How to get rid of double chin – Double Chin Exercises

How to get rid of double chin is a valid question that many ask after the age of 40.

Note, that I did not write “how to get rid of the double chin” but I wrote, “ride”. That’s because I am used to misspelling that word for some reason. Nobody is perfect, and I am surely not perfect. So please accept my apologies for this misspelling. I’ll try to be careful and ensure I do not misspell below.

It is a standard condition and double chin is more of a cosmetic issue affecting more women than men.

I have to say that it is a highly unpleasant-looking face feature.

What are the reasons for my double chins?

A double chin usually appears after excessive weight gain. It also appears after you have not been practicing exercise for a number of months or for a couple of years. Basically, inactivity is the main cause of your double chin.

There is another reason for this condition and this will not please everyone.

The other reason is aging. The older you get, the less elasticity your skin has.

So by losing its elasticity, you’ll end up with a condition called skin sagging.

Now, if you do not use certain muscles of your body, then these muscles may lose their strength and tone.

For instance, if you do not use the platysma muscle (1), which is a muscle that connects your jaw to your neck, the muscle will simply lose its tone. You’ll end up with a double chin.

I’d like to end the reason with the one that I think you should watch for. Excessive weight loss will contribute to having some “loose skin” around the neck, creating a double chin.

Note that losing a lot of weight may also create loose skin in other parts of your body.

The double chin liposuction procedure

Nowadays, quite a lot of women decide to perform what is known as double chin liposuction. This is a fairly invasive procedure to remove a double chin.

I mean chin liposuction requires a complete surgical procedure. And there are times where this can go horribly wrong.

Why would you want to go through the pain and the potential failure of a surgical operation is beyond me. But, such is the desperation for some of us.

The surgery mainly focuses on emphasizing the line of the lower jaw. There are times where the surgeon may decide to pull up the skin around your jaw  (so you look younger).

Unfortunately, there are some severe potential side effects for this procedure. For instance, you can be left with bad bruising and awful, horrible scars. These can be very visible to the eye.

So my advice would be to first try a soft approach to removing your contour double chin.


How to get rid of a double chin without surgery?

There are a number of non-intrusive and semi-intrusive methods that you can use to get rid of double chins.  I know that most of you would ask yourselves the question, but how to get rid of double chin fast?.

Getting rid of double chins is not easy. And if you want to through the route of using double chin exercises, then you’ll have to be patient.

Double chin exercises are probably the longest to get results, but it is the method that is the most secure, safe and cheap too, and you’ll get formidable results.

I have one double chin exercise that I really like, and I shall share it with you below. But I shall also share with you 6 of these exercises that you can mix up to get the best outcome.

Again, I really want to emphasize this, the exercises for double chins below are highly effective for your lower jaw and chin.

And these are nearly free while being completely safe, unlike chin surgical liposuction.

The different exercise tightens the chin and skin. The way it does so is by building up your platysma muscle. In other words, you’ll be bodybuilding your platysma muscle and as such, you’ll reduce the area surrounding the neck.

People call this process “tonifying” your neck platysma muscle. What they mean by “tonifying” is strengthening the muscle and making it feel younger so to speak.

But, you’ll need to take time to rebuild the muscle. When it is built, you’ll just need to maintain it.

Double chin remover with fat burner injection

Now before I embark on explaining the exercises for double chin, I shall tell you that there is a new method for double chin removal.

This method uses the injection for double chin treatments where fat-burner compounds are injected into the chin. (2)

What this does is concentrating a specialized fat-burner chemical in the area where fat must be removed.

After the injection is done, the fat-burner compound will start working in your jaw.

You may feel a little weird for a day or two. But this method has the benefit of not involving double chin surgery.

It also avoids any scars or side effect of the aesthetic.

So all in all, if you do not feel like doing some heavy double chin treatments such as surgery or some exercise for double chin, then you have the double chin injections option at hand.

It is a little bit costly, but it has shown great success for most of the people that have chosen this solution.

Coolsculpting for double chin

This is another method that does not need you to go to a surgical solution.

CoolSculpting is a method that has been patented. The good news is that it is a nonsurgical cooling technique.

And the technique is mainly used to reduce fat in very targeted areas.

The science behind the method is cryolipolysis. (3)

Basically, cryolipolysis applies really cold temperatures to localized areas and freezes to destroy fat cells.

The main idea behind the procedure is to address specific areas of your body. And the area that it targets is where some stubborn fat is not responsive to anything like diet and/or exercise. A good example of such are is the chin.

Is it safe to perform a cryolipolysis?

Nothing is 100% safe, but you can get the comfort that CoolSculpting has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012.

On the other side, the procedure is noninvasive. As such, it doesn’t require any form of anesthesia.

Note that more than 6,000,000 procedures (4) have been performed globally and more being undertaken.

The side effect of cryolipolysis

There are temporary side effects of this procedure. But these are usually gone within just a few days after taking the treatment.

The side effects are basic and highly genuine, though a little sourness could be associated with them.

These include some swelling, a bit of bruising, and loss of sensitivity in areas.

A not of cautious for some. If you have a history of Raynaud’s disease, then avoid Coolsculpting. Similarly, if you are sensitive to cold temperatures, like a heavy burn or so associated with cold, then avoid the procedure.

The cost for cryolipolysis

If you would like to know, for me coolsculpting double chin cost is a little expensive.

Most of the clinics would provide similar costs of about $1,400. Sometimes you may find a discount at some clinics.

So you pay monies to get your face frozen. Do you think you need this?

How long does it take to perform a cryolipolysis?

You just need about 35 minutes for the chin and you can go home.

But you really need to factor in some recovery time.

Note that you can go back to work and do your daily activities just after the procedure.

But for me, you’ll surely have side effects, so best to take two or three days off. At the end of the day, you do not want your friends to see you fully bruised.

How good is cryolipolysis?

After the procedure, you should get about  20 to 80 percent reduction of fat (5) around the treated areas.

It is most likely that you’ll get a 20% fat reduction at the chin.

Note that just about 80% of people who have undertaken this procedure would recommend it to others. So, it is a highly appreciated solution for reducing your chin if you do not wish to do some exercise.

How to get rid of a double chin with exercises?

Here are some exercises that you’ll find extremely effective in toning your lower jaw and chin. Note that you need to perform at least one of these exercises on a regular basis.

And when you’ll have your new lovely chin, you just need to maintain it by doing some exercises, in a less frequent manner.

1- Open mouth chin method

In the open your mouth method, you just need to first open your mouth as wide as you can.

Now, stick your tongue out as far as it can reach out to your mouth. You’ll feel some strain. That’s normal.

Try to touch your chin with your tongue (almost impossible).

Next, you should try to hold the position for a bit of time, say 10 seconds. Rest a bit and then repeat 10 times (with some rest in between).

I have tried this exercise and I can tell you that you’ll be feeling your chin and neck muscles tightening.

2- Hanging head chin exercise

I like this one because you just need to lie on a bed.

Now put your head hanging over the edge of your bed.

When you are relaxed, just lift your chin moving it towards your chest.

Again, try to hold for about 10 seconds.

And finally, slowly lower your head to the starting position. Do not forget to repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

3- Chin lifts workout

I love this exercise because it is highly effective in strengthening the neck and face muscles.

But it is also really good for tightening them.

What you need to do is to stand with your back and neck straight. Now lift your chin toward the ceiling (look at a lamp or something on the ceiling if it is easier for you).

Finally, just purse your lips in an exaggerated kissing position.

And, as usual, hold for 10 seconds. Do not forget to repeat this exercise 10 times.

4- Roll your neck workout

As per the previous exercise, you need to stand with your spine upright.

Next, turn your head sideways. The aim is to get your chin parallel to your shoulder. This is not easy for some at the beginning. So if you cannot do it at first, do what you can and you’ll slowly improve.

Note that you need to ensure your eyes are looking off to the side.

Now, go and roll your head slowly downward. And then up to the other side. Again, do this 10 times.

5- Platysma double chin exercise

This is a simple but effective exercise that targets the muscle connecting your neck with your jaw, called the platysma muscle.

First, stand up with your neck erect.

Now, pull your lips up over your teeth. At the same time turn the corners of your mouth downward.

Think of it as if you were frowning.

The aim is to tighten the tendons in your jaw. Finally, hold on for 10 seconds before relaxing. Do not forget to repeat 10 times.

6- The tennis ball exercise

Finally, we are here. The last exercise.

Take a tennis ball and place it against your throat. Ensure that your chin holds it.

Now, press your chin tightly against the ball.

Ensure, you slightly release the pressure and do this 10 times or more if you can.

Lose weight to get rid of double chin

The above exercises are great to lose your chin. However, this will not work well if you do not lose excess weight.

The above exercise will help with your double chin by toning your jaw and neck muscles.

Now you need a method that targets your excess weight. Any extra body weight will lead to the formation of a double chin and that is why you need to work out the best way to reduce the extra pounds.


Now you have enough information on how you can get rid of a double chin.

There are surgical invasive methods, frozen non-invasive procedures, and 6 exercises that you can perform at home.

For me, face exercise for double chin reduction is probably the best. It is non-intrusive and has no side effects. So, you can get rid of your contour double chin by exercising.

For best results, ensure that you mix the exercises, like this you’ll ensure that you tone your muscles.

Back to you

I am happy that you have reached this point. This means you read the article and I truly hope you have learned a lot.

I’ll see you in another article soon on Omigy.

In the meantime, enjoy your life, as life is too short for being bothered by other people’s needs and requests.


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