Diet or workouts, what’s more important in weight loss?

If you ask Google “Diets or exercise are more important when losing weight?”, then you’ve probably come to the 80/20 ratio – 80% diet 20% sports. Where does this dependence and is it correct?

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A number of experts answered more nutrition and nutritionists, who revealed before the Women’s Health how these figures. To lose weight man with 0.5 kg it must deprive your body of 3500 calories. If a person sweats in 45-60 minutes three times a week with workouts will burn an average of 750 calories.

If “cut” 500 calories from your daily intake for a week, then it will be – 3500 calories. This makes a total of 3750 calories less within 7 days.

The reason diets are much more effective than the sport is that it is easier to cut 500 calories from your diet than to spend them with physical activity.

In practice, in order to download the 0.5 kg, you need to run about 10 miles a week, says diabetologist to the University Medical Center in New York, Dr. Holly Lofton. One cannot deal with such activity unless you increase your intake of calories, which would nullify the whole process towards weight loss. “I see it all the time. People think that if you run a marathon or go on some booth Kemp, you will lose weight. When this does not happen, are highly frustrated, “said Holly.

You do not need to follow the “rule” 80/20, to lose weight, but diet is extremely important and we have to focus on him, she’s convinced Lofton. “You can reduce your weight without exercise, but you cannot lose weight if you eat in a concrete way while you exercise”, Lady. Sweating also plays a big role, it’s easier to eat with 500 calories less than to spend them with physical activity, but the combination of the two gives better results, and not having to make dramatic changes in their eating habits.

“The combination of diet and exercise is the best option for weight loss. Training should not only be cardio and power, since both enhance metabolism and help burn fat, but that is also no longer stored in the body, and are used as a source of energy “, advises Holly.


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