Venus Factor is a diet program, known for its huge popularity that smells of controversy.

In fact, many “reviews” and “good and bad of Venus Factor” articles on the internet are sponsored to create a hype (I even found an article that actually says Don’t Buy Venus Factor but persuades you to do exactly that).

However, on my investigations on its practical impacts and real online opinions, I found that Venus Factor is a really good plan for weight loss and body shaping.

Targeted at women, I believe it’s not perfect and sometimes can go wrong. Join me as I retell my honest observations. Note that losing weight too quickly is not good for you. See the explanation here.

1. Overview

I’m Rose Winters from UK, but you don’t need to know who I am to trust this article.

This piece of work is 100% based on actual research. It took me weeks to compile together because I’m sometimes too fanatic about shoving long truths down people’s throat.

I didn’t use it after buying, but analysis is true (I’m already skinny).

We’ll basically learn:

  • What it is
  • How does it work
  • What you get
  • Negatives
  • Result testimonies and facts from other honest reviews
  • How do you do it right

All this information, coupled together with facts and tasty content, is served to you throughout the article with the help of several sections.

2. It’s a diet plan, not a magic pill

Having good results from Venus Factor requires a great deal of commitment and strict change in your daily life pattern. Although you’ll find that it doesn’t take up much of your life, no diet plan does.

But what’s even more important to know is that it’s not a magic pill. And it’s certainly not for “Oh I can’t do dieting. Can I pay you $500 and become sexy please?” women out there. It’s for people with good willpower and the desire to cut their fat.

If you can follow the plan with complete dedication, not only will you lose weight, but also gain a sexy hourglass shape.

This program isn’t for getting skinny, however. The program creator himself puts emphasis to this. It’s all about regulating your weight and getting a good body shape. And it’s highly specific to woman bodies.

Woman Looking In The Mirror and aiming to apply the venus factor

3. Breakdown of Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a diet program that comes from internet. You have to download it. It has been created by one single person, which is a bummer. But hey, he’s a fitness expert — John Barban.

The entire package includes:

  1. The Venus Factor Diet and Weight Loss Manual: an 180-page eBook that’s clear, to the point, but really long because it accommodates all the combinations of diets and alternatives. You might find that a lot of information isn’t for you, but they have to cover all people on Earth, so that’s fine.
  2. The Venus Factor Workout System: the large collection of videos that are going to be your best friends for twelve weeks straight, no questions. These include many exercises and workouts that are a part of the entire plan. These are specifically made for women. This 12-week routine comes in three phases and starts small. The videos are connected to the main eBook and you should manually search and find the video for the specific part in the eBook, every time.
  3. Virtual Nutritionist: an app to track your intake of calories and proteins. To be honest, there are much better apps in the world, but well.
  4. Venus Immersion: a community where you feel at home. Women share a lot of things here, and it’s a good way to stay motivated. It also makes sure there’s plenty of healthy competition. Never underestimate the role of an online community: it can drastically improve your productivity.
  5. Venus Index Podcasts: success stories in form of audio interviews. That’s not going to be much helpful because you can find tons of success stories on the internet anyway.

4. Complete and safe

The package is once and for all. No other guides or tools needed. For example, it doesn’t say “Do xyz”, rather it explains xyz along the way.

And besides dieting schemes of all kinds, it also includes exercises and videos for workout sessions. So in a way, it’s everything at once.

It’s online, so forget about difficulties faced in physical shipping-based purchases. You can download it instantly after payment has been cleared. Thank God for internet.

Many scammers sell capsules, trying to cash in on the controversial populary of Venus Factor, so never order anything like that from an ecommerce website. Only the official one. But I know you’re that smart already to avoid any fraud.

And finally, there’s a 60-day moneyback guarantee with no questions asked.

Now we’ve covered all the technical details, which mostly sound good. Now let’s get down to how things work and see what its real face is.

5. Negatives

I put together all the negatives in one place.

  • First off, it’s not for getting strength! In other words, it’s not a replacement for your local gym. That’s not really a negative, but something to keep in mind before ordering.
  • Things go quite out of hand and problematic when they start trying to sell you lots of stuff. There’s a chance that you might just purchase another thing, but mostly it’s garbage that goes straight to my junk folder (all hail Gmail filters).
  • Most “After” pictures on their website are a complete show-off, like fancy modelling images. Feels like Venus Factor is a plastic surgery operation rather than a diet program. But well, you can clearly see the trimmed bodies. And in fact, losing weight makes you confident so perhaps that works like a complete transformation and gives way to bikini voyages in Hawaii.
  • Gym-equipment doesn’t come along with the package. Well, we don’t always get gym equipments from the internet anyway (or do you?). For the exercises in the $47 program, you need to spend some extra on gym equipments or gym fees, if you don’t have them already.
  • Along with email bombing, they’re very notorious with their sales techniques that obscure their webpage, force you to unsubscribe, irritate you, and so on.
  • Losing thigh fat is more difficult than belly or butt, and thigs are actually important.

6. Scientific Explanation

Venus Factor works on making little changes to your body over a long time and targets eating less calories than you burn. It also gives space for cheat days where you actually eat more calories for your metabolism.

Due to this technique, it’s scientifically impossible to regain your fat even if you try to within a few months.

Women are less sensitive to leptin, the hormone that instructs your body to burn calories. As much as three times less sensitive than men. And this whole diet program has maintaining leptin efficiency at its heart.

Although you cannot control leptin, but affecting the metabolism and maintaining uniform workout sessions can help.

That’s why, if you strictly adhere to this program, there’s a good chance that your body weight will be maintained and your body shape will become sexy. Oh yes. That’s what happens with almost all customers.

Barban’s Venus Factor program adjusts body leptin levels for making your body conductive and willing to burn more fat. As it sounds, it’s completely a natural process and you work with your body rather than against it.

Because of this, I can’t think of any side-effects whatsoever — people really Google Venus Factor side-effects, you know!

The 140-ish exercies (didn’t try them all as of now) are mostly aimed at achieving higher leptin responsiveness and are arranged in pyramid diet formats. Most exercises are short workouts, remember the program is specially for women. And the video tutorials are great — and they better be for $47 we’re investing into them.

7. Buy it, it’s good

So you’re devoted for this thing. And who doesn’t love hourglass shapes.

Many customers say they’ll stick to Venus Factor exercises even after the 12 weeks period is over, and that’s highly recommended.

You got results, lost 20 lbs, feel energized, cool. Now, remember that no weight loss plan is perfect. The methodology of Venus Factor is long-term, but “permanent weight loss” is a corporate myth.

Let’s say you start picking up some pounds after a couple years. It will be a pain to start it all over again. So continue the smaller workouts, they won’t kill you.

And anyway, most of them are less than 30-minutes long. Also perform other exercises, maintain your habit of eating systematically, drink herbal tea, etc. to keep your figure intact.

The videos will stay with you forever, and that’s a big plus. Time to thank God again for videos.

And finally, if you think you can’t diet, then remember, nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m possible”. We’ve created Boeing planes and sent spacecrafts on a solar system journey, trimming a belly is nothing for us.

Venus Factor might be a good start for dieting, as it comes with software to asses your personal, individualistic needs and prescribes the diet you should take.

For Venus Factor converts and testimonials, I recommend the official website. After this talk, I know you’re ready to buy it. Follow this link to order it for $47 — it’s about your appearance!





I have investigated two other plans and I invite you to read about them too. Here is the link to the 3 week diet system and the old school new body.


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