Eat purple food: Here’s why…

Currently, purple is in fashion. You wonder why? Because experts think that UV products are very healthy because they contain anthocyanins, which are red, blue and purple fruits and vegetables (eggplant, purple cabbage, and cauliflower, prunes, nuts …) gives a distinctive tone.

These products contain many antioxidants, and the US market already has even cornflakes in purple, which is obtained by adding natural pigment from purple maize (which grows in Peru).

The latest researches by scientists from Harvard carry more encouraging news.

Namely, the research project which lasted 24 years and which covered 124,000 people, showed that those who ate several servings of foods rich in anthocyanins managed to maintain and even to lose weight by week, unlike those who consumed berries only once a month.

Considering that it is for chemical substances that are difficult to analyze, yet it is not clear whether they directly affect appetite or may act on red flora.

However, it is quite obvious that anthocyanins have a positive effect in many ways. The study shows that the consumption of only 10 mg of anthocyanins per day is enough to reduce the weight of 70 to 100 years. Considering that one serving of blueberries contains 121 mg anthocyanins, which is 12 times the amount of study, increased consumption of violet nutrients is more than justified. Scientists at Harvard are now trying to determine the optimal level of anthocyanins, essential for weight reduction.

Of course, no one says that we should not exaggerate. It is about striving to include these ingredients in your typical diet. Also, do not expect magical results. If you eat a lot of blueberries, but also cake, then this fruit will not reverse the harmful effects of carbohydrates. Also, one should not exaggerate by eating plums and black grapes, because they contain a lot of sugar. A better option is purple vegetables: eggplant, purple broccoli, purple cabbage, and kale.

Otherwise, there are a few rules of cooking vegetable violet. No need to peel the bark, anthocyanins generally is found in it. Do not overcook it as anthocyanins, and vitamin C is destroyed at high temperatures. That’s why purple vegetables are best used steamed or grilled. And the use of frozen vegetables is quite wrong. Finally, choose fruits and vegetables with the darkest and most intense color, and include them in meals.


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