Purium Review – UPDATED Feb 2019 | Purium Diets & 10 Days Transformation

Purium is a health and wellness company operating for more than 25 years.

Since its inception, the company has been offering supplements.

And the aim is to fill the nutritional gaps in diets and the company provides high-quality products.

These products contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

And all of these ingredients are needed by our body to keep us healthy and, without a doubt happier.

Of high interest, Purium products don’t contain any GMOs.

They also do advertise that they do not add artificial components.

But what is nice is that they claim to only use original purity standards of foods to manufacture the supplements.

In this article, we review the Purium diets and 10-days transformation cleanse program.

What we want to see is if they really work and are safe to try.

Read on to learn more about Purium diets, supplements, benefits and of high importance their side effects.

Purium Review – UPDATED Feb 2019

Purium Diets

Purium offers a range of products focusing on health and wellness.

The goals are to provide weight-loss and higher performance body detoxification.

And to do so, they have even considered natural health supplements for children so that the whole family can be healthier.

The most popular product is the Purium 10-Day Transformation.

Designed by the founder David Sandoval himself, this product has attracted a lot of attention and is widely accepted by members of the public.

Overall, it is a cleanse program that promises to detox the body.

But more to this, the main aim of the Purium 10-Day  is to reset your metabolism.

And it does so without affecting your energy levels.

In fact, it even increases your energy levels, improves sleep and helps you lose up to 11 pounds in just 10 days.

Who is David Sandoval?

David Sandoval is a wellness expert and author of the book The Green Foods Bible’.

Purium Review The Green Foods Bible David Sandoval

David is also the chief science officer at Purium.

He oversees all of the different product developments before they are put onto the market.

For instance, he is the person who has authorized the production of the two 10-Day Transformation programs – Weight Loss or Cleanse.

And this particular weight loss program intends to replace gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine from users’ diets.

It does so by using Purium shakes and supplements.

And the supplements are sent to you for a 10 day period.

The objective is to cleanse your body from toxins and reset your metabolism.

What does the 10-day transformation kit contain?

The 10-day transformation kit contains:

  • Power Shake
  • Apothe-Cherry
  • Super Amino 23

This weight loss package also comes with Super Lytes and Daily Fiber Blend supplements.

On the other hand, the Cleanse version includes Biome Medic and Super CleansR.

The program is filled with products.

For instance, you can get a shaker bottle, very detailed instructions, a tape measure, a lightweight carrying case, and other items to get started.

Note that the Purium 10-day cleanse aims to activate the hormone adiponectin and burn fat.

By doing so, it supports the body in cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system.

But it also helps in building muscles and improve metabolism.

The shakes and supplements provide nutrient-rich, low-calorie superfoods to the body.

By feeding these nutrients, your body is able to break the food addictions with sugar, carbohydrates, salt, and chemicals.

Purium Ingredients

Purium claims to use only the highest-quality ingredients in their products.

And to prove it, the company did provide us with the Purium Power Shake ingredients which include:

These ingredients balance and maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body.

They also improve digestion with slow-burning carbs and digestible proteins.

Carrot juice powder contains many important vitamins such as the A, E, D, C.

And the juice is also excellent at boosting antioxidants along with oat grass juice and alfalfa leaf juice.

On the other side, the Purium Cleanse product contains ingredients such as:

One of the most effective Purium supplements is Apothe-Cherry.

It consists of antioxidants, melatonin, and tart cherry to keep the body recharged and feel relaxed.

The Purium’s Pros 

Purium’s health products are certified for being organic.

This means the company is serious about selling healthy products.

And this is a plus point for health-conscious people.

The 10-day program is designed to flush out toxins and detox the body.

And the program can also improve the body functions and overall health of the user.

Nutrition-rich supplements have shown to provide the body essential minerals.

But it has also shown to provide many of the different vitamins you need to stay healthy and disease-free.

The proposed restricted 10-day transformation program helps people lose some weight.

By losing weight, they are able to finally move towards a healthy lifestyle and maintain an ideal weight for long period of times.

The Purium’s Cons

The 10-day transformation program is somewhat expensive.

And this can prevent many of you to use it.

Unfortunately, and though being out there for more than 25 years, it still does not come with a guarantee for results.

In addition, it is not backed up by any clinical research.

Furthermore, no independent studies have confirmed the claims made by the company.

What it is important to know is that, as the program aims to flush out the toxins from the body, some side effects do occur.

Some of these may be unpleasant to experience.

Some complaints have been filed against the company in the past.

However, the company has not dealt with these in the best possible way.

As such there are a couple of people that feel this is troubling when considering the reliability.

As there is no real clinical independent research on the program, it is not possible to provide clear advise.

On this particular case and product, you need to make your own decision.

Purium Cleanse Side Effects

The fact is that Purium products consist of high-quality organic ingredients.

These ingredients, when taken separately, have proven to help improve the body’s metabolism and lose weight. *

However, some of the ingredients can cause adverse effects.

For instance, you may like fatigue, weakness, and diarrhea.

Also, vomiting, headache, upset stomach, and mood swings have been experienced by some.

And there have been some cases of cramps, nausea, kidney problems, and allergic reactions.

Now, I said this above, but it is always good to repeat sometimes.

There is no scientific evidence to establish the fact that all the ingredients contained in Purium products work positively.

They can sometimes lead to side effects in some people, but medicines do the same (they have side effects).

Gastrointestinal discomforts are commonly seen in people using Purium products.

Some other effects related to mental disturbances and stress can arise from the strict diet and reliance on supplements.

Purium 10 Days Transformation – Before & After

The company states that the majority of the users lose anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds.

Note that this is with the Purium 10 Days Transformation cleanse.

According to a study conducted in 2013, participants lost an average of 11.3 pounds during the 10 days program.

Considering the real-life reviews for the program, 67 users have rated it with four stars or higher.

Before & After pictures posted on the internet suggest how Purium 10 Days cleanse help people with detoxification and weight loss.

And the User reviews state it helps to lose weight and inches, break bad eating habits and feel healthier after the 10 days program.

The diet and cleanse has helped millions of people transform their lives.

And the way they have done this is by adopting clean eating habits.

They have also boosted their metabolism to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.


Purium intends to help people transform their lives.

The company behind this program aim at doing so by ending people’s dependence on processed foods.

And by doing so, they start living a healthy life.

The ingredients used in Purium products are of high-quality.

They are essentially natural and healthy.

In addition, the ingredients are known to benefit the body in many ways.

The Purium 10-day transformation is a great solution too for anybody interested in getting the body rid of toxins.

This program can boost the internal organs and systems for overall improved health and wellness.

It does help reset your metabolism, kickstart fat burning and lose weight.

On the other side, it also helps you moving towards a sustained healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight.

Back to you

It is never easy to put up a review.

And this has been the case with the Purium review.

But we hope that you have enjoyed the different sectio where we try to provide you with enough information on the pros and cons of the program.

We have insisted on the cons so that you are well aware of some of the side effects of the products presented by the Purium company.

What you need to take from this review is that the program is not meant for everyone.

Some of you may develop side effects and therefore one has to understand this before even trying the program.

Apart from that, the ingredients have shown to be healthy.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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