Let me ask you this, is swimming for weight loss any good?

Absolutely! Believe it when we say that. Swimming is, in fact, one of the best ways to lose weight. But it asks for a lot of effort.

First, let me remind you we have seen in another post that running is great for weight loss. So at Omigy, we decided to provide you with some pointers and facts for easing your way to weight loss through swimming!

Swimming is not just a sport, but an overall body training methodology. No wonder swimmers have the most athletically impressive bodies.

swimming to get rid of fat belly

I would like to warn you that Losing too much weight in a short time may be a sign of body dysfunction. Click here for more.

1- Overview of swimming for weight loss

If you weren’t living under a giant rock all this while, you ought to know it!

People willing to lose some weight are always seeking an answer to this question. And this time, the answer is perfect and practical.

A part of them knows it, a part of them thinks that swimming is a big task that demands full attention and extremely hard work. It’s not quite true.

This article is for all those who want to know the benefits of swimming for weight loss and how to achieve their targets in a very easy manner.

2- What is swimming good for?

Swimming is the perfect exercise for building endurance and increasing stamina. It works as a fine cardiovascular fitness alternative and therefore greatly helps in controlling your body weight.

If you take up swimming as a routine exercise, you’ll get a boatload of extreme health benefits that include building muscle strength and toning your body.

Some say swimming for long periods is the ultimate workout. It is fully enjoyable, elegant, and healthy. No wonder pro swimmers have top-notch athletic bodies that all the people admire.

It’s affordable, delivers fast results, and improves your overall health. Swimming is the best exercise that sadly only a few people embrace.

Is it due to the lack of funds needed to establish a well-designed and modern swimming pool? Or due to a lack of awareness? Perhaps both.

3- How can I begin swimming? Will it be tough?

You can hire a personal trainer, join a swimming club, get a membership of a private pool, just grab a decent guide and begin diving in safe waters, or become an Olympic athlete. A lot of ways out there!

You don’t need special methods of swimming for weight loss. You don’t need controlling your diet, you can even skip the gym (although we don’t recommend skipping the gym). Swimming is a sure-shot method of weight loss that’s easy and addictive once you get into it.

All you need is a ten-minute swimming sprint every day.

When your body starts getting more flexible, you can do twenty, thirty, and so on. Your body’s permitting capability is the limit! The more swimming, the more fat burned. At the same time, a lot of health benefits are achieved including a great body shape. Now that’s what I’ll call a huge plus.

That’s how you can achieve your weight loss targets in easy ways: short duration swimming sprints that are easy once you’ve been a regular swimmer.

Keep swimming to get fit

4- How can it be so painless! Weight loss ain’t painless at all

Swimming feels great partly because humans are arguably naturally inclined towards the feeling of water — may that be getting washed up in rains, going coral-diving, or bathing under waterfalls.

The mere idea of water is beautiful and exciting. So that just eases the pain and makes swimming an excellent technique for weight loss.

Also, while swimming, half of your body weight is “absorbed” by the water itself.

So, even people with comparatively heavier bodies can start swimming without worries. Scientifically, everything feels lighter in water because of the relative densities of the two interacting media: air and water.

And that’s how we float because increased density leads to buoyancy. But well, we’re not doing research on swimming, so let’s not dive too deep into those dark waters of mysterious science.

5- Detailed guidelines on beginning to swim

You don’t need a lot of effort, because mostly there are multiple swimming bodies around your locality. If not, you can always find some local administrative body chalking out plans or already working on making a place for collective water bathing.

Now, suppose you live in a place that’s probably synonymous with sub-Saharan Africa. Forget swimming pools, there’s not even a sane administrative body in the first place. What do you do?

You seek the shelter of mother nature! There’s plenty of rivers and ponds. All you need is to make sure they’re clean and safe, and that you’re equipped with a modern guide that explains all the basics of swimming. Spare no penny in buying a good swimming guide, here’s a list of products for you that’ll be great, to begin with. Just click on the picture:

Click here for more information


Get a couple of friends with you, in case you get too excited to ‘explore the uncharted territory’, to quote the famous cliche, feeling the Michael Phelps spirit inside you.

And if even that couldn’t be done, aka you live on Mars, I can’t do anything for you. Perhaps Martians got acid-based swimming pools?

6- Wrapping up

Swimming operates as a fantastic and refreshing workout for weight loss. It’s a terribly excellent exercise that works for weight loss while giving you a plethora of other immediate health benefits like better heart rate and more endurance.

I’m using so many adjectives and yet am unsure whether I fully emphasize the many possible benefits and importance of swimming or not.

Swimming is recommended for every-single-one, big or small. Just give it a try. It’s a decent technique for weight loss.

7- Further resources for alternatives

Now, some people might want to know whether running could compensate or not. Don’t worry, it can. We got you covered for that! Read our Is Running Good for Weight Loss? article.

And if you’re not into giving time and going out, then we got a collection of popular and easy to follow weight loss program reviews, which are fully honest and detailed. Pick your weight loss program and start working on diet plans and home-based workouts for long-term effects!


In this post, I gave you all that you need to know about swimming. I have also added the link to a running article and some other links to three diet plans.

I believe that it is best to do a bit of swimming, running and follow up a diet plan. Each will target a specific part of your body, hence giving you more chance to win against your belly fat.

So aim for mixing these three and I am sure you’ll be successful.

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See you soon on another Omigy article.


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