I have to say that the team behind the 3 week diet system are surely very expert in sales.

Their tagline, that you must better read is: A foolproof, science-based diet that’s 100% guaranteed to melt away 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days!

I recently purchased it to have a look at its contents. It has a lot of points to be suspicious about — a vast collection of positive customer reviews and a ton of tall promises.

But tell you what, it really works.

Although it’s not that simple: there are many complications and also things you should be aware of before trying.

To understand that, you have to go through this post and my investigation of this product. I’ve made this article with so much effort, so make it count!

So no more of the below nice breakfast 🙂 Or may be yes? Let’s find out.

The 3 week diet system investigation and thorough review

Warning: do not aim to lose weight too quickly. Thank you.

First, the pretty things about the 3 week diet

It comes with a Lose the Weight or It’s Free guarantee — full refund in 60 days if you’re unsatisfied with results, or lack thereof.

Although there are a few negative reviews regarding this plan, a few pieces on the Web indicates it may not be so great after all.

Feedback on the web says that the customer support is quite loose to be frank. But I think given the scale of the popularity and positive effects (read on for them) of this nature, some mishaps along the way cannot be avoided.

I still think that the need to listen to their customers and that they can try to reinforce their customer support.

So, the program is basically included in four manuals available as digital downloads (PDF eBooks). These are: Introduction Manual, Diet Manual, Workout Manual, and the Mindset and Motivation Manual.

No need to go in details because it’s not a sales article. But you’ll learn about everything, don’t worry.

1- Emphasizing motivation

Many other weight loss systems forget to mention the mindset change. They don’t address pre-beginning issues like lack of motivation.

Having a manual just about that massively cuts down on time spent on such things like looking for motivational content.

So, given the guarantee, the 3-weeks-only claim, and inclusion of a targeted Mindset and Motivation Manual, is the Three Week Diet perfect weight-loss sure-shot technique?

2- Insider talk

If you read the reviews, they make it sound like magic. If something this good was really out there, then we would’ve surely discovered it, you know.

There’s some scam in all this — perhaps the customer reviews all over the Internet are sponsored?

No review goes in details of the system. That’s a big pointer of scam when people just tell you the official stuff combined with scratch-on-the-surface talk and totally throw out any space for discussing how it works.

But don’t worry, this whole article is insider talk!

The truth is, the program is pretty tough to follow and isn’t magical at all.

The 3 Week Diet is designed to discover quick changes to accomplish things in three weeks, but the way is quite difficult. A lot of hardcore and sometimes difficult diet decisions are included.

So if you’re not truly motivated to tame that stupid fat, you’re going to have a hard time seeing the results. It includes starvation, forced fat-burning and what not.

Most people start getting results from five to ten days, because they’re ready to go by the manual. If you’re in doubts, I recommend reading the Mindset and Motivation Manual.

I like calling the M3 — remember it for a while. It’s a really great resource but hardly includes anything that you wouldn’t have heard already.

But the M3 truly boosts your moral. Feels so great to have such a collection on all good things about mainstream motivation in one place.

3- Is it for you?

So, is the 3 Week Diet program by Brian Flatt for you?

In the starting and middle parts, it focusses on increasing the body’s fat-burning capabilities by physiological hacks.

It’s not rocket science, and doesn’t take 12 years of research (I read somewhere that Mr Flatt took 12 years to derive the methods in the system, which for me is a lie –  may be wrong though).

The diet uses a percentage calculation to derive a ratio that’s different for each individual, in the later parts, to control your protein intake.

Just follow through all the instructions, mainly the Diet Manual, because the other three are quite useless once you know what you’re doing and are fully electric-charged to trim down your extra fat.

The plethora of (rather shallow) information and grouped-together good facts in one place will be extremely helpful for designing conductive environment and a personalized weight-destroyer mechanism for your specific body.

However, the entire program requires additional supplements almost compulsorily. And they’re linked inside the main content quite pointlessly and from a sales point-of-view. You can freely escape the venture of buying into all that sales-y talk.

The official product also promises other benefits like increased energy, improved cholesterol levels, decreased cellulite, and a hot fact: 2-3 size drops in dresses.

But guess what, that’s expected from any weight loss product that works. So perhaps knowing these benefits, it just might be for you!

Finally, if you’re not willing to do workouts or don’t do gym, the results might be really slow.

4- Throwing out the scam part

First I searched for some serious negative reviews and bad points of this weight loss program, but couldn’t find any.

If it were a scam or perhaps caused something wrong, didn’t work, etc., there would surely have been some testimonial in-depth content about it.

Brian Flatt is not a well-known name but the official website claims a lot of feats for this ‘long-time’ (since 1990) ‘sports nutritionist’. God knows how much is truth, it’s all controversial and cannot be verified easily.

The official website includes several real cases and sexy ‘after’ pictures, that claim — 17 pounds lost in 12 days, 23 pounds lost in 21, and 11 pounds lost in 7 days. If that’s true, or even the general result for most, then surely this thing is great.

5- The many parts of it

The Introduction Manual includes the scientific reasons behind weight gain, weight loss, and the whole spectrum of fats basically. After that, I read the M3 in an hour. It sets the stage and is conductive to the main PDF, the Diet Manual.

Getting to the Diet Manual, all the content is pretty practical and simple. You can literally gulp down all there’s to it in one go and then start dieting according to it with full willpower.

The Introduction Manual helped clear my confusions about metabolism and food pyramid, etc., which was a good thing to learn. In totality, the program tells you the foods you should take and avoid to maximize fat-burning in your body.

The Workout Manual basically includes light and short-duration workouts that don’t impress me much. It includes stuff like running before you have your breakfast, optionally using dumb-bells, and so on.

And we’ve pretty much covered the M3.

So I started reading it. I found that most opinions are plain unsupported. Some just touch upon the tip of the iceberg, leaving a bunch of tasty information unexplored.

The workouts are fully home-based and short, plus the presentation of the eBooks is beautiful. Everything is easy to grasp.

Within the many pages of weight loss and diet planning talk, you can always find an underlying essence of demeaning other weight loss programs.

It seems as if Brian Flatt only cares about scary-quick results. No fast results directly equals to a ‘not worth it’. So you can expect to lose weight real quick from this program, but I think it’s pretty bad.

6- Mechanics of the 3 Week Diet plan

Now we arrive at the meat of our discussion. Here are some essential details about it.

The first phase basically “detoxifies” your liver, the mother of body fat.

The cleansing in pushed into the second phase where you actually starve your body for one whole day. Yes you heard that right, weight loss demands strict lifestyle changes and dietary inconsistencies.

Anyway, back to it. This fasting helps clear your food-related systems.

The starvation mode also leads (really) to loss of a pound each day. That’s because Brian Flatt thinks quick results are needed to maintain motivational momentum (and that’s another M3 for you).

The fat-burning of your body has, by now, activated in full-swing. It’s supercharged, and it’s scientifically possible, not magic.

The body begins to burn the fat that make people look big. The manual is well laid out to make sure you get a proper supply of needed fats to supply your daily energy requirements.

This process doesn’t eat your muscles, something that many people unknowingly divulge in, in the name of weight loss, consequently becoming weaker.

After fine-tuning fat-burning, the final parts of the program focus on controlling your individualistic calorie-intake and food supply needs.

7- Okay, so it’s recommended!

So that was a summary of the entire process. In a pinch, it works. It’s practical and innovative in its own ways, like the M3 eBook and the starving-to-increase-fat-burning method.

It can help tone down your fat from belly, thigh, waist, upper arms, and all other parts that are a target of useless fat. And this program works super-quick, if you follow it with full dedication.

If you feel you want to get more information and potentially try the 3 week diet system, then click on the below button. You’ll be directed to their site.

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Note that I have made a thorough investigation about other diet plans such as the Venus Factor and the old school New Body Diet. Enjoy your reading.


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