Weight loss with baking soda fat recipe – Get rid of your belly, thigh, arm and back fat

There is a very old baking soda fat recipe that you should know about. It is called weight loss with baking soda.

The funny bit, before I tell you about this recipe, is that most of us have stored baking soda in our kitchens, but still we do not know how to use it effectively.

In fact, there are so many ingredients hidden in our cupboards that can be used in many different ways to improve our overall health.

But we all lack the appropriate knowledge on how to use these.

Among the hidden ingredients, I like to speak about sodium bicarbonate. Or what is better known as baking soda.

This ingredient has been widely researched and it has some really good results in supporting the fight against cancer (1), autoimmune diseases (2), antibacterial activities (3) and many more.

However, it has also been documented that it is possible to drinking baking soda for weight loss.

So today, I decided to speak about this ingredient and use it where it hurts the most – FAT.

I know that we all love to show off a flat stomach.

So, we have all tried different methods and various techniques to achieve this goal.

But one method can be developed right in your sight and in most homes.

One of the keys to reducing our abdomen fat is right within our reach. The best thing about it is very economical.

Baking soda is probably one of the easiest formulae for losing weight.

Why is baking soda effective in weight loss?

Because it contains alkalinizing compounds and is digestive.

But baking soda on its own does not make you lose weight.

You still need to do some exercise.

So, baking soda is good because it contains alkalinizing compounds, because it is digestive but also is a really good mixture to ingest just before performing some sport.

In fact, a study about this was published by the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

It demonstrated that you can consume baking soda about 60 minutes before performing some lower-body strength-training session.

By doing so, the ingestion of this compound helped individuals complete more repetitions with fewer signs of muscular fatigue.

On the other hand, those provided with a placebo did not perform as well.

What does this mean?

It simply means that baking soda can be an important ingredient for you to lose weight. But it cannot do this on its own.

You definitely need to do some sport, but the compound will reduce fatigue and as such, you’ll be more effective at it.

As such, by better performing your sports session, you’ll end up losing weight. And that’s what you are after anyway.

Now that you know about this, the next question that you should ask yourselves is:

How to use the bicarbonate to obtain the figure that I desire?

There are three ways of using baking soda to help us significantly decrease the volume of our abdomen and get that flat stomach we all crave about and desire so much.

Below I shall provide you with three methods so that you can enjoy all of them or chose to use only one.


How to prepare baking soda to lower your belly

Here are the three methods.

First method – Lemon and baking soda for weight  loss

The ingredients:

lemon and baking soda for weight loss

How to prepare the recipe:

First, dissolve the baking soda in a glass of water.

Second, add the lemon or grapefruit juice.

Third, stir the mixture well till all the ingredients are dissolved.

Now, you just need to consume the juice on an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast or before exercising.

Second Method – Mixing baking soda and apple cider vinegar for weight loss

drinking baking soda for weight loss

The ingredients:

How to prepare the baking soda weight loss “potion”:

Mix all the ingredients in a glass-like you did for the previous beverage. Here is the methodology:

First, pour your baking soda in water for weight loss.

Second, add the apple vinegar and mix the list.

Consume it on an empty stomach before breakfast or 20 minutes before exercising.

You should start to see some results within a week or two depending on your metabolism.

Third Method – Baking soda for weight loss with fruits

The ingredients:

  • Get 2 nice lemons
  • Grab 2 cups of water
  • Buy 1 cup of strawberries
  • Take 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • Do not forget to pour a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

baking soda in water for weight loss with strawberries

How to prepare the beverage

You just need to mix all of the above ingredients together.

By the way, do not do this mistake – Avoid putting sugar in the mix as some do. What is the purpose of putting together a weight loss mixture if you add some unwanted sugar?

You can now drink this beverage twice a day.


Many people will tell you that they do nothing but drinking baking soda for weight loss using the above recipes.

Many have even published baking soda weight loss reviews, which are not based on real facts and research.

So for some, it may be true that they lose weight.

But for most of us, this will not be enough as our metabolism will not burn its fat that easily.

In essence, ingesting baking soda will be the catalyst for burning the fat.

But you need the fuel to support this. And in this instance, the fuel is to do some form of exercise.

By ingesting baking soda and doing some sport in parallel, you’ll definitely have the tool to lose weight effectively.

Back to you

Now you have another method to lose weight.

It is just that you must combine both baking soda and some form of exercise after having ingested it.

It is not difficult, just prepare the mixture, drink it and do some sport about 20 minutes after ingesting it.

And you are done.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves while doing some fat burning sport with our special baking soda mixture.

Speak soon at Omigy in another article.


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