Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children

Breakfast without Nutella seems to be impossible for everyone. Children, adults like Nutella and are very much addicted to it. It is one of the leading brands in processed food that claims to be healthy, but it’s not.

The advertisements of Nutella always are branding the product as healthy and everybody is convinced with the argument. But the reality is different. The ingredients which Nutella is made of are not healthy for us, and also some of the ingredients are too bad for health which turns out the product bad to consume.



1. SOY:

Taking a small amount of soy is totally fine for our health. However, in the modern cuisine of our time, the consumption of soy has increased to a high amount which is very very bad for our health. Lecithin in soy is harmful to our health. The high consumption of soy is associated with health issues like abnormal weight gain, thyroid depression, problems with menstruation, fatigue, and breast cancer.


For Nutella to have a large amount of production they use a cheap quality of sugar which is loaded with pesticides. Our body is unable to recognize these bad pesticides which can create many health complications. Neurotoxins are what these sugars are termed as and they can lead to the elimination of brain cells once they cross to the brain barrier. These neurotoxins are directly linked to depression, ADD, autism, ADHD, and migraines.


Milk is referred to as to be one of the healthiest ingredients. The production process of milk plays an important role to determine how healthy it is. The milk used for the production of Nutella is collected from sick cows who are on the medication or hard antibiotics. The milk is odorless and consists of powdered milk in it. It is loaded with cholesterol and thus is very unhealthy.


It is one of the favorite flavors for everyone. But it has neurotoxic properties and thus it leads to the elimination of the brain cells. It promotes the secretion of serotonin and makes us addicted to the product.

Say no to Nutella and eat homemade healthy food.


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