We keep hearing ‘Run to get fitter’, ‘Run to get healthier’, and just ‘Run you’ll be feeling better’. But the real question is, ‘Is running for weight loss a really good idea?‘ and ‘does it work?’

I have to say that I am sick of listening to the ancient advice. Running is good for my health. That’s cool. But is it good for weight loss?

In this post, I’ll present a mixture of views on the impacts of running for weight loss.

Should you run? If yes, then how much? I’ll discuss some key ways of weight loss with running and the relationship in between. Keep on reading.

Running in group is better for you

Before I start, I want to provide you with this warning – Losing too much weight in a short time may be a sign of body dysfunction. Click here for more.

1- Overview on running for weight loss

So you’ve heard that running is great for muscles and that it’s a good exercise for cardio fitness. But do you know that running helps maintain body weight and burn a hell lot of energy?

Running good distances as a daily exercise can help tone down your fat from belly, thighs, upper arms, hips, etc.

There’s a scientific reason behind this. Running burns fat from areas that are collecting additional fat. These fats make you look chubby.

Running has a wide array of other health benefits that are very important especially for adults.

But running may not be your usual yada-yada. If you want to run for weight loss, then you need to do it in a more systematic way.

2- Why should I run for weight loss?

Weight loss with running is dirt cheap, super-fast, energizing, strengthening, highly productive, popular, massively effective, permanent technique. Beat that.

No gym, no dieting, no starving. Although you’re recommended to keep them up along with running (but no starving please).

It’s one of the best natural ways of weight loss, only beaten by regular and full-power swimming.

That is why you should start practicing running. The most difficult part of it is to start.

To do so, and to encourage yourselves, you just need to identify a friend who is in the same state as you are. I mean both, physical and mental. Then propose that you’d start running together.

3- Pointers on ideal weight loss running

Weight loss running is different from the technical term, running, which means athletic running.

Running for health benefits is easy. It keeps your heart rate at normal levels, distracts diseases from attacking your body, and makes you fit. It’s also good for people in the older stages of their lives.

Anyway, for weight loss, try running for 20 to 30 minutes per day.

Slowly move up the ladder, and the ideal time is at least an hour per day. You can break down your running into two parts: morning and evening.

Set milestones for yourself. I’ll run till the tree. The next avenue. The next neighborhood. Just don’t cross your freaking town for God’s sake. You’re not Usain Bolt.

Running long distances, especially in a highly natural environment, can dramatically reduce your excessive fat. It’s a super-healthy pill for systematic, proven, and natural weight loss.

Almost all athletes and sportspersons, no matter what their realm is — weight-lifting, baseball, squash, or even the weirdo cricket thing — have compulsory long-running sessions.

Now, of course, you don’t want to be an athlete with a great body (or do you?), but losing weight is extremely easy with dedicated running.

4- Brisk walking vs. running

It’s said that brisk walking is more efficient for weight loss than running. But it depends on the definition of running.

In this specific context, running usually stands for “I’m gonna run very fast for 5 minutes in a day. And doing that again next week maybe because am too busy, lol”.

Sure, walking energetically twice a day is more efficient than this excuse known by the name of running. But honestly, systematic running every day for a couple of dozen long minutes or half an hour is the best workout for weight loss.

It’s one of the best techniques for weight loss, body fitness, and health benefits.

5- Running is a difficult task, how should I begin?

Sure it is. Even when I was in college, I couldn’t run in the morning. It’s very exhaustive and comes attached to a score of other problems.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a friend who was quite chubby. She was truly determined to lose her weight. Although we never talked about running in the morning, I once saw her zipped in her sports jacket running on the same lane as me.

I thought she had just begun running. “No, I walk every day since the beginning of the month!” And it suddenly made sense of how she was happier and slimmer than before.

Although she had been running for a month, I wasn’t able to notice any change in her appearance since the past week. But finally, she trimmed down her extra fat. She’s an average girl now.

You see, a determination is all you need. If you’re fully devoted to it, hell with running, you can even track Mt Everest without even feeling it.

Weight loss is a prime realm to show determination and thousands around the world are running, some for their lives while some for losing their weight. You’re no queen of the world who deserves Godly intervention for it, lose it yourself!

Running in a competition allows to test your abilities

6- Wrapping up

Surely running is extremely beneficial for your health, as well as good for cutting down on your unneeded fat. It’s one of the best exercises and increases your stamina manifold, which is always a good thing.

Running with devotion at least once a day for around 25 minutes will kickstart the process of fat-burning. In gym programs, you target all your muscles, making you weaker, but running is a natural method and works better.

The fat starts burning where it’s surplus. Like belly, thighs, upper legs, and arms, hips, etc.

Once the body starts burning fat, and women need more work on this because of lower reception to a hormone that indicates the body to burn fat, it’s an easy path ahead.

Generally, the fat-burning process is long-term. So, running is an exceptionally good way of losing weight. Do it!

Further resources for alternatives

Did you know that swimming is an even better alternative? It demands more work, and additional problems — you can’t swim just about anywhere!

However, it’s worth it. It might not be affordable for some, but there are ways with which everybody can try swimming for weight loss.

If you’re interested in easy ways to lose weight with swimming, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

The results are super-fast for regular swimmers.

And if you’re not into giving time and going out, then we got a collection of popular and easy to follow weight loss program reviews, which are fully honest and detailed. Pick your weight loss program and start working on diet plans and home-based workouts for long-term effects!

Below are the links:


You can see that running for weight loss is really good for you. You do not need many things. The only thing you need is running shoes, a short and a real desire to get through this.

What I would say is that you start your running slow and with a good friend. Like this, you can count on both of you pushing each other to get out and run.

It is always better to run together than on your own anyway.

And if running is hard, then you can always start swimming.

Finally, I gave you a couple of articles about weight loss programs just in case you do not really want to run. These are just for the ones who do not like running or swimming.

Alternatively, you can do a bit of the three, running, swimming and following a weight loss plan.

Please leave us your comments and like us on facebook. And do not forget to share the post with your friends too. They all are going to be running, swimming and enjoy life too.

See you in another Omigy article soon.


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