ individuals with certain finger types for certain specific jobs.

You may find that weird, but it is a reality.

So next time you go to an interview, be careful of the shape of your finger. They may be telling too much about your personality.

For instance, personality A is a bit too sensitive. So the person interviewing will not really like too much emotion for a job in the army.

However, for a job in fashion, this is exactly the profile they look for. I guess you got the point.

Back to you

I hope you found which personality you have and what goes with it.

It is only a few times in a lifetime that we learn about who we are. Here you have the opportunity to learn about yourselves just by investigating your types of finger shape and personality.

I have one of the three personalities above, but I won’t tell you which one. 🙂 You already know far too much about me.

Speak soon in another Omigy great article.


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