A TRUE STORY – Optimize your morning workout for maximum weight loss benefits

This is my true story. I did this early morning workout and I can tell you it works. It really does. I am a real proof of this. Just by doing 20 mns morning workout and 20 mns evening workout.

I lost so much weight that my family thought I was sick. The reality is that I was really fit. And I can tell you another secret of mine, I have been doing this for the last 20 years. So it is not like this is new or rocket science. I’ll tell you more at the end of this post.

I’ll even give you my little secret recipe. Like this, you do not need to think. Just apply this and lose weight. Then get fitter and fitter by the day. Read the benefits first, understand them, and then apply my method.

Morning Working out

Why is working out in the morning better for you?

We all have asked ourselves the question: ‘Are they benefits to working out in the morning?

Well, the answer is simple: YES, YES and YES there are benefits to workout in the morning. Everyone keep saying this: ‘Working out is really good for our mental and body health’.

This is not rocket science and this is a fact! But I think we should ask ourselves a different question.

What we need to know is: how can we optimize our workout and how we can lose weight too?

This is the 1 million dollar question. I’ll give you the answer to this below.

How to optimize our morning workout?

I have applied the below plan to myself and my body. It works wonders and it should do for you too.
  1. I wake up.
  2. Drink a quick glass of water.
  3. Dress for my workout.
  4. I take my bicycle and cycle for 20 mns.
  5. Take my shower or clean myself up (at work or home depending on the day).
  6. I take my breakfast.
  7. And Done.
Here it is you have it. This is my formula for a healthy leaving and fitness.
But I added more to this. I also do workout in the evening. Again 20 mns only. I only cycle. I am as thin as ever and fit as ever. Even my children are impressed.

Are they benefits to working out in the morning?

There are plenty. Here I give you 10 benefits. Then you can chose to do get fitter, feel better and thinner too. It is your choice. If you need to know how I got motivated, I described this below too.

1- Enhance your metabolism

This is probably the most important one. If you start doing some morning workout, you’ll trigger your metabolism. What you are telling your body, is that it needs to wake up. The good news is that doing some sport in the morning will tell your body to keep it elevated all day. If your metabolism is high all day, this means it will keep burning calories while you are sitting. How better than that?

2- Free up time

If you start applying the above morning workouts, then you’ll free up time for other priorities. You’ll be able to do shopping, studying, teaching your children, spend time with friends later in the day. You essentially have cleared something that in the past you always left on the back burner. In those days, you always wanted to do some sports late in the day, but you always had things to do that prevented you to do sporting activities. You ended up stressed, tired, and ate lots more; hence weight gaining.

3- Morning workout release endorphins

You will tell your body to release endorphins early in the morning. Endorphins are known as the “feel good” hormones. By releasing them in the morning, then you’ll feel happy and make your colleagues fell happy. This happiness will become contagious around the office.

4. Improve mental acuity

By applying the simple 20 mns cycling every morning, you’ll increase your mental acuity. What I mean is that you’ll have a sharper mind. This has been backed by a number of scientific studies too. The studies have demonstrated that morning workout increase your acuity for about 15 + hours. So you’ll have this acuity all day.

5. Body adjusts to your needs

Better waking up time. When you do morning workout, your body automatically adjust to that. It get used to it and wake up everyday on its own. After a little while, you’ll body will be so used to it that it will become easier and easier to wake up. Also, your muscles will not be as hard and aching as they used too. Your brain will send the signals to your  body to get ready for the morning efforts. Therefore, no aching. Great for you.

6. Better hormones workout

This does not work for me and neither for other women. However, it works wonder for men. Men testosterone’s enjoy morning workouts. They are ready to deliver and by exercising in the morning, you’ll take advantage of them and encourage them to work better.

7. No distraction for workouts

Because everyone is still asleep, you will not have any distractions. Usually, if you do workouts in the evening, then one day or another, you’ll have a distraction. Hence you’ll start missing your workout. Then the number of distractions will increase till you stop working out. In the morning, you’ll surely be less likely to face a call for attending a late meeting, meeting your son teacher, go to see your daughter doing sport, collect your child from school or other. So early morning workout means no distraction.

8. Lose food interest

This is something of interest to all of us women. If you do morning workouts, then you’ll lose interest to eat a lot of food. You’ll also be able to regulate your intake. Your stomach will not need much and your brain will not send the wrong signals to your body as it will have plenty of natural endorphin.

9. Fill you bag with energy you created

When working out early in the day, you’ll start feeling more energetic. In fact you will increase your physical abilities, but you’ll also increase your mental ability to resolve complex problems and complex thoughts. You’ll see, you’ll start feeling and thinking faster and see things that no others would see. Like a superwoman or superman type person. i am not joking here. I am able to do a lot more in a short time.

10. Good feeling factor

I could not end up the list of benefits without discussing the good feeling factor it provides you. You’ll definitely feel full of enthusiasm, things that you would have thought were difficult in the past, now you’ll see them and feel able to deal with them, no problem will be too difficult as you are full of that positive energy. Great feeling to be in this state of mind and physical state too.

How to get motivated to exercise in the morning?

Yes you need motivation for working out in the morning. Well the only way I could get this motivation was two fold. The first motivational point was to sell my vehicle. I decided that enough was enough. So I sold my car, and me and my husband only kept one car.

The second point, I bought a bicycle. And you guessed it, I cycled everyday.  20 mns in the morning and 20 mns in the evening to feel more energetic.

You can do the same. It is only 40 mns a day. So not difficult. You take more time to have breakfast plus lunch and dinner. So do this and you’ll be successful.


Here I provided you with 10 benefits of morning workouts. I can tell you it works. It did for me. I have improved this method to suit me. I do 20 mns workout in the morning and 20 mns in the evening.

It is just brilliant. It just took me 3 weeks to see real results. I had difficulties to do this at first (the first week). I had my muscles aching, was not able to wake early and then suddenly everything became easier.

No muscle aching, easy to wake up, feel full of energy, and then brain activated all day, etc. the best thing for me was the loss of weight. I lost so much that my family got worried. It is to tell you it is that effective.

Some of my friends added some weight loss plans to this. Some did use the venus plan, others the three week diets and a few used the old school diet. They all were successful and all used the 20 mns factor I described above. So you can add a weight loss plan and use the 20 mns factor, you’ll definitely be successful.

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