Below I provide an independent review of the old school new bodyweight loss plan.

Note that I was asked to investigate this plan and write this review independently. So rest assure that my conclusions are independent too.

Here is your challenge, start fighting like this old school new body fighter.

Old school new body fighter

A bit of a warning – Losing too much weight in a short time may be a sign of a body dysfunction. Click here for more.

1- Overview of the old school new body plan

Old School New Body is an innovative program for weight loss and pseudo-reverse aging that’s creating quite a buzz.

Unlike other programs that promise they’re one-shot cure and cover all the people on Earth, the aptly-named Old School New Body weight loss program is designed to work for people above 40 years of age (though the website claims 35).

This weight loss program works for most people. It addresses many things in separate parts.

However, there are a lot of things you should care for before purchasing. Read on to find out what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s full ugly. This article has been written with a lot of effort, research, and practical appliance.

The one thing you might dislike right off the bat is the name. “Old School New Body”. I mean come on, Old School is no way of putting it gracefully.

First, let’s get the good stuff out of our way, and know what makes it innovative.

2- Claims and specialties

The Old School New Body weight loss program is an eBook. It has a rich collection of dietary information, workout information, and also extra stuff that’s complementary to the main storyline.

This is all packed in a not-so-good-looking digital book. All this can be used to look younger or at least ‘not old’.

This has been compiled by Steve Holman, who is a trustworthy figure (editor-in-chief of a fitness magazine, Iron Man Magazine).

The eBook lays down dietary paradigms, though misses out on plenty of other possible combinations, that finally claim to slow down your aging process, stop it, and even reverse it.

It also claims to get rid of fat and build a muscular body. The body-shaping part is real, that’s for sure. You’ll see as you read more.

All this seems quite out of hand. I’ll come to debunking whatever proportion is a myth in later sections. For now, keep reading.

The eBook achieves its massive feats by unconventional means of getting biology done. They will tell you that cholesterol is good, traditional diet precautions are false, have sex to lose weight, and will go hard on you because other weight loss mechanisms are way ‘too soft’, no thanks.

Apparently, almost all of this is achieved by fundamental hormonal changes. And to be frank, this makes sense.

But, is their plan really enough to change the hormonal natural processes to a point where you actually reverse the aging process? You’ll learn that no.

The program can make you healthier and you’ll look young, but to be truthful, it doesn’t make 70-year-olds look like 60-year-olds. It just makes them look like an active, charming, and still energetic 70 years old.

3- Insider insights into the old school new body plan

  • The content is written in 2012. But if it’s still creating the buzz, I can ascertain that most of it remain relevant to this date, which is a big thing. It assures that the content was well-researched.
  • The audio interviews are contributed by John M Rowly.
  • The F4X is the workout chapter of this weight loss manual. It has normal cardiovascular workouts that touch upon the short and old school workout and training style for systematic weight loss.
  • Further, it has some common exercises presented in a special way that’s conducive to this specific program only. You’ll see that shortly.
  • We spotted multiple grammatical and spelling errors all over. Although the writing style has to be easy-to-read and understandable to take into consideration all the males and females of 40+ age, the eBook still feels very plain and a bit too simple. I give it that there are surely factual descriptions, but the amount of scientific material could’ve been more.

More on this old school new body plan

  • The weight loss results are not very fast, and I think that it’s a rather good thing. The results were long-term, as we could collect from honest feedback and true customer reviews. The emphasis on motivation could be felt everywhere. For example, the eBook pays ardent attention to being healthier, not skinny, and feeling
  • Other weight loss programs rarely put importance on these essential things. All they do is prescribe hardcore diet plans and intense gym workouts that: consume a lot of your time, change your biological balance negatively, don’t give long term results, and wear you out.
  • The Old School New Body diet, weight loss, body-building, and the anti-aging manual doesn’t do any of that. It’s simple, easy-to-follow, has a great workout tutorial, keeps proper care of motivation, and doesn’t have an insane price tag. You can download it instantly for $20. But wait till you read this article, it’s important.
  • We also have reasons to believe that the work is well-researched, even if it’s a bit shallow in one look. It targets the 20% food factors that decide more than 80% weight of the human body. Although most of this 20% is absolutely necessary for our body, and the guide can just give us pointers as to how to control their intake.
  • The eBook comes loaded with too many, just too many, personal happenings included in the main text. Although it all makes sense to a point, the authors just go way too self-promoting or self-happy, I don’t know.
  • The eBook throws out any talk on metabolism, good nutrition, etc. But if your focus is body-building rather than nutritional health, we can forgive it.
  • The authors (Steve and his wife in old age) themselves are of great bodies as proof, and they don’t shy away from displaying that. They’re the poster boys of the product everywhere.
  • Although we couldn’t find a ton of reviews, the isolated ones are positive. It’s a great thing, something that surprised even us. It makes it a clean weight loss product.

4- Taking care of the target consumers

The eBook also includes a chapter on reducing joint pain. This is a big plus for even general people who aren’t really looking for body-building or weight loss.

And then there are good cardio workout tips and recommendations. The tips you’ll get to include sleeping more, avoiding acute dehydration, and even having more sex.

This overall care really sets this manual aside as a full-blown guide for weight loss, body-building, anti-aging, and beyond.

Please, however, don’t consider it a complete reference that covers all this comprehensively. These topics are too giant to be covered in a single digital book.

The eBook goes over to explain muscle toning, the final part of body-building to achieve a lovely shape for your body.

5- Applaudable exercise system

F4X, Fitness 4 Exercise, is subtitled “Your 20 Minute Belly fat Blowtorch”. It is specially designed for toning your muscles and building more mass.

The requirements are quite loose, just pick a weight yourself and try with an even lighter one, for one exercise that includes lifting weights. Also, the timing is lesser on beginning parts.

The exercises are quick, meaning you’re doing them for a small time and not lifting heavy dumb-bells, but you’re doing it all constantly without long breaks in between. It’s a good technique for body-building.

The recovery padding (you’re only working out 3 days per week) makes sure your muscles repair well.

Where to start the old school new body plan?

The F4X believes in starting things slow and keeping up the motivation. For the first couple of weeks, the eBook recommends doing two sets of each exercise and slowly climbing up the ladder to increase the count over time.

The non-cardiovascular exercises are basically squats, flat bench presses, bent-over rows, and dumb-bell upright rows. Nothing too tiring or time-consuming.

Even if you’ve never gone to a gym or even if you’ve never been to mother internet, don’t worry. The eBook had some decent illustrations to make the exercise process easier.

The flaws at their place, we see no point in not applauding this seamless and beautiful approach to workouts.

In fact, you should always work like this systematically in any weight loss program. It’s highly conducive to weight loss and energizing, as it makes sure a constant amount of motivation and confidence is always supplied.

Successfully performing exercises also makes one happy. Picking up too fast or starting hardcore can both lead to the end of enthusiasm and irritation when you can’t complete such tasks, a prime reason why people leave gym and weight loss programs midway.

And in this weight loss program, you’re only directed to workout 3 times a week with 30 minutes per session, adding up to a modest 90 minutes per week only.

Obviously, you’re free (and recommended by me) to do more than just 90 minutes in a whole week.

But well, the 90 minutes per week is the minimum, and if this system works and delivers results, the time is really impressive. But the million-dollar question is —

6- Does the old school new body plan work?

Moment of truth. The Old School New Body system surely works.

But in the long-term. This is for you if you have the right commitment and dedication.

It might not be the best, but if you want to avoid pointless workouts, heavy money shelling, extreme diet plans, and all that complication in between, the Old School New Body weight loss program is the best resource for you, period.

Covering the qualms of 40-year olds and above, it’s a very helpful guide specially tailored for their body mechanics and includes information on how can they build muscles and tone their body.

For $20, you get a bit extra too:

  1. Old School New Body eBook
  2. e-Reports: Ultimate Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building, Sex and Anti-Aging, and Health and Happiness Secrets.
  3. John Rowly’s audio MP3s about secrets of the world’s most successful people (is this supposed to work as motivation?): Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, Bill Phillips, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Shawn Phillips.

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