Stressed out with weight loss techniques and now you’re turning towards the pills. Well, the first precaution is to know whether the FDA has the drug on an approved weight loss pills list or not.

After that, talk to your physician or doctor about it. Give your doctor your full medical history, your current fitness situation, and other medications you’re under for optimum recommendations.

But the big question is: do the FDA-approved pills really work for weight loss? For this, we ran some research and collected some data from a huge pool of records and customer reviews. Let’s see what the consensus has to offer.

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Back to the FDA approval.


Why does FDA approval matter?

A large number of pills work according to a simple principle: they make your body consume lesser calories from the food you take.

For this, the pills have to alter your natural process of digestion, coordination, hormones, and so on. To which extent this alteration is good? Well, if the FDA has approved it, the pill certainly doesn’t violate the safe line.

Types of pills

But there are different types of these FDA-approved pills. All have different chemical compositions and different areas of targeting. It’s best to read a lot about a certain pill and consult extensively with your doctor or physician before taking any pill-based medication.

That way, you’ll able to find out whether a particular type of pill is the right one for you. Do not go with popular opinion. Don’t rely too much on customer reviews.

Customer reviews can be mass-purchased for a few bucks per head. There’s a whole nexus of websites and forums that promote “buying reviews”. It’s nowadays less prevalent for Amazon products as Amazon has made it clear they want to get rid of these. And they have been very hard on people trying to do this now – and that’s why you have to be extra cautious and check this prior to buying.

What you need to know is that you can buy a couple of fake reviews. But you cannot buy hundreds. This will not make money for the company that sells the product. So if you see one or 2 reviews, it may sound dodgy especially that they are saying it is a fantastic product. If it was so fantastic, why not many people left a review?

Just use your common sense anyway. Do not buy for the sake of it. Buy intelligently.

Type of patients

It depends on whether someone will lose weight by a pill or not. Broadly, there are certain rules of weight loss pill work. The FDA-approved weight loss pills work according to these.

  • If it’s relatively easy for you to lose weight by simple things like gym workouts and strong diet plans but you pick up on weight too fast once you lose touch with dieting or gym – the weight loss pills have a great chance of working for you.
  • If you have a certain medical condition that gives you the unwanted fat, the pills might not be an answer. But they’re a worthy bet to lose some weight. However, these results might not be long term.
  • Patients that take a good quantity of weight loss pills, as well as other kinds of drug-based medication, shall refrain from using a new kind of weight loss pill after a few weeks of time if results are not well pronounced.
  • If you find it difficult to shed weight, there’s something wrong with your diet. Taking weight loss pills will work for you as you’ll be absorbing lesser calories, but remember, your case will entail a long-term usage of pills which is not recommended. That’s why it’s advised to focus on lifestyle changes instead of thinking about instantaneous weight loss with pills and drugs. You can do some swimming and running to help you out.

Using approved weight loss pills as a last resort?

If you’re using pills as last resort, remember that you can end up being disappointed. If nothing else worked a bit, then there might be some other underlying problem. Here’s a rule of thumb:

  • These are weight loss pills.
  • These are not magic pills to cut down on your fat.

That’s the bitter truth.

Some of these FDA-approved weight loss pills are so simplistic that there’s absolutely no danger in experimenting with them. But be cautious in the use of popular pills.

Nevertheless, there are cases where someone took upon pills as a last resort and actually got a perfect shape. So it’s about the unique you, your body. Pills are an advanced treatment for weight loss, and the FDA-approved ones can really trim you down.

Too much dependence can be bad

Don’t get your hopes too high by reading about these pills. They’re not magic, can have side-effects, and can lead to threatening problems. So you might get some positive results, but you could end up in a worse condition in some other way.

  • Always consult with a doctor or physician.
  • Tell the doctor about everything about your medical history in as much detail as you can.
  • Don’t go with popular opinion on any pill or selective success stories about a group of people.
  • Reduce the effects of influences, take scientific help, and do full research before popping in any such pill.
  • Eating lots of pills is bad. Any kind of drug-based medication over a long time can deal serious damage. So if you’re not losing weight from a pill, better discontinue its usage.
  • Finally, read our article 6 Best Weight Loss Pills and Drugs to learn about the industry-top pills, more of nature-based alternative products for weight loss, and a set of other 7 pills that are good in specific needs and conditions.


Now you can make an informed decision. You know what is right or wrong and what is FDA approved pills. I would suggest that you think twice before taking them.

If this is the last resort, then I would still advise you to try one of the below weight loss plans:

Failing this, try one of the juices or other methods we describe in Omigy. We have documented a lot of weight loss recipes. Try them. Do not forget that everybody is different. So what works for you may not work for someone else. You need to keep trying till one of the methods, plans or pills works.


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