England’s most prominent artist and group’s most loved Adele has figured out how to get her weight under control with the assistance of her new eating regimen. Sources near the artist assert that in the most recent couple of months she could shed 30 pounds because of the book “The Sirtfood Diet” which turned out in Britain this January.

Pete Geracimo, Adele’s longtime personal trainer, is a fan of this eating regimen and research has confirmed that it can really help regulate metabolisms.

This diet was designed by a pair of certified nutritionists and health consultants called Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, whose focus has always been on healthy eating rather than weight loss. Their diet is based on consuming foods rich in sirtuin activators.

Sirtuins are a type of protein that protects the cells in our bodies from dying or becoming inflamed through illness, though research has also shown they can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat – hence the new ‘wonder food’ tag.


Among the foods richest in this protein are: kale, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, red wine, apples, red onions, parsley, onion, blueberries and so on. Meat is not on this list of “sirtfoods” but it is allowed for consummation, as long as it doesn’t replace the “sirtfoods”.

The diet itself is pretty restrictive. During the first three days, your allowed calorie intake should be 1000 calories while the next four days you’re allowed 1500 calories through two meals and two smoothies. After the initial seven days, you can eat certain “sirtfoods” in unlimited amounts. The diet is explained in detail in their book.

Goggins and Matten tested their diet exclusively on a subject who exercised on a daily basis and all of them managed to lose an average of 6 pounds per week.

The nutritionists point out that this is not a drastic diet for unhealthy and fast weight loss but a healthy eating regimen everyone should adopt. The main purpose of this regimen is to strengthen the metabolism and immune system as well as improve overall health. The pound shedding is just an added bonus that will happen thanks to the improved lifestyle.


Via [Mr. Healthy Life]


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