Plastic Leg Covers For beautiful legs

Plastic leg covers is a new technique for losing weight. The aim is to obtain nice legs.

I have not seen any of my friends using this technique, neither have I performed it on me.

But I tried it 10 times, and I have to say that my legs figures are better.

I would not say that I have the perfect body shape. Far from this, but still, I am quite happy with the results.

It is claimed that using the plastic leg covers method helps melt excess weight.

From my experience, this is not true. But what it does is even better for me.

It allows for obtaining better figures and nicer looking legs.

This is a perfect solution for the summer.

And the good thing is that this method is very simple, cheap, can be used at home and yet is highly effective.

Why use the plastic leg covers technique?

There are numerous methods being invented to lose weight and to have nicer, slimmer, good looking legs.

But are these methods, tricks, and techniques in order to get the perfect body shape really good?

Think about these as being, surgical procedures, using some slimming creams, specialized types of juices, fat burning exercises and/or massages.

In fact, there are even very specific types of injections that help in losing weight at localized levels (some very specific parts of your bodies).

But all of these methods, techniques, tricks are meant to help you spend more money on a monthly, weekly if not daily basis.

Think of this a little more. If you are to take the fat burning exercises as an example, you’ll be pushed to go to the gym. The reason is simple. They will tell you that you’ll not stick to the schedule if you do not go to the gym.

If you use slimming creams, you’ll end up buying these for the rest of your life.

If you use specialized juices, you’ll have to stick to the regime/weight loss programme by buying more and more of these.

However, with the plastic leg covers, you just need to buy some plastic at your local shop. No one will put pressure on you to buy anything else.

I am certainly not going to force you to buy plastic from me. The kitchen plastic foil should be enough to use. See below for what I call “the recipe for beautiful legs”.

plastic leg covers

Ingredients for the plastic leg covers

– Plastic – The one that you use in the kitchen is enough. You can find it at any local shop for wrapping food, etc.
Coconut oil – You are not obliged to use this oil, but I found out that it helps greatly.


Here is the fun part.

Try to do this over the weekend.

Then when you have the hang of the procedure, you can start doing it after work during the week.

First, for the ones who have bought coconut oil, apply a thin layer of the oil on the hips, abdomen and very little on your legs.

Second, take the plastic bandage wrap and apply it onto your legs and abdomen (as per the picture above).

Important note: Ensure that you do not wrap yourselves too tight. The aim is to help your body to burn the fat, and not to stress it out.

Keep the wrap for about half an hour.

Now remove it.

How does the plastic body wrap method work?

This is a typical body and leg treatment.

What it does is to stimulate two things:

  • Your vasodilatation and;
  • Your body metabolism. Basically, your body metabolism will increase its rate of operation, meaning it will work a little faster than usual. This will then turn your body to burn more fat. It will allow you to reduce weight.

How many times do you need to use the plastic legs covers?

You’ll only notice real results when you use this method several times a month. The sweet point is to perform the treatment 10 times.

You may want to rest your body for at least a day in between. When you finish the 10 times plastic leg treatment,  then pause for 1 month.

This will allow your body to regenerate, but not build fat.

Benefits of the plastic body wraps

There are a number of very specific benefits from the above legs and body wrapping.

First, the wraps help in moisturizing your body.

They support fat burning and sweating, which means your skin will moisturize.

At the same time, the plastic weight loss treatment has rejuvenation properties.

In essence, the treatment (if I can call it this way) helps with weight loss.

It does help eliminate your cellulite.

And finally, it does help your mental health, as when you have beautiful legs and body, then you’ll feel good.

By feeling good, your brain will send you body positive signals, which will further support your wellbeing.

Tips & Warnings

1. If you are allergic to plastic, please do not use the above method.

2. Remove the plastic at the end of the 30 minutes. Do not try too hard. Let your body work things out.

3. It is advisable to take a shower after having removed the plastic. However, for best results, you need to wait until your body temperature drops and regulates. This is important as your body is still burning fat at that time.

4. It is best to take shower water where you start hot (not too hot) and end up with lukewarm water.

5. When you are finished with your shower, dry your skin gently. You can also apply some moisturizing cream, but I usually do not do so. I once in a while use an Aloe Vera cream which is really good for my skin.

That’s it. You can now lose weight without breaking the bank and do this all at home.


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